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Don't know about internet service?

After connecting a broadband line at home, everyone has a question that I took the line 1Mbps but when I download, the download speed shows 200 kbps or 128 kbps or a little more. So are the Internet Service Providers not giving me enough speed? Cheating?

So let's clear this up a bit today.

First we need to know what are B and b?

Not surprisingly, although the two letters are the same, there is a huge difference between lowercase and uppercase letters.

B = Byte and b = Bit.

The uppercase letter will be Byte and the lowercase letter will be Bit.

So let's talk about MB and Mb.

MB = Megabyte and Mb = Megabit

Bit is the smallest unit of data transfer, containing only 0 or 1.

The size of any file like song, music, picture etc. is measured with MB i.e. Megabyte.

And the speed of the Internet is measured in Mb / Mbps i.e. Megabits Per Second.

So the question is how many Bit = Byte?

See, we know that Byte is bigger than Bit.


Bit = 0 or 1

1Byte = 8Bit.

That is 1 Byte with 8 bits.

So the megabytes of the file are 8 times bigger than the megabits of the internet.

So let's discuss why we don't get enough speed when downloading a file.

You can understand it only by saying two lines. That is the line that the connection providers give you is calculated in Mb i.e. megabit. And what you download is calculated in MB i.e. Megabyte. If you have your internet upload speed and download speed. When you check, you will see that it will show in Mbps (small hand b) i.e. Megabit Per Second. And if download then it will show in MBps (big hand B) i.e. Megabyte Per Second.

Wait 7 .. Stop here and think for 30 seconds.

Yes, that's what you think.

I have already said that in case of any file the calculation is in Megabyte and in case of internet it is calculated in Megabit.

So suppose you have a line of 1Mbps, then from here you get the download speed 1 ÷ 8 = 0.125MBps.

Or suppose you have a line of 10 Mbps, then from here you get a download speed of one second 10 ÷ 8 = 1.25 MBps.

Thus, if you want to download 1MB File in one second, then your Link Speed ​​will be 8Mbps.

Or suppose you have a connection of 100Mbps then you want to download a file of 100MB. So how long will it take?

See you have speed 100Mbps, if we convert it to MB then it will be 100 ÷ 8 = 12.5 MBps

Then the 12.5 MB file is downloaded

In 1 second.

Therefore 100MB file will be downloaded

100 ÷ 12.5 = 8 Sce.

In other words, it will take 6 seconds to download a file of 100 MB size from 100Mbps speed.

Thus the calculation will be or

1Mbps = 128KB Max

2Mbps = 256KB Max

3Mbps = 384KB Max

4Mbps = 512KB Max

Mbps = (M) ega (b) its (p) er (s) econd

Kb = (k) ilo (b) its But, If

KB = (K) ilo (B) yte

So, b = bit and B = Byte

When we download something, we see that the download is showing KB or MB

Remember 8bit = 1Byte

So, 1 M (b) ps = 1024 K (b) ps = 1024K (bit) / 8bit = 128K (Byte)

This will show if you download from all other sites except YouTube, BDIX / Movie Server / FTP Server ....

Those whose line speed is down respectively-

1Mbps = 128KB Max

2Mbps = 256KB Max

3Mbps = 384KB Max

4Mbps = 512KB Max

.... .....

8Mbps = 1024KB / 1MB Max

Every 60 seconds that is happening on the internet

Every day our world is becoming more dependent on the internet than ever before. There are so many types it's hard to say. Now it is unthinkable to do all that without internet.

We first try online to learn something new or to communicate with someone. That's why every minute millions of people are messaging on Messenger or WhatsApp, looking for something in Google search or watching videos on YouTube.

The number of internet users is increasing every day. Every day more and more people are using popular web applications. Lots of people are scrolling, posting, tweeting, liking, sharing or downloading every moment on those sites or applications. Those of us who use popular sites are also trying to get those people's attention in one way or another.

Looking at an overall picture of Internet usage around the world, we can understand how to make our presence online more meaningful.

The average number of times a website is used per minute is calculated by the various organizations that work with the survey on a yearly basis. Let's take a look at how many of the most popular sites are being used every minute this year. Along with the text for a glance, there is also a graph image based on the latest data from 2020.

4.6 million videos are viewed every minute on YouTube. Compared to 2019, this year more than 2 lakh videos are being viewed per minute on the site. This year, an average of 400,000 applications are being downloaded from the Internet every minute. This is an increase of about 10,000 over the previous year.

Until last year, people spent an average of ৬ 998,958 per minute on the Internet. For the first time this year, মিল 1.1 million per minute is being spent online, touching the million quota.

Instagram is being scrolled 794,444 times every 60 seconds and 194,444 tweets. The number of tweets per minute has more than doubled compared to last year. 1.3 million logins are made to Facebook every minute. Compared to last year, the number of logins has increased by about 3 lakh.

By 2020, we are sending 190 million emails per minute. Compared to 2019, now about 20 lakh more emails are being sent per minute. On the other hand, the number of 18.1 million text messages sent per minute last year has now risen to 19 million. In the previous year, 3.8 million people searched Google every minute. And now Google has 4.1 million searches per minute.

Facebook Corporation's two most popular messaging applications, Messenger and WhatsApp, send 59 million messages a minute. This is an increase of more than 18 million over the previous year. Popular media service provider Netflix currently receives about 74,000 hours of content per minute.

From then on, whenever you use this site or software, imagine the number of other users. How many millions more people like you are using them right now?

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