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Steam Inhalation

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9 months ago

It's been so sad to see deaths everyday worldwide. It makes me think how vulnerable someone's life is. How uncertain life is to spend it with hatred for someone who hurts you. Death is inevitable, cherish your life.

A lot of my friends from Facebook lost their families, and it gives me this fear that we are uncertain when will be our time. I saw one post today, her older sister just died at the age of 29. She gave birth and died. She was just celebrating the next chapter of her life for having a baby, and tomorrow, she died. See? I don't know if you fear about this but you should. Covid is not a joke, to be honest, at first, I thought Covid is just made up virus to scare people. I was wrong, now that the second wave is coming, I fear for my life, and my family's life.

"Live your life to fullest"

But, you have the power to prevent it. Simple hygiene will save your family's life. Always bring alcohol, and make it a habit to disinfect yourself before entering your house. You can bring a small spray alcohol, and whenever you touch things in the public areas, sanitize your hands. I tell you it will help.

Year 2021 is still not a good year to all of us. What we can do is pray. Prayer is strongest power against the virus. God is bigger than our problems that is why, prayer is what people should do especially now.

Loosing of smell and taste is the first sign of Covid

Last April 3, I had a fever. My temperature never went down from 38°C. I was experiencing headache, muscle pain, and high fever for 3-4 days. After my fever was gone, I noticed, I lost my sense of smell. I literally can't smell even the strongest perfume we have, but my taste was still there. What I did, I try "Tuob" or steam inhalation for 1 week.

I did it twice or thrice a day which is good for 5 minutes in every session. I covered my eyes since it is very hot once you're inside. I used my comforter to cover my whole body and put the hot pot at the floor.

What did I put inside?

I used 1 lemon, lots of salt, and ginger and let it boil for 20-30minutes. After that, I covered the pot with banana leaves and made a small entrance for the steam and inhaled it.

It works for me since after 1 week of doing so, my sense of smell came back. And it helps me ease my cough and colds, and every after my session, I always feel better, to be honest.

Until now, I really don't know if it was really Covid I experienced before. I just made sure to isolate myself from everyone for 15 days since they said, 14 days is the needed days for the virus to be permanently gone. I didn't took any medicines, I only took my vitamins, each vegetables and fruits, had a proper rest and of course, Steam Inhalation helps me a lot during those time.

I wrote this for everyone to be aware about the virus we are fighting right now. Medical staffs are planning to have a mass resignation because they are humans too, they are now tired of treating people.

Again, simple hygiene habits could save someone's life. And for those who are experiencing colds and cough, you can try Steam Inhalation. Just make sure to follow the guidelines.

Keep safe readers, take care of yourself and your family.

~Prettytits 🤍🤍🤍

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Written by   58
9 months ago
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