Philippine Folk Tales: In the Beginning

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In the beginning there were four creatures, and they lived on an island no bigger than a cap. On this island there were no trees or grass or some other living thing other than these four individuals and one feathered creature. One day they sent this feathered creature out across the waters to perceive what he could discover, and when he returned he brought some earth, a bit of rattan, and some organic product.

Melu, the best of the four, took the dirt and molded it and beat it with an oar in a similar way in which a lady shapes pots of mud, and when he completed he had made the earth. At that point he planted the seeds from the organic product, and they developed until there was a lot of rattan and numerous trees proving to be fruitful.

The four creatures viewed the development for quite a while and were all around satisfied with the work, however at last Melu stated:

"Of what use is this world and all the rattan and natural product if there are no individuals?"

What's more, the others answered, "Let us make a few people out of wax."

So they took some wax and worked long, molding it into structures, however when they carried them to the fire the wax softened, and they saw that men couldn't be made in that manner.

Next they chose to attempt to utilize soil in making individuals, and Melu and one of his partners started chipping away at that. All worked out in a good way till they were prepared to make the noses. The partner, who was dealing with that part, put them on topsy turvy. Melu disclosed to him that the individuals would suffocate in the event that he left them that way, yet he wouldn't transform them.

At the point when his back was turned, nonetheless, Melu held onto the noses, individually, and turned them as they currently may be. In any case, he was in such a rush that he squeezed his finger at the root, and it left an imprint in the delicate dirt which you can in any case see on the essences of individuals.

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