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Common but strange incident

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1 month ago

The incident I am going to hear about today is a common phenomenon but it is considered that there is a lesson in this common event from which everyone can learn that lesson without any fault. This incident took place in 2001. We were living in Defence View, Karachi, on an afternoon of extreme summer when I was living in a flat in defense view separate from us.

I went to his flat for some work but my brother and sister-in-law were not present in the flat. Since I went to my brother in the scorching heat and I was somewhat angry to find my brother and sister-in-law home that I came to my brother here in such a hot sun and there was no one here and here the lock was teasing my mouth let's tell you that the flat under the brother was empty and I was in an unknown rage.

when I saw the lock on my brother's flat. Getting down and descending, I went unnaturally towards the empty flat with all the gates open. And looking inside the empty flat, I came out of my tongue unknowingly (and how to be habeas and came home in anger.

At night I fell asleep and at night I dreamt of going to my brother's flat in a dream, and as soon as I passed by the empty flat, some people came out of the empty flat and started following me, and in fear,r I started running upstairs to my brother's flat, and in fear, r All Akbar came out of my tongue and those who followed me replied.

That he is, and when I went upstairs, there was no one in the brother's flat, and all the doors of the flat were open, and in fear, my eyes opened. I was full of sweat, and I was in a state of fear. In the meantime, I prayed to Allah that my master is the house of my brother there and I will have to go there again. I was walking past the same empty flat in a dream. That some people were going down from the same empty flat.

I asked what happened and then I replied that we are going now and they got down and my eyes opened and now my fear was gone by the grace of Allah. I request all friends to avoid saying anything unknowing in any vacancy.

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Written by   30
1 month ago
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