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Dualmine Cryptocurrency Ponzi Scheme Scam

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2 months ago

This Is My Original Dualmine Scam AcountFrom my Youtubevideos :

My Youtube Channel With my Dualminescam Mining Videos From First Days of This Scam to Today :

I show you Now step for Step How Dualmine Scam Me and in short Time all Investors of

How I can see in the Future and tell you this Story and know how work this Scam step for Step?

Iam Blogger about Cryptocurrency And my Hobbys since 10 Years every day 12 Hours Cryptocurrency Mining Trading Staking Farming Masternodes and i Lost much Money every fucking Time. Now you will think yes This Guy is a Stupid Guy Never see a SHool in his life and talk shit about Scam for get 2 cent tips :)

No Friend i live with my Family In Germany My Family have a very big Buisness in Germany with Car Repair iam Kfz Mechatroniker and live 36 Years in Germany

Wy i sit here 2 days on Story make Videos and this shit for Free ?

This is My 1 Man Fight about ScamWebsites Like Criptohashtank Simplepospool and much other Websites.

Ok Back to Dualmine

How Work The Scam on

Step 1 Of the Scam .

This Bitch Make this Video for some Dollars for Pay her Bills on End on the Month.

you see only a cute Girl

I see a Rat who give a fuck what she talk she no Know about all the people lost her houses and money because ohhh she look like a princess This girl no know anything about Crypto she talk any shit what Dualmine Tell her.She no ask sorry friends can i see any legit paper or can i see your Office she check nothing about this Scambuisness and Bazinga she bring all people to this Scam

Wy Iam so Bad? I am a Cool Funny Guy but i try Since 2 years get only 1 euro cash out of all my investments No Chance

After this Girl bring you tu Dualmine you will never get any of your money back.

You get your 100 Ghs Miningbonus and your eyes is only on this 100 ghs miningpower for Bitcoin what you never see in real you Deposit Money and dont Check before you deposit on Dualmine acount Money the Widrawal adresse on your Dualmine Acount. This is Normal Friend all Victims know this like me after same Scam with other Names of Websites in Last years.

Now you see A youtubevideo on my Dualmineacount years ago First Days of This Scamwebsite Dualmine.Com

Date of my Youtubevideo:  13.09.2020 Of My Original Dualmineacount: from Video

After 1 year of Mining and Invest in my Earnings Here:

on This Time i Check first Hey you Can put any Widrawal payout adress in your Dualmineacount Only Bitcoin and Crt The Scamcoin from Dualmine

Wy is CrT Coin a Scamcoin ?And How can i Know this Way how the scam Work?

Lets Check now on My Way how Leh´git is Crt shit on Coingecko

You See This 3 Exchanges now for Crt And Think iam Stupid i bet i show you how Much worth Crt and what can you do or sell this shit coin

1.Go tO etoro and Check Crt Coin here :

You Will no find Crt

Now we Check Here :

Surprise Surprise Ladys and Gentleman

You find no Crt Coin in Crypto .com

Wy you see this 2 Exchanges on Pic ?

etoro and Crypto.comPay Money To Goingecko for this Promotion.

Now you Think no Problem I go and Sell my Crt shit at

Lets Check Crt Trading Market and Information

This Cheap Scamexchange is one of the ScamMasterplan of Dualmine

This shit exchange owned by dualmine and is one of the feets of the Snoball scam System ofrom Dualmine

No vindax fake exchange no market for crt and the Pyramyde from this scam crack

same owner buy and sell every day small amount of thid trash crt coin on this cheap exchange wy?

for this people like you and me think crt have a market a future or we are happy guys with this shitcoin and invest money in Dualminescam.

Now we are on this Point

What can i do with Crt coin now ?

Dont think crt is like other crypto and next weeks more and more exchanges list this shitcoin crt this is not shiba inu coin friend this is a part of dualmine scam

i tell you what happen in next time on dual mine every short weeks minimumamount set up again again and again because this is a snowball scam system every investor who want payout the mony is a problem for Dualmite what is the Ideo of Dualmine? first minimumpayout amount 1000 dogecoin short time later 2000 dogecoin short time later 4000 dogecoins last days next days you wil see more ande mor higher and higer minimumpayout amounts wy?

People like me try since 2 year find 1 way payout my money but no CRT YOU can do nothing with crt next days Website of Dualmine make exit scam pwebsite go off because mot times i see this after scam on other websites and people ceck on this point hey man no market for Crt coin

Vindax same time fuck you to with scam and than you understand the World is very Bad but you think no problem you get your money with police back

My friend you will never see any of your money back only worthless crt can u payout

one of my Trustpilot Rates and warnings on Trustpilot

in the next Days i will get a email from Trustpilot sory but we delete your rating because the system say you are a spammer or anything like this Because Trustpilot get money from Dualmine for Delete my Bad rating because evey day people see my rating and dont trust this scam

The ideo of dualmine team we pay a lil bit for trustpilot and he delete this guy his warnings.

This Time i show you WHAT I DO WIT tRUSTPILOT IN THIS vIDEO I SAY WHATS HAPPEN ON RATING AND I WRITE I MAKE NOW A VIDEO FOR SHOW THE PEOPLE IN NEXT DAYS Trustpilot delet my warning and help for this 10 dollar for deletemy rate from dualmine on Trustpilot other people lost every day all what he have on money.i thing long time how can i tell you all this things about Dualmine today i wake up and think every day my heart is saad because a lil bit before i reach the minimumamount this Rats Set up the minimumpayout amount and kick you in your face with this move becaue every fucking day you try find a way cashout your cryptocoins but not crt coin

before i forget one thing about Trustscore of Crt Here: BAD TRUSTSCORE THE RED POINT


I rate 6 Time Trustpilot Delete 6 Time my Ratings .

How can i Destroy Trustpilot now?

My Review of

I hope i Destroy with this Article this Dualminescamproject befor it is to late like all other Exit Scams.. You lost all what you have and short time later no body remember on this scam no one help you you lost your investment your Heart is Saad like me now and You Can do nothing the adress in Dualminewebsite try your look but dont cry if the adress from dualmine is a poststoragebox anyway in slums of London

My Masterplan and Last Move against this Dualminescam is this:

This in video i send Today To the Dualmine Support on Dualmine Website

You will see with your own eyes

i never will get only 1 dogecoin of my money iyou see in video i tell this guy send me only my dogecoinamount from my dualmine acount to my adress and all other coins is a present for u and i know thats a scam

If i no Destroy this Scam now with this Article than

i never post any Article or my channels i piss on my hobby crypto than and go better Feed Ducks or any other shit

I lost 6 Times all what we have with dirty Rats like this websiteowners

2 things on End. I give a Fuck to all of this scammer here in article i never see my money back i know this This guy can try do what he want in next days iam The king

This is for Dualmine :

Send me only my Dogecoin acount to my dogecoinadress:

D87qT8AWuSXZE9TXM7bD5Dk2q5dekabPge and delete my acount all other of my cryptocoins on my Dualmine acount can you put in your Ass I hope you get big cocks in Prison or i Catch you Amane have no Live if he lost all what he invest to bitches like you .

Cheers Fehed !

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Written by   5
2 months ago
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