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So, you have registered, now what?

Note that it's not important to understand every little detail from this article. If you just write something interesting, you'll get paid. However, to understand a little better, we offer this overview.

  1. What is
    In short: write good articles - get paid in Bitcoin Cash (cryptocurrency) if your readers like them.

  2. You don't need any technical knowledge, the wallet is integrated into this site.

  3. Payments are peer-to-peer only, meaning you always control your earnings, never holds your money.

  4. Write some comments first to feel a little bit more confident about using the platform.

  5. Write your first article and publish it. There is a link on the top that says "Write" (or inside the top menu if your are on a mobile device)

What can you write about?

Anything, as long as it's not against the simple rules of our site (don't attack people, don't do anything obviously illegal, don't post erotic, porn or sexuality).

  • Write about your life, attach some photos, tell us about how your life looks like. What interesting stories did you grandpa tell you? What grows in your backyard garden? What interesting places can people visit in your home town?

  • Can you do something that other people can't? Homemade stuff? Do-it-yourself? Secret family recipes? Knitting? Painting? Singing? Creating music?
    Tell us about it. Show it!

  • What was your last vacation? Got photos? Got interesting stories?
    Show and tell how was it, what did you see, what did you learn.

  • Are you a photography fan?
    Write some tips about doing the great shots!

  • Are you a fan of healthy living?
    Sure, write about that - what do you do to stay healthy?

  • Cryptocurrencies are your thing?
    Write about that.

Can I replace my day job with

No. At least not yet.

Do you need to write huge long articles?

No. Sometimes, short tips are really good, sometimes you need a bit more text.

Do you have to write in English?

Write in any language, just don't forget to select a correct language for the article, before you publish it. It is harder to get noticed in other languages though.

Do you have to write about cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin Cash?

No, not really, write about anything. People currently do upvote original Bitcoin Cash content much more often than other topics, but you frankly need to be an expert.

A few items of caution

Don't copy articles from other sites unless you have a permission.

We don't remove those, unless you copy from some well known source, like CNN or BBC, because we don't know whether you actually have a permission to reprint the article, but if the original author requests article removal - it will be removed and your account might get banned if the amount of removals is too big.

People copy dozens of cryptocurrencies articles from big sites (illegally) and get paid zero for the time spent. Don't repeat their mistake.

Don't copy images from Google search results or other sites.

It's very easy to get into legal troubles for doing it. Luckily, it's very easy to get legal images, see this article.

The fund and the random rewarder

You can get Bitcoin Cash when someone tips your post, but it happens not very often. That's why we have the fund (that you can see at the top of the page) that pays a certain amount daily.

To give out your fair share of this amount, we give out points. Points are given when some important users of upvote your content (we call these users "power users", though they don't know about their status).

At the end of the day (London time) the points are reset to zero and you get a payment from the fund as soon as fund donors come online.

Multiple accounts are allowed, but be reasonable

For example, if you are writing short stories and also about travel, you might think it's better to have two accounts. It's allowed and OK.

However, if you have more than 3 accounts, you might find it more and more difficult to get points and payments from the fund. Virtual accounts penalty stays for one week. So if you abandon some of your virtual accounts, you might see your points recover in about a week.

Note that if your relatives living with you create accounts, this also counts as your virtual accounts.

Don't use your accounts to upvote each other

It might seem a great idea to upvote your first account from your second account, but this is upvote manipulation and it will lower your chances to get paid and might even lead to a ban.

Leave any Telegram/Whatsapp/Facebook groups where people publish their links

These groups create enormous amount of upvote manipulation (because they upvote you because you are in their group, expecting that you will upvote their content) and often are completely banned. We have a pretty sophisticated system to detect these (see here)

Upvote only content that you find interesting, not any random content that your friend or a group participant sent you, it will end up badly for both of you.

Avoid publishing articles about (about points, random rewarder, etc...)

Imagine you are a guy, browsing the internet. You come to this site "" and all you can see on the main page is articles about - discussing small details about how someone didn't get paid for some reason, that somebody downvoted someone, etc... It's really boring. So we actively protect our homepage from posts about If you write articles about itself you will find harder and harder to get a payment from the fund.

If you have a problem with your account - email us (our email is in the top menu).

Note that we don't reply to emails about points or the random rewarder, especially about how it works and why it gives or doesn't give you points (each time we tried to clarify these things people started to abuse the fund)

Avoid useless comments

Don't write comments like "Nice!", "Well said", "This was interesting information, thank you for writing this, I learned something", you will just waste your time and won't get paid.

We don't pay per article, comment or post. Sometimes people with very few articles and zero comments get paid really well, because they do something interesting. And there are people with thousands of comments like "Very interesting read, I now know more than I knew before" that get nothing (because what they wrote was interesting to nobody).

Remember that there are no US dollars on the site

We display Bitcoin Cash amounts at the current US dollar exchange rate, so today it might seem like you have $1.00, but tomorrow it might be $0.98 because the exchange rate changed while the amount of Bitcoin Cash you have is still the same.

Don't forget to backup your seed phrase

If you lose it, we won't be able to recover your money. Your money is your responsibility, we never hold them, we don't have your seed phrase. Store your seed phrase safely (see it here).

The plan for success

How to succeed on

Write an article about yourself, publish it. Use the search to find people with similar interests or location.

Try to comment on their articles (genuinely trying to add something to their articles, not just "nice!"). Tell them you are new here and who are you.

Publish a few more articles.

If you write something interesting - people will start to notice you, subscribe to you, upvote you.

You'll get a payment from the fund.

You might use it to boost your article (this creates many more views for your article, more subscribers, more readers). (See here for a story of how a user got 50% more subscribers by doing a $0.01 boost)

You get more payments.

Don't create virtual accounts, don't upvote your friends because they publish some stuff that's not that interesting, don't post useless comments, don't attack people (that's a ban).

If people don't upvote you, try writing about different things. Maybe people are just not that interested in what you were writing.

Other than that, have fun and publish your first article soon!

You'll get a few more tips after you publish your first article.

We assume you already did, but looking through the "About" page should answer many more of your questions.

Also, take some time to figure out what Bitcoin Cash is. (It's an easy read, this article skips most of the hard details)

A few more things to read:

Also, don't forget to select the languages you speak.

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Written by   8172
2 years ago (Last updated: 1 year ago)
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