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The Devastating Effects Of Lead Pollution — A Crime Against Humanity

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How Lead Caused The Decay Of Our Living Conditions And Why Nobody Stopped This Calamity Early Enough?

We find it difficult to believe that human beings may be way more peaceful and intelligent than exhibited in the last hundred years.

Madness will often reign with intelligent discourse set aside.

However, this might not be our true nature but a toxic conversion of human behavior.

Maybe our true nature is more peaceful than we believe.

A chemical element is poisoning the human race, and we still don’t pay the required attention.

Since antiquity humans mined and used lead, with early scientists recording its toxic effects.

Although, the inclusion of lead in fuel and paint during the previous century was the catalyst that produced devastating consequences for billions of human lives.

Is the heavy metal Lead (PB) the reason behind the rise of criminal activity, violent behaviors, mental disorders, and extreme suffering billions of people experience for more than a century?

Are violent acts such as mass murders or the actions of serial killers a result of lead brain poisoning from a young age?

Is any lead concentration levels in bones and blood responsible for aggressive behaviors and unexplained psychiatric conditions?

We observe a clear correlation according to miscellaneous statistical models and scientific research performed in the last few decades.

Why is the use of lead still allowed, and what do we do to protect ourselves and our families? So many questions are still unanswered.

How blind were we to trust a small group of industrialists decades ago and the incompetent puppets supporting them?

Are we going to repeat the same mistakes or put an end to it this time?

Caution: This material may contain details and audio footage not recommended for minors. Recommended age: 18+.

Toxic Pollution By Leaded Gasoline And Lead Paint Spreads Everywhere

The toxicity of lead is undeniable, and the hazard it represents is recorded since ancient times:


In 370 B.C, the Greek physician Hippocrates described colic, or upset stomach, in a man who was a metal worker. In the first century A.D., Dioscorides, another Greek physician, noticed that exposure to lead could cause paralysis and delirium in addition to intestinal problems and swelling.(Source)

Benjamin Franklin

As the American colonists became enamored of lead in the early 1600s, reports of medical complications followed close behind. (Source)

The toxicity of lead was also reported in the early centuries of the Roman Empire. An empire rejoicing in the suffering and brutal acts against hopeless civilians and captured enemies.

An empire ruled by one mad Emperor succeeding another.

An ancient military society that expanded and rapidly conquered the known world from its command center, Rome. The capital, Rome, with an aqueduct and plumbing network that used lead as the master ingredient.

Yes, the wealthy citizens of Rome for centuries were poisoned, daily, from birth, every time they were drinking Rome’s water.

Furthermore, archaeologists and researchers have discovered the wider use of lead (PB) as an ingredient adding flavor to wine and food in the Roman era.

Lead’s sweet overtones, by contrast, were thought to add complementary flavors to wine and to food as well. (source)

Lead resulted in various health issues for Roman citizens:

“During the Roman period, gout was prevalent among the upper classes of Roman society and is believed to be a result of the enormous lead intake.” (source)

Undeniably the brutality that characterized Rome and the Roman Empire in general was profound even by the standards of the ancient world.

General Motors And The Tetraethyl Lead Scandal

(Source: Wikipedia)

Despite all the warnings, in 1921, General Motors, utilizing the research of its employer Thomas Midgley Jr., added a lead compound (tetraethyl or ethyl) in gasoline to increase the efficiency of its engines.

Yet, GM avoided mentioning lead in reports or advertising since it had already been warned by several scientists against using this toxic element.

For decades the gas and automobile industry supported the notion that lead was harmless to humans and the environment.

Most engineers and scientists involved in the experiments in refineries fell ill with lead poisoning, and deranged mental conditions.

During the next year, as many as fifteen workers who helped produce the additive in refineries in Ohio and New Jersey fell sick and died.

In most cases, mental derangement preceded death, and many of the workers died in straightjackets.

Nearly 300 workers from three plants were pronounced psychotic, and workers and journalists soon began to call leaded fuel “loony gas.”

Yet, nothing changed for decades. No ban on lead was applied, and the results were catastrophic for generations:

For the next six decades, as many as 5,000 Americans died every year from lead poisoning, according to a 1995 EPA report.

