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Preventing Snakes

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2 months ago

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The world woke up to the tragic news of Naval officer who was bitten by a snake in the toilet.

It was indeed a sad day for Nigeria losing such promising young officer to a death which could have been avoided amidst the war against terrorism.

I'm going to share ways snakes enter the toilets and ways they can be prevented so this sad thing doesn't occur again.

How snakes enter our toilets

Image from Upsplash

Broken pipes: After years of use pipes used for plumbing works in the house might be broken, snakes can enter through this means.

Ventilation pipes: same as above.


Installation of sieve along the sewer: This is why professional must be contacted for any building related works, The sieve has to be tight which makes it difficult for snakes to enter the toilet.

Repair of all broken pipes: periodic check must be done to be sure pipes ain't broken and if they are it should be fix

Fumigate your septic tanks: Must people don't pay attention to this, periodic fumigation is necessary.

Clear bushes around: Snakes love to hid in bushes, ensure you clear the your surroundings frequently.

Toilet lid Closed: Please ensure you close your toilet lid whenever you are done in the toilet.

Salt+kerosene: it's being said a combination of salt+kerosene prevent snakes from entering the house.

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Written by   13
2 months ago
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Omo cutlass standby anytime in the toilet 😂

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