Philippine Folk Tales: How the World was Made

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This is the old Filipino record of the creation.

Millennia prior there was no land nor sun nor moon nor stars, and the world was just an incredible ocean of water, above which extended the sky. The water was the realm of the god Maguayan, and the sky was governed by the incredible god Captan.

Maguayan had a girl called Lidagat, the ocean, and Captan had a child known as Lihangin, the breeze. The divine beings consented to the marriage of their youngsters, so the ocean turned into the lady of the breeze.

Three children and a girl were destined to them. The children were called Licalibutan, Liadlao, and Libulan, and the girl got the name of Lisuga.

Licalibutan had an assortment of rock and was solid and courageous; Liadlao was framed of gold and was consistently cheerful; Libulan was made of copper and was frail and shy; and the delightful Lisuga had a collection of unadulterated silver and was sweet and delicate. Their folks were attached to them, and nothing was needing to fulfill them.

After a period Lihangin passed on and left the control of the breezes to his oldest child Licalibutan. The reliable spouse Lidagat before long followed her better half, and the kids, presently grown up, were left without father or mother. Nonetheless, their granddads, Captan and Maguayan, dealt with them and watched them from all malevolent.

After a period, Licalibutan, glad for his control over the breezes, made plans to acquire power, and requested that his siblings go along with him in an assault on Captan in the sky above. From the start they cannot; yet when Licalibutan lost control with them, the friendly Liadlao, not wishing to irritate his sibling, consented to help. At that point together they initiated the tentative Libulan to participate in the arrangement.

At the point when everything was prepared the three siblings surged at the sky, yet they couldn't thrash the entryways of steel that watched the passage. At that point Licalibutan let free the most grounded winds and blew the bars toward each path. The siblings raced into the opening, yet were met by the furious god Captan. So horrible did he look that they turned and ran in dread; however Captan, irate at the devastation of his entryways, sent three electrical discharges after them.

The originally struck the copper Libulan and liquefied him into a ball. The second struck the brilliant Liadlao and he also was dissolved. The third jolt struck Licalibutan and his rough body broke into numerous pieces and fell into the ocean. So immense was he that pieces of his body stood out over the water and became what is known as land.

Meanwhile the delicate Lisuga had missed her siblings and begun to search for them. She went toward the sky, yet as she moved toward the messed up doors, Captan, dazzle with outrage, hit her too with lightning, and her silver body broke into a huge number of pieces.

Captan at that point descended from the sky and destroyed the ocean, approaching Maguayan to come to him and blaming him for requesting the assault on the sky. Before long Maguayan showed up and addressed that he knew nothing of the plot as he had been snoozing far down in the ocean. After a period he prevailing with regards to quieting the irate Captan. Together they sobbed at the deficiency of their grandkids, particularly the delicate and excellent Lisuga; yet with all their force they couldn't reestablish the dead to life. In any case, they provided for each body a lovely light that will sparkle until the end of time.

Thus it was that brilliant Liadlao turned into the sun and copper Libulan the moon, while the large number of bits of silver Lisuga sparkle as the stars of paradise. To underhanded Licalibutan the divine beings gave no light, yet made plans to make his body uphold another race of individuals. So Captan gave Maguayan a seed and he planted it on the land, which, as you will recollect, was essential for Licalibutan's enormous body. Before long a bamboo tree grew up, and from the empty of one of its branches a man and a lady came out. The man's name was Sicalac, and the lady was called Sicabay. They were the guardians of humankind. Their first kid was a child whom they called Libo; a short time later they had a girl who was known as Saman. Pandaguan was a more youthful child and he had a child called Arion.

Pandaguan was exceptionally sharp and created a snare to get fish. The absolute first thing he got was a colossal shark. At the point when he carried it to land, it looked so extraordinary and savage that he thought it was without a doubt a divine being, and he on the double arranged his kin to venerate it. Before long completely accumulated around and started to sing and petition the shark. Abruptly the sky and ocean opened, and the divine beings came out and requested Pandaguan to toss the shark once again into the ocean and to revere none however them.

All were apprehensive aside from Pandaguan. He developed intense and addressed that the shark was as large as the divine beings, and that since he had the option to overwhelm it he would likewise have the option to overcome the divine beings. At that point Captan, hearing this, hit Pandaguan with a little thunderclap, for he didn't wish to execute him however just to show him a thing or two. At that point he and Maguayan chose to rebuff these individuals by dispersing them over the earth, so they conveyed some to one land and some to another. Numerous youngsters were subsequently conceived, and consequently the earth got possessed in all parts.

Pandaguan didn't pass on. Subsequent to lying on the ground for thirty days he recovered his solidarity, yet his body was darkened from the lightning, and every one of his relatives since the time that day have been dark.

His first child, Arion, was taken north, yet as he had been conceived before his dad's discipline he didn't lose his tone, and every one of his kin accordingly are white.

Libo and Saman were conveyed south, where the sweltering sun burned their bodies and made every one of their relatives be of an earthy colored tone.

A child of Saman and a little girl of Sicalac were conveyed east, where the land from the start was so ailing in food that they were constrained to eat mud. On this record their kids and their's kids have consistently been yellow in shading.

Thus the world came to be made and inhabited. The sun and moon sparkle in the sky and the excellent stars light up the evening. Everywhere on the land, on the body of the jealous Licalibutan, the offspring of Sicalac and Sicabay have developed incredible in numbers. May they live perpetually in harmony and caring adoration!

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