Lesson I learned best experience I got(Part 2 experience in noise cash)

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2 years ago

Greetings my beautiful readers🥰.First i want to thank all of you thank you for supporting me on my last articles. I really appreciate your effort for reading it and thank you for supporting me.And now i'm very inspired to write more articles about my experience in life.I hope I can be with you in my read cash journey.

Ok let me start my story!

As i mentioned in my last article i really love noice cash.When I know that noice cash is paying I try it out, here's my article about my noise cash journey 👇https://read.cash/@Pattatunay/my-experience-in-noise-cash-0db6c1ba

Noise cash gives me opportunity to earn.Im very thankfull for that.When I start using noise cash I don't know too much about cryptocurrency.But time passes I learn something about it🤣.

I really learned too much because of noise cash.Noise cash help me grow my mind.Noise cash helps me to say my opion.And of course noise cash helps me to earn BCH.

What I learned in noise cash is :

I learned to be friendly

I surpass my shyness🤣

I learn about cryptocurrency

I learn more about other cryptocurrency wallets

What's my 2 best unforgetble experience in noise cash?

My first best experience is when I got a free tip.When I am new in noise cash I super want to have a free tip.Because I want to conduct my own giveaway.I want to tip every person I see on my wall.So I really work hard for that and after 2 days I got it.When I recieve a free tip I conduct a giveaway but the winner is one only🤣 because I don't have enough funds you know.

My second best experience in noise cash is when I won a waifu in a giveaway in noise cash.I pray to hard to win that place.And when the host starts to pick a winner I got really excited I say to myself that I will be the winner of that price.And luckily I won🤣.

Sorry but I can't write any longer🤣.I think I will end my article here.See you again in next article🥰

Before you go I want to thank you for reading this you inspired me a lot I hope I can be with you in my read cash journey 😄

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2 years ago