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How I Influenced Gladys

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1 month ago

Good morning friends. It's Saturday here in Nigeria, the sky seem a little calm as the early morning sun is nowhere close to emerging. The hotness of the sun had doubled in the few passing days. Double trouble is that there is no power supply and one has to run the power generating set for some hours before bedtime because of heat.

However, I'd like to share something I think could inspire someone. When I just entered adolescence, I was easily influenced, thank goodness I retraced my step before it went out of hand. Growing up in the heart of Lagos, there are lot of influences that could take one out of being a "good boy or girl".

When I first started as a school teacher, a girl in her early teens from Cameroun who was brought back to Nigeria after she had lost her mother and enrolled in the school where I worked as a social studies teacher. At the entry point, she didn't meet up the admission requirements but was given admission on probation. This was after her grandmother had mounted pressure that she better remained in our school or elsewhere. She accepted to be responsible for any aftermath of this decision.

As time went on, she became a topic among teachers for weak comprehension in-class activities. So, I decided to help out by influencing her reasoning. I had a jamb tutorial coaching centre (we still run it together, @Abigailharry and I). With an instinct I can't remember for now, I decided to engage the girl in some extra activities during her free class periods. I discover she could do something worthwhile if engaged and monitored.

Remedial Classes

The parents reported to the school that they would like to engage her in a remedial or extramural class and would love me to handle her. I agreed and we started. I had to start from the rudiments when I found out she had some foundation problems.

Education is from known to unknown, which teachers ought to understand while handling learners in class or school as a whole.

In so doing, there shouldn't be any form of shame. Since Gladys was ready, I went as low as two lettered words and from there, she began to improve.

In her first year in the remedial class, she had reached the 50% cumulative score point. My joy knows no bounds but I wanted more. At this point also, she wasn't the least in the class anymore.

After two years of handling her, she had become almost independent and could do some academic stuff all by herself.

Examination & Results

There had been arguments that examination is not a true test of a learner's ability. In the case of Gladys, I was expectant. I believe examination could tell more about a learners comprehension.

When she turned fifteen, Gladys registered for the Junior Secondary Board Examination and did exceptionally well.

Valedictorian Award

To mark the end of their three years in Junior Secondary School, the college organized a valedictorian service for graduating students.

As the event continued, some students were awarded for certain attributes beginning from punctuality, friendliness, good behaviour, Bags of fun.......

The height of the day for me was when Gladys was called up the podium as the student with the Most Surprising Performance of the Year. She had tears in her eyes as she received the plague and an attempt to give a short speech resulted in a full-blown cry. You can imagine it. When she found her balance, she dedicated the award to God and to the teacher who helped her through when some others looked down on her. I felt some giggle at that moment, tears gathered in my eyes. They were tears of joy. I had to be a man, I fought the tears back and matched up the podium as the whole hall stood in honour of my little effort on Gladys. All I got at that moment was an handshake but it was worth more.

Gladys Flew To France

Upon learning that she turned out a good student, her aunt who lived and worked in France prepared all her documents and she went to continue her studies overseas in France. It has been about eight years now and Gladys still communicates how she is fairing over there in her academics.

Her aunt from time to time dishes out what she can to me. During the lockdown in 2020, one of the most trying times for families, I wasn't too much stressed because Gladys through her aunt raised me all through.

I am happy that I influenced her. You can be an influencer in that little corner of your home, workplace or even church. It's not about reward, it should first be for making someone a better person then every other thing follows.

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Written by   161
1 month ago
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Wow! Thank God for Gladys and how you could help her in academics. Those teachers and students looking less on her aren't fair at all. They forgot what could happen tomorrow.

Now, you are enjoying the benefits too as her teacher who was influenced by you.

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1 month ago

Happy for you both. More people that you will influence with. Really happy seeing these type of articles to read.

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1 month ago

Yeah, not the morney to be earned but the joy to see the work of your hand progresses. I must say, that was a good work from you to her. I know during those periods, she pissed you off somehow but you still continued. I once had a personal class with a JSS1 student then, he had no single knowledge of mathematics, his month pleaded that I should handle him personally,...I volunteered my all, not after the money. It's a big privileged

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1 month ago