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My heart is young for love

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8 months ago
Topics: Happy

When I first realized the purpose of celebrating Valentine's Day

It's been a long time since I've joined the world of love. Love is something that never lets a person grow old. The heart always remembers youth and always considers itself young.

A long time ago when we were in school, a friend of mine teamed me up for Valentine's Day and all the lovers happily congratulate each other and celebrate this day together. I had no idea what I could do, I just had an expression of love and a different idea.

Friends explain a lot to a person that he/she does not understand

My friends always taught me to keep up with the times and tried to tell me all the things that I was unaware of. My friends are even dearer to me because I could easily share everything with them. I also tried to understand what they are trying to understand. Maybe I think I was a different girl. I was very interested and I was unaware of many things.

When I understood the purpose of love and realized that we cannot live without our loved ones, we need love to survive as well.

Love is involved in every moment

I am glad that the one I loved was a gift to me for a lifetime and I always tried my best to make the gift full of love and always succeeded in the idea that no single day of love can be fixed Love is in every moment I happen no moment should pass without love

Love and respect to all friends

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Written by   82
8 months ago
Topics: Happy
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I'm so happy to see you my dear!!! 🥰🥰🥰

I just pass to you what I received from the Good Karma Community dear.

Here's the original link:

I hope you're writing again my dear! I missed you! 🥰

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8 months ago

And I miss you more, but sorry. The life of mine with children and home is very busy as usual that's why I am not working as well Always Love You, My Dear Friend <3

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8 months ago