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How much do I need for that 1 BCH?

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Written by Β Β 61
1 month ago

Do you want to know how much you need to get that goal of 1 BCH or you're just someone who wants to monitor their crypto assets in a simplest way❓

Few days to go and January is almost done, Time really is very fast. Can I successfully HODL that 1 BCH before this year ends? As you all know in my previous post that it is one of my goal this year for my crypto journey. And also as part of the #Club1BCHπŸ’š I also want to attain that goal and to spread awareness regarding cryptocurrencies particularly the Bitcoincash itself.

So as I looked into my walletssss.. yeah, plural form. haha.😁 I was having a hard time monitoring them all, it's been a struggle to calculate them to know the total of BCH that I have. It is only January, yet my assets are scattered and I really don't know if I am earning or spending too much.

Bright Idea

Then I remembered that way back few years, I created an excel file, My purpose of that was to monitor my conversion of BTC to PHP and vice versa in my coinsph wallet.

So a Bright Idea comes in, I dive into my old files in my laptop, a quest to find that lost excel file of mine. It took me almost an hour just to find that particular file. haha. You will say why shouldn't I just use the search box, I did actually, But I forgot the filename hahahaha.

Then after an hour, I found it. YEY!! πŸ₯³

But I need to modify it, to make it more appropriate for my BCH monitoring. This will be going to be a simple excel file. Don't expect too much haha😁

Goal Check

I am just too excited to know know how much BCH did I make from the day I started saving BCH. Actually I started a week ago as I posted here in My Crypto Journey 3: 1 BCH for 2021.

I'll show my spreadsheet here and I'll try to be as transparent with regards to my BCH holding as of this moment.

Buy&Sell Sheet


This is the Buy & Sell Sheet wherein I input my Spot Trading transations in Binance. You can also use other platforms, make sure that the specific fields are filled in properly. I didn't include the fees here because I have a specific sheets for my mixed crypto, also my fees are all in BNB so it doesn't reflect much significance in my BCH goal sheet computation.

  • Date: The date of the specific transactions

  • Slash or / : It is just a mark that indicates my trade is successfully filled

  • B or S : This is a dropdown button that indicates if the order is Buy or Sell

  • Price: I will input here the current price of BCH at the time of transactions

  • Amount: (IF B) This is where I input the amount in USDT that will be used to purchase BCH. (IF S) The amount of BCH to be sold

  • Total: (IF B) The total BCH bought. (IF S) The total BCH value sold in USDT

There are two identical columns there, On the Left side is where I input my Buy order and in the Right side is the Sell order.



The second sheet is where I input my other wallet that contains BCH. With this I can easily monitor the total BCH I hold. So basically there's a column for the Wallet Name and for the BCH amount.



This sheet is where you can see the total amount of BCH I bought and the total BCH I sold.

On top of the sheet there is "WHAT IS THE CURRENT PRICE OF BCH TODAY?", This is the part wherein I will input the current price of BCH.

In my example I typed 600. This means that today the BCH price is 600. But in reality it is dumping πŸ™„, Currently at the time of I write this article, BCH is at 421 level.

Yes πŸ‘, You can use this sheet also to know how much you will gain in the future, For example you type there 1,000 and you will see the equivalent value of your BCH possession in 1,000 usd value.

On the Black Box

"YOU SPENT ___usdt for __BCH" and "YOU SOLD ___BCH FOR __USDT" :

You don't have to type any in this field, It will automatically calculated your Buy and Sell Sheet and summarizes the total here.

On the bottom part is the total BCH I have less the BCH I sold and the other wallet added too, also the USDT value based on what I have input on the Top Field.


The last Sheet is the graphical representation of how much total BCH I had and the amount I needed to attain my goal, ONE BITCOIN CASHπŸ’š...


The chart is simple, It only represents the BCH I have and the remaining BCH I need to have in order to complete the One BCH. The Dark Green represents how much BCH I have, So I now have a 20% of a BCH.

OH, wait.... I didn't expect this... 😳

I actually hold almost a quarter of a BCH?? In less than a month... πŸ€”

I really didn't know that I hold this much BCH now, So I guess my decision to create this monitoring sheet is a success. I can now monitor my BCH.


I included in the sheet some of Trading Platforms that I used. You may or may not use it. Reminded that it contains referral links. Also, Do your own research regarding trading because this is very high risk investment.

Trade Safely!

So here it is, I would like to share this monitoring sheet. You can utilize and and please leave a feedback for improvements.

I don't know how to upload file here, So I created a telegram channel wherein I uploaded the excel file there.

Join 1 BCH GOAL channel to download the excel file.

Good Luck!

Together as One, attain our Goals and Spread BCH awareness! - p1sce5



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Written by Β Β 61
1 month ago
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May pumansin naman pala nito eh. Ayan pinansin ko na rin Prof. 😝 huhuhu. Parang bigla na ako nalilito. Kasi parang mas mabilis if sa USD magbebase. Try ko kung gagana pa laptop ko para makapagexcel. Salamuch.

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1 day ago

🀣Hahaha Depende pa din sayo paano mo gusto mamanage yanπŸ˜† yan lang ung style sakin,lalo multi wallet tapos may spot trading na kasama. Sakto yang ginawa ko, if di ka magspot, discard lang ung first sheet 😁

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1 day ago

I'm also using a spreadsheet as it is a lot easier for me to monitor everything. And congrats! You're on your way now to 1BCH. πŸ’š

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3 weeks ago

Yeah, it's easier and its automated 😁 Thank you so muchπŸŽ‰πŸ˜Š

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3 weeks ago

Nice naman and thank you for sharing!

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1 month ago

Welcome 😊 thank you sa pagbasa

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1 month ago

Anh komplikado naman, I hate complicated things o hindi lang talaga ako marunong umintindi πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but well goodluck mas matami pang laman sau kesa sakin abaw.

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1 month ago

Hahaha ittype mo lang ung amount haha siya na bahala magcompute haha. Hahha yan na nga lang natira dahil kagabi ahahahh namulaπŸ˜‚

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1 month ago

Hahaha nakatamada balikan ko to pag di na ako tamad

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1 month ago

Hahaa sige lang hahaπŸ˜…

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1 month ago