Leaded gasoline was manufactured and sold between 1923 and 1986. For more than 60 years every city and village in the world, every road and every painted building was polluted with lead dust.

Lead damages the brain irreparably and can alter behaviors even decades later when it infects the body and brain of a young person.

Lead exposure remains highly prevalent worldwide despite decades of research highlighting its link to numerous adverse health outcomes. In addition to well-documented effects on cognition, there is growing evidence of an association with antisocial behaviorincluding aggression, conduct problems, and crime. (source)

Children exposed to lead, grow antisocial symptoms, learning disabilities and develop aggressive and irrational behaviors as adults.

Researchers concluded that a lead-polluted environment was the reason for the appearance of an increased number of serial killers during the previous century.

Neurologists have performed MRI scans of adults who were exposed to lead as children. They’ve found that because lead is chemically similar to calcium, it displaces the calcium needed for normal brain development. (Source)

(Lead poisoning in humans — dense metaphyseal lines (Wikipedia))

Lead is infused in the blood and stored in our bones as our organism can’t remove it and has no use for it. From the bones, it reaches the brain, messing with brain function, reducing intelligence, and generating behavioral problems.


Psychiatrists and scientists looking into psychiatric issues have no answer regarding most of them. A few of the worst mental diseases like schizophrenia and mania contain symptoms relating to lead-poisoned patients.

A 2019 Harvard study identified lead association with various (severe) mental conditions:

Exposure to lead at a young age may lead to mental illness, according to a new study. The study, which followed 579 people in New Zealand for more than 30 years starting from age 3, found an association between exposure to lead and mental illness including phobia, depression, mania, and schizophrenia.

(Source: Harvard)

The families of people with severe psychiatric issues and disorders such as schizophrenia or mania suffer daily to a degree nobody comprehends.

A person with a severe mental disease affects emotionally and financially the whole family. The financial cost of treating a member in such a condition is unbearable and devastating to any family. Such cases doomed countless families to poverty and misery.

The family will do anything to support the family member.

The parents will ask the doctors a thousand times what could be the reason, did they do anything wrong?

Only to receive the same answer each time: “We don’t know why”.

And they didn’t know until recently.

Modern medicine can work to alleviate many of the conditions, but these patients more than frequently do not accept treatment.

It is the parents’ feeling that they failed in their duties. Every parent in this situation will question what they did wrong. Many will wonder whether they were too strict with their children. They will wonder about anything, and they will also consider the toxic environment we are breathing in.

No, the parents didn’t do anything wrong, leaving aside the rare exceptions. Doctors will confirm that only rare and extreme occasions of domestic violence can create such severe mental problems. 99.99999% of parents are not monsters.

This is something else that is causing it.

They were peaceful and loving parents with dreams of watching their children get good grades, be great at sports, love music, and be normal.

They would move the earth and the sea to help their son and daughter, and they did exactly that. There was no alternative.

What they got in return was a life full of despair and suffering with no happy end, no solution. And the pain a parent feels watching their child suffering is felt ten times greater.

The answer here is obvious. Research in this field was minimal all this time, but any researcher should have looked deeper into the roots and figured it out decades ago. Perhaps they did, but nobody in a position of power cared to listen until it was too late.

All these people would not have suffered if the industries did not include lead in paint or gas.

Moreover, crime would have been lower, and the average intelligence higher.

Why do the governments still cover up this crime against humanity? What are the current politicians afraid of?

Be transparent for once. Accept the responsibility for the actions of your predecessors. They are not alive today, anyway. Be the leaders that will make the world worth living and ban lead entirely, begin research to actually help lead victims and clean up the environment from lead-polluted dust and paint.

Lead has caused immense suffering in so many families.

(Symptoms of lead poisoning (Wikipedia))

The most severe cases of mental illnesses reach 1–2% of the global population. A small number but significant. But for a single person with a severe mental issue, there are at least three or four more members in the family, all suffering together with the affected.

Today, this number is 80 million people. But multiply that by 3, that’s 240 million people affected globally. And that’s about cases with severe mental problems.

Lead is causing multiple other issues and probably affects 2–3 billion today.

We are all poisoned by lead, and for what, exactly?

It was all a sacrifice to the altar of the industrialists’ profit. Those too few to matter that will make an extra couple of billions at the expense of public health.

