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As a child, Jeff Bezos used to go to his grandfather's house in Texas for summer vacations. Dadabhai introduced him to the huge collection of science fiction books in the local library. And the little boy was stuck in the world of science fiction.

At the age of five, he saw Apollo 11 landing on the moon on a black and white television screen. Ever since then, he may have dreamed of crossing the boundaries of the sky and crossing into space. Maybe that's why physics teacher Diana Ruel told Miami's Palmetto Senior High School,

“One day I will build an amusement park on the moon. And of course I will give you a free ticket to enter the park. ”

Jeff Bezos has been very curious about space since childhood; Image Source: CNBC

The boy, who has been fascinated by the world beyond the borders of the world since childhood, was Jeff Bezos, the owner of today's world-famous e-commerce giant, Amazon and the Washington Post. He founded the space company Blue Origin to make that dream of space travel come true.

Blue Origin's journey began in the 2000s. A lot of silence. Before 2015, there was not much talk about Blue Origin. This space company has been under discussion since 2015. About two and a half thousand people are working throughout the organization. How optimistic Jeff Bezos is about his aerospace company is evident from his investment in the company. In 2016, Jeff Bezos said he would sell ই 1 billion worth of stock to his e-commerce company Amazon every year just to invest in Blue Origin.

The Blue Origin Company is a pioneer in space research today; Image Source: Business Insider

Even a few decades ago, people could not have imagined that there would be a worldwide revolution centered on the Internet. Now billions of dollars are being traded on this internet every day. The issue will become clearer if we look at the dominance of tech companies in the list of influential and valuable companies in the world. Like the internet, people may now think that building a space or another planet is just a fantasy. But still a group of people do not stop. Jeff Bezos is one of them.

Image Source: Business Insider

Jeff Bojos's main goal is to build and launch a space rocket to reduce the cost of the space project. Because this cost is the first obstacle to space conquest. That's why Blue Origin engineers are working to build a reusable rocket None of the rockets that have been launched from the earth so far have been reused. Either the rocket's journey ended in space or it crashed in the middle of the sea. The cost of such a space project would be reduced by 30 per cent if the launched rocket could be brought back to Earth unscathed and re-launched.

Blue Origin, however, has come a long way in their race to build reusable rockets. Proof of this is their 'New Shepherd' project. Named after Alan Shepherd, the first American astronaut to go into space, the rocket was designed to carry six people into space and return to Earth. The rocket has already been launched several times and returned to Earth as expected. These launches were experimental. That is, without people. So when New Shepherd goes into space with a man, he doesn't have to face any problems. In addition to sending people into space, this spacecraft is sending payloads through NASA. The CEO of Blue Origin expects them to be able to send rockets to New Shepherd by 2020 or 2021.

A spaceship of the New Shepherd Project being launched; Image Source: Blue Origin

Another project of Blue Origin inspired by the knowledge gained from the New Shepherd Project is the New Glenn Project. The project is named after another famous American astronaut, John Glenn. Blue Origin has invested about বিল 2.5 billion in this project. Like the New Shepherd, it is a reusable rocket 7 According to Blue Origin, its main purpose is to carry payloads into space.

The New Glenn Project is a new venture from Blue Origin; Image Source: The Verge

After New Shepherd and New Glenn, Jeff Bezos last year introduced another project called 'Moon Lander'. Blue Origin will conduct the mission under a contract with NASA. The purpose is to send payloads to the moon, and to send a man and a female astronaut there for the first time by 2024.

All lunar projects are being managed under the Moon Lander project; Image Source: Cryptocurrency

Once upon a time, people could not have imagined that one day mankind would fly from one city to another, from one country to another, by sea and mountain. But the Wright Brothers did not keep up with everyone. Rather, they have tried to make their aspirations a reality. And was successful. Gave the world a wonderful discovery. In the same way, today it may seem unrealistic to build a settlement on the moon or on another planet outside the earth, but in the near future it may see the face of success.

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