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1 year ago

Its been a long time to all.I have some problems this day and unable to write.I feel something is missing in my mind.My mind and heart doesn't work well to write.Someone is pushing me on my darkest night.

I dont know how can i start this.

I can still feel it in my heart.It never leave me alone.I always carry it even if i dont want.Someone is cheering me up, it is not a person or a thing.It always makes me comfortable and inspired.It saves me and push me on the light.

I feel left alone as i talk on my friends.I cant catch on what is the trend.I am not the person who likes socialmedia.I am the person who wants to live simple and alone.

My mother told me "Your smile is expensive" it means "it is rare for me to smile" but that was before when i am in elementary.As i grow up i learned how to smile even if it is hard.Smile even if your alone.Smile even if it hurts.Smile even if you feel sad.Smile really makes you happy,or it just makes you look happy?

It is hard right to hold your problems in life.Being emotional by yourself.Thinking your business alone.You cant talk to your parents because you feel shy.I feel that these days being alone,being unmotivated,and being sad.I opened up my mouth and share my thoughts.It feels nice to share it.It makes you feel comfortable.But what if it attacks you again and the people to comfort you is on another world?Who will help you,should you agree to be eaten by your sadness or you will continue your life.

I dont have a taste on watching anime,what i want is an action movie and about science.But my mind pushes me to watch once.I started to love it.

They say it is just for kids,but i realize even if your old or young you can choose on what you want.Your life is your life.You should pick the thing you want even if people will judge you by your wants.

Some anime has nudes but that is not my point why i started to love it so much.Lately some thoughts gotten on my mind and it is negativity.It almost ate my mind on being alone and dont have confidence in life.Anime is all about imagination of the author,i wish i can meet them one by one someday i want to thank them for cheering me up when i am in my darkest night.Why do you think i love to watch anime?It make you realize a thing.Did you know "Hunter x Hunter",Gon is just a kid he want to meet his father someday.He takes the hunter exam to know why his father want to be a hunter.He faces many problems while reaching his goal,he use his friends and family to be his inspiration in his journey.I know it is just fictional but it really have a huge impact in my mind.Isnt it cool challenging yourself to reach your goals,even if you have many problems to face

"Horimiya" i watch this last week and i learned about the meaning of friends and why everyone wants to have a partner.Yeah i feel cringe everytime i saw a young couple on the street and social media.I can saw them dancing and enjoying the day.As i watch horimiya i realize how it feels about to have a partner.It also make me realize about friends.At first i thought having a partner is just for having fun but im wrong,having a partner inspires you it makes you a different person you knew.It can change your life.They say pick your friend wise.As i watch horimiya i realized real friends is un-expectable to come in life.Maybe your haters will be your real friends someday.Friends is not a thing you will buy.Memories and fun will make a bound to make a real friend.

Black Clover,do you feel on giving up because someone told you are not suitable on your job why dont you try to watch "black clover".It is about a boy who doesnt have a huge talent on magic.Even if he is weak and a peasant he never give up on his dreams.It is amazing because if you live in a place full of judgement you need to be strong mentally,not all people is born strong.No matter what problem you have "Dont give up no matter what" try to overcome your limitations about your talent and skill.It is possible for you if you work hard and stay strong mentally and physically.

This is just my opinion when i watched them.Tell me if you also have the same opinion and thoughts,i will be more happy because someone is also thinking like

There are things that made our life brighter and interesting.We have different stress reliever,for me it is watching anime😉

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Written by   45
1 year ago
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