We are paying for the actions and profit of the ignorant elite of the previous and the current century.

Any politician with enough decency to admit and realize the magnitude of this calamity should stand up and raise their voice.

See, there is here a case of ultimate stupidity. We allowed just a bunch of people, a small elite, to profit by just a little more than they would have without using lead, and severely impacted the lives of billions.

Imagine all the people that are affected and how much they could have added to global progress.

The use of lead all these decades before brought dire implications in today’s economy. It impacts the health sector, the government budget, and global debt.

Lead And The Rise In Violent Crimes

This is the worst government failure with global proportions ever.

Hippocrates, since 200BC, mentioned the threat lead posed to our societies, yet, two thousand years later, humanity learned nothing.

In Rome, only a few intellectuals could recognize something was gravely wrong in that society. Yet in modern days, we painted our homes with lead and industrialized the use of lead in gas for the automobile industry for six to eight decades.

Billions of people suffered and still suffering, and for what?

For the profit of a few industrialists, those disconcerted and influential individuals.

Also, we pay the price for the politicians’ decision, all those that considered progress the massive pollution and poisoning of our cities and countryside.

Development and progress. GDP increases for decades and everyone celebrates, but at what cost? The health and mental stability of billions of people?

Who’s the mad emperor today? It seems there are plenty of them.

They doomed humanity for one century, and there are still limited plans to address the effects of lead pollution.

We find no transparency either regarding this scandal, not even from the current leaders or the corporate elite. We only observe an attempt to undermine the event that doomed humanity to a century of suffering.

Lead Pant Global Controls

(Source: OurWorldInData)

The mainstream media failed to create enough awareness. Maybe in the USA, concerned individuals pushed for lead use to stop, and they partially succeeded in 1978.

In 1978, the federal government banned consumer uses of lead-based paint, but some states banned it even earlier. (Source)

For the rest of the world, it took more years or even decades before they followed. In parts of Europe, lead gas and paint were still in use until 2000, while today, lead is still available in various regions worldwide.

IQ drops and violent crime is on the rise in regions where lead pollution still increases. Lead is still accessible in various parts of the world, mostly where living conditions leave a lot to be desired.

However, the ban on lead didn’t end the long-lasting effect of its toxicity on our organisms. Still, it reduced its adverse effects at a macro scale, as we can discover from various analyses:


“Economists hypothesize that the regulation of leaded gasoline and leaded paint in the 1970s caused crime rates to drop in the U.S. about 20 years later.”

Of course, lead is not the only reason for the violent crimes increase, although we observe a correlation between elevated PB blood levels and a rise in murder rates.


We live in constant depression, aggression, and never-ending misery due to one toxic element, a few irresponsible monsters slightly profited from.
Lead affected all of us. Depending on the age we first inhaled lead-contaminated dust for the first time, and the amount of lead stored in our bones, the effects are disastrous.

They keep poisoning us, yet for what? For the profit of the elite? There is no trade-off here but a crime against humanity.

Profit with a couple more billion for the billionaires and leave societies in a state of despair?

Did they not even care about the safety of their children or grandchildren? They were all going to live on the same planet and with the same environmental hazard.

This is malice, incompetence, and blatant stupidity. How does anyone get away with crimes against humanity?

We recognize malice by the elites each of our economic models produced, either capitalism or communism.

The rise of lead use was universal since the end of the 19th century.

Those in power knew about the hazards lead pollution represents. It took decades for a few brave scientists to convince some honest politicians to push forward the agenda of banning lead. Still, it will take many more decades to eradicate lead pollution from the environment.

Imagine the potential of a world less aggressive and more focused on creativity and progress, without having to bear the extreme cost of our living conditions.

The Decline of Violent Crime After The Ban Of Lead

In a 2007 study using American data, Jessica Wolpaw Reyes found that a 10% change in lead exposure from gasoline corresponded to, on average, an 8% change in violent crime two decades later — and that the overall elimination of leaded gas could have reduced violent crime by more than half. (Source)

Lead is not only lethal, but it also alters the brain process and makes people behave irrationally and perform extremely violent acts.

Lead pollution was responsible for the rise of serial killers after it became an established additive for house paint and gasoline.

