The Musk Phenomenon: A Massive Effect That Will Last For Centuries

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Why Musk Makes the Future Look Not So Distant

We can argue about Musk’s mistakes all day, but we can also agree that Musk’s companies generate value for humanity.

While Musk inspires a vision for the future of humanity, he also bears several weaknesses, but this is the essence of human nature.

He who does not err is he who does not try.

We can not escape human nature, and Elon Musk does indeed try with his companies to assist humanity towards the next step of evolution and progress.

This step is the stars, but it is also home, earth.

Musk is an entrepreneur driven by profit, but any business also has a higher purpose in serving our communities and societies.

We may be critical of his interference with politics and how he resorts to PR and social media to empower his ego.

But Musk will turn the negative sentiment not just with words but with actions, and actions matter.

What Musk Did

The end result favors Elon Musk when we weigh all the positives and drawbacks.

Musk utilizes his powers to achieve a dream that will impact all humanity.

Elon Musk is a pioneer and an investor in technologies that radicalize and positively disrupt industries aiming to improve our living conditions.

SpaceX will not send us to Mars by 2025, but they will send us to the moon again after several decades. The moon serves as the foundation. From there, humanity will expand into the solar system and unlock its unlimited possibilities.

Starlink is undeniably another incredible development with a global effect.

Tesla solves a problem that (until a few years ago) we thought was impossible to solve. Tesla is the initial stage of a fully developed renewable automobile industry that will diminish the effects of emissions to tolerable limits.

Neuralink is yet another debated company of Elon Musk, which meets a controversial reaction from the public. Combining the human brain with any aspect of technology seems paradoxical, still, we can consider research in this field a Plan B or maybe a first step into technologies with tremendous benefit for humanity.

Paypal: Musk co-founded Paypal early in his career and achieved a high enough ROI to get out wealthy enough (with $180 million) when eBay bought Paypal. PayPal is still a top payment solution dominating e-commerce.

Cryptocurrency: Paypal was a disruptive financial technology, but nowadays seems outdated when we compare Paypal to cryptocurrency. Musk was interested in cryptocurrency since the early days of Bitcoin. Way before Tesla announced the purchase of $1 billion in Bitcoin, Musk got interested in the financial potential of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. Today he is also involved with Dogecoin, promoting it and proposing code changes.

OpenAI: Musk co-founded the company that created the artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT. However, Musk resigned from his position at OpenAI after a conflict of interest emerged with Tesla’s autonomous driving project.

Twitter: Elon Musk bought Twitter in 2022, and while many don’t realize it, Twitter is the news today.
- Half of the stories and news articles we read contain what someone said on Twitter.
- The news first appears on Twitter.
- Companies make announcements on Twitter.
- Presidents discuss their policies and announce reforms on Twitter.
- Marketing focuses on Twitter more than any other platform.
Twitter’s fair valuation should be exceeding $200 Billion right now. Musk purchased a platform that will keep evolving for the next 20 years.

The Boring Company is another promising company founded by Musk, with a plan to transform transportation, solve traffic and improve urban living conditions as a result.

Elon Musk is interested in technologies with an enormous effect that will push the boundaries and deliver immense value for humanity.

Musk Is Often In The Limelight For All The Wrong Reasons

Yet Musk has weaknesses, and he makes mistakes.

Nobody is infallible. Criticism is valid, and Musk’s attitude will often cast doubts on his intentions.

Is he so wrong, though, or is he just a human being with weaknesses? And do these drawbacks overshadow the positive developments Musk’s companies deliver?

Even critics acknowledge that nobody else can perform better than Musk while laying the foundations for progress.

Musk is probably the most influential person of the 21st century.

He has to respect diverse cultures, attempting to unite them and assist them in finding common ground. He has to strike a balance between the West, China, the Arab World, Africa, Latin America, SE Asia, Japan, and any other region where his companies operate. He handles a globalized conglomerate of corporations that serve everyone and deals with the conflicting interests of his clients. Also, he has to enter negotiations with politics, and he is often harassed in the US by supporters of both political parties.

He values free speech but understands that all civil liberties contain constitutional limitations.

Musk may seem egotistic and driven by desires and human weaknesses.

But whatever critics say, he has already conquered the top. There are no other personal targets to set but only targets that promote progress, the common good, and the organic growth of his businesses.

Perhaps until one point, it was all about increasing his private wealth, but upon achieving this, he knows he can give back to the world even more.

Musk knows he can offer a lot more since it is still early in his career.

In Conclusion


Sometimes to rationalize the vast success of a man we might find logical argument and try to play down the significance of events.

Musk has been giving all the proof his opponents need to attack him, but he also delivers immense hope for humanity.

He becomes the “chosen one”.

Musk will never stop exploring and financing ideas that have a lot to offer to mankind.

We don’t have to be in awe of people like Musk, but we can acknowledge the positive changes these people bring to our society.

Musk inspires us with a vision that unlocks our full potential and supports progress of humanity.

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