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Every Saturday, Dele loves to rest more than the weekdays. So, he would have to wake up four hours late than he does during work days. His wife, Arike is always in the kitchen, doing the dishes and preparing breakfast for the family while the washing machine is rolling, washing a set.of dirty clothes. That's has been the routine every Saturday.

Arike is not convenient with Dele not helping out with the house shores.

When they married newly, he used to help out with some of the home chores. Arike is still in shock over what would have made the love of her life stayed away from the kitchen and also helping out with washing on Saturdays.

Sometimes in June 1997, the couple visited a family friend, they were to spend a whole day with the Azus'. During their stay, Arike helped Mrs. Azu in the kitchen prepare food. As women, they discussed some aspects of their marriages with one another.

Arike started:

My husband has changed. He doesn't do some of the things he did while we were newly got married.

Mrs. Azu looked her in the eye and asked:

You don't mean it. Things like what has he stopped doing.

Thank you, sister. Arike muscled up and regurgitated what she would say:

Hmmm. He used to wash our clothes with me. At times he even cooks our meals but now he doesn't go near the kitchen, neither would he venture into the laundry.

Mrs. Azu wasn't surprised. She just hummed away and told Arike:

See ehn. I have talked and talked to my husband about it, it seemed all men are just like that. They do more when the marriage is fresh.

When they were done cooking, the table was served.

First, they ate in silence, observing manners. Mrs. Azu was boiling learning that Dele wasn't helping his wife too to do chores like her husband. She chuckled:

Men! Who defined it? All this stereotyping.

Dele looked at her and said:

What do you mean to say? You're speaking in parables.

Without thinking twice, Mrs. Azu replied Dele:

I don't know why some house chores are left to the care of women. Who defined what a man should do from what a woman should?

The argument went on for hours. And as usual, the men did not accept any of the position of the ladies as to collective responsibility in handling home affairs.

After they are done with all they came for. Dele and Arike went back home.

Dele however continued in his usual negligence of supporting Arike.

On the last of November 1997, the usual general environmental sanitation was ongoing. Or would end by 10:00 am.

Arike was busy multitasking as usual. She was shuttling between the kitchen and laundry.

When the timer on the washing machine had jingled, alerting Arike that the clothes were done washing, she left the kitchen while Dele's favorite fresh fish stew was frying in the kitchen. Before she could be done rinsing the clothes, the stew had burnt.

Angrily, she served the white rice and burnt fresh fish stew to Dele in the dining.

She knew Dele would not ne happy but this issue of enslavement in her matrimonial home had to stop, once and for all.

Dele opened the dish, already preparing to devour the fresh fish head. It was a disappointing adventure when he saw the nature of the stew served.

Arike! Arike!! Arike!!!

He shouted her name at the top of his voice. Like, prepared for anything, walked to the dining.

Yes, honey. Did you call?

With his voice raised, Dele replied her:

Don't honey me. What kind of stew did you serve me? When did we start eating burnt food in this house.

Arike looked him in the eye and said:

This may be the beginning of service for burnt food, until you learn to assist me with some of the chores.

Dele learned a big lesson that day. He turned a new leaf afterwards.

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ROFL 🤣🤣🤣, since he can't help in house chores, he should learn how to eat burnt foods But good to know that the burnte food he ate made him to change...

Women are not slave, all the house chores should not be left alone for them, as a man , you should be able to help your woman in this aspect. The will cook, tidy the house, wash clothes, take care of the children , just to mention but few, haba ! It's too much. Helping them will make them feel happy and it will still show how much you love her...

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