Serial killer interviews share incredible similarities in their details when justifying why they did what they did.

The exact consequences lead has on human beings was only recently revealed to the public in scientific journals.

By 1990, serial killers reached a peak.

In isolated countries, the government-controlled news didn’t report these cases. In the West, it was not too different. News media suppressed and misreported these cases.

Below is the audio transcript of Howard Stern talking to an anonymous serial killer. The FBI later confirmed to Howard Stern this was a real call.

Howard Stern didn’t seem convinced it was a serial killer, but he is a clever person so he asked all the right questions with the bad-cop style.

He forcefully asked questions that only a serial killer would ask as that man did in the phonecall.

Somehow, too many of the serial killers don’t have answers when asked why they do it:

Some do get satisfaction, others don’t, but keep doing it nontheless. Eventually after getting caught and admitting their actions, they can’t explain the reasons.

This man was not abused as a child. Still he performs these despicaple acts for absolutely no reason. He is full of anger as he explains but he can’t find the source of where this anger begins.

Lead blood tests can’t validate when these people were first condaminated or if it was in an age young enough to mess with their brain and make the brain grow abnormaly to function like that.

Yet, even adults poisoned by lead will suffer from disorders and mental issues.

Perhaps more testing takes place even right now, with blood from these people in a young age, still stored in a hospital or medical facilities. If not, then definitely agencies should focus there.

Notice the part where he mentioned he stopped killing when his car broke down.

Makes us wonder if this man might have been using a car with a faulty exhaust system, leaking lead-polluted fumes into the cabin. There are plenty of similar malfunctions in older (and newer) car models where gas smells in the driver’s cabin. (Maybe we can even identify one or two brands regularly presenting such issues.) His car broke down, and he ceased murdering people ever since.

While this is a long-shot, there is still this possibility that the lead he kept inhaling was constantly damaging his brain process, making him act irrationally aggressive.

There seems to be a connection in this serial killer with other similar cases. Continuous lead poisoning increases aggression, prompting acts of extreme violence.

The news was covering up most of the violent crime and serial killers to protect the public from mass panic, although there might have been another reason as well.

Keeping everyone ignorant for as long as the industrial forces were reaping their rewards at the expense of public health.

Research and development contain high costs, but the greed of (now-diseased) elites of the previous century caused this disaster.

Greed for an insignificant profit, with an uncountable cost for our societies.

Especially in the US, the issue seems to have reached critical levels, although the effects of lead polution were also rapidly growing in Europe and other parts of the world.

Conclusion: Polluting Industry Advocates Should Reconsider Who They Actually Support

Are we in a better position today?

(Photo by Foto-Rabe on Pixabay)

Hope is rising as lead pollution levels decrease, but we still face the consequences of the widespread use of this poison. So many chemical ingredients pollute the environment and directly affect billions.

Lead is one chemical we shouldn’t use for anything because of its poisonous and destructive effects. Although, lead is not the only toxic element polluting our environment and deteriorating our living conditions.

We should be more critical of industries and do our part in protecting the environment. Standards in the exploitation and use of chemicals and toxic elements should apply.

We are not willing to bear the cost anymore.

The automobile industry supported its lead-based gasoline in any way possible. It even paid individuals and lobbied politicians to act and talk in favor of the industry’s interests, producing written and video content to reduce concerns and deceive the public.

And today, the same polluting industries, the same industrialists that exploit the environment, a wealth that belongs to everyone, find again support by non-scientific, biased, and incorrect or even fake statements published as comments in social media or published as studies in magazines such as dubious scientific websites with no credibility.

The same industries that poisoned us with lead fund most of the influencers publishing these statements. Paid content, written and published by individuals ignorant of the harm these industries generate, also unaware of how it also affects them and their loved ones.

While environmental protection has also become an industry of its own, perhaps the only way to protect it is by strict control and supervision of highly polluting initiatives. There’s nothing else we want than to raise our children in an environment free from hazardous polluting elements, especially toxic ones like Lead.

When anyone supports these industries, they should also consider if what they earn from this is really worth it.

As perhaps they make a living today by supporting polluting industries, but in the end, environmental hazards similar to lead pollution will affect them and their loved ones as well.


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