Philippine Folk Tale: The Escape of Juanita

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Have you known about the awful Tikbalang?

A tall and meager and individual of color,

With awful teeth and a pony's head,

Also, covered with hair that is long and red?

He lives in the horrendous Balete tree,

What's more, to pass the spot you should state "Tabi";

On the off chance that you don't, the Aswang comes around evening time,

Furthermore, tosses enormous stones till you bite the dust of trepidation.

Presently once there lived in Santa Cruz town,

A young lady known as Juanita Calaon;

She was delicate and sweet and on a par with could be,

What's more, she generally bowed low to the Balete tree.

One day to the timberland alone she wandered

To get some great wood for the fire at home;

She assembled a few twigs that she found on the ground,

And every one of them quick in a group she bound.

At that point glad and free, with the pack on her head,

She followed the street that back to town drove.

She sang as she strolled, thus glad was she

That too bad! she bowed not to the Balete tree.

At the same time then she heard a most awful thunder,

Also, the Tikbalang furious through the air appeared to take off.

He held onto poor Juanita, and fast as anyone might think possible

He shut her within the Balete tree.

Two days passed, and when the young lady neglected to return,

Her folks went out, and no companions did they need

To help in the hunt, for the entire pueblo came,

Furthermore, boisterously they yelled poor Juanita's name.

Finally when they imagined that the inquiry brought nothing but bad,

One man discovered Juanita's perfect heap of wood;

He called the uplifting news, and as more came to see,

Uproarious thumping was heard in the Balete tree.

At that point many were scared, however many were daring,

Also, pondered by what implies the young lady they could save;

For they realized that it should be Juanita who thumped,

Also, that inside the Balete tree she was bolted.

Before long they requested that candles and music be brought,

Also, a cross sacred was what they next looked for;

What's more, when everything was prepared they shut round the tree,

While they petitioned the genuine God to liberate the young lady.

They lit the candles and afterward the band played,

What's more, Juanita's mom, who was not apprehensive,

Progressed with the cross grasped,

Furthermore, tapped with the cross on the insidious tree excellent.

At that point a thunder shook the woods and cooled their entire existence,

Also, the dreadful Balete split into two sections;

At that point they found in the middle, as each large half fell,

Their sweetheart Juanita all grinning and well.

She ran from the tree to her affectionate mother dear,

While the band played and each one gave a boisterous cheer;

At that point back to the pueblo they moved in enjoyment,

Furthermore, kept up their singing through throughout the entire the evening.

Still there right up 'til today lies the Balete tree,

However, no more do the individuals that pass say "Tabi."

Also, the soul no more can attack any man,

For God has more force than the savage Tikbalang.

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