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Need to root out this vision

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6 months ago

Wrapped hands around her knees, sitting on the ground, she was in tears in her empty eyes.

Just completed her third wedding day!. She met her mother yesterday!. Three days later it's Eid!.

A young new bride with the henna left in her hands got married just three months ago and her world would be uprooted in just three months. Who didn't know who thought the wrongdoers shot the poor husband on the way, finally another target of the blind bullets that went on in the city of Karachi!. The lamp of the house followed the life of a three-month-old bride. I went out dark.

What will happen next to this poor man?.

Thousands of such questions echoed around him, but he! No. In what sense was it to know! Perhaps she had gone to leave her husband to heaven herself, silent, lifeless, and helpless. We all saw the joys in their house after a long time. Allaah! The mother had found some peace of mind.

After the ups and downs of the situation, he had now had these joys. She stepped onto the threshold of her father-in-law with a cup full of high hopes and dreams, just as she was wrapping up the clouds of grief. She wondered how my happy life could be so short. I was just decorating my senses with my thoughts, it felt as if the eye had opened and the dream was shattered.

What happened? What was my fault?.

Why was my happy life so short?.

There was not so much suffering that it was found that there was a living and growing up inside this unfortunate one. Time changed its curves! Days changed into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years!. The clouds of grief were overshadowed over time. In some time, a little fairy came into her life and repainted, and she forgot all and became busy raising her daughter. Mother's mother's mother was excited and forced to think about what would happen to the daughter after me, who is traveling with her to the life of Saiban without taking another daughter with her.

Slowly!..slowly!. All the children are getting busy in their own lives and the life of this unfortunate daughter of mine is still deserted. In the meantime, there were many relationships, but people would say in awe that they were ready to marry, but you should have children because they are not our children.

The idea was that the daughter was just a beautiful and educated 22-year-old girl, so some good people would meet, but after years, it died in the mother's heart in hope. Just the mother began to worry that before my eyes closed, she would find a proper courtyard that would be adopted by her daughter.

The tragedy of our society is that people are ready to adopt this mother but no one is ready to adopt her child. Ready to marry their daughter but not willing to adopt her children. No one wants to put their hand on the head of this little girl. Without understanding the delicateness of how much one's emotions will be hurt, where there are two mothers, and the third is that you keep her children because she is not our children.

I wish the thinking of our society should change that the family should adopt a child or an innocent girl, who cannot live without their mother, and this is often said by our devout people, while they understand religion very well. Know that the stepmother also holds the status of a father.

You also know how many women in our society are forced to become single parents, alone and lonely in this world, and so do we...If this ignorant thought of the people of our society is over and the mother is ready to adopt this innocent child, no child will be deprived of his parents, and such forced women who need a companion and have a dignified life. Can spend.

Today, if even a single house is changed by my words, I will be in the presence of Allah because we are in dire need of this change!.

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Written by   30
6 months ago
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