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Positioning and Better Marketing - Bitcoin Cash on the Counter-Attack

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Written by   911
1 month ago

Marketing is an important element in every industry. Considering cryptocurrencies, it is often the only feature a project may be excelling at.

While marketing is often fiercely criticized of aggressive methods, and often accused of misinforming consumers, it is a necessary “evil” that increases visibility, exposure, and brand awareness.

In the cryptocurrency industry, it is the one factor that can be a decisive factor for (a short term) success.

Bitcoin Cash lacks extensive marketing. Even worse, Bitcoin Cash also lacks PR, and has a negative image in the cryptocurrency market. The BTC maximalists "numbers" are overwhelming and quite effective at indoctrinating newcomers.

BCH doesn’t favor unnecessary hype, still, the BTC side arguments against Bitcoin Cash on all fronts have an immense effect on the vast majority of investors.

A newcomer will require additional time to process and overcome the misleading BTC narratives and forge an opinion. Cryptocurrency media downplays, excludes, ignores, and censors vital Bitcoin Cash information investors are interested in.

Bitcoin Cash dominates in developments, on-chain adoption, and institutions are noticing, although it also suffers from limited coverage by crypto news and to a greater extent the mainstream media (CNBC, Bloomberg, etc).

Marketing is not about Fake Narratives, Nore Public Manipulation

We watch an overwhelming number of crypto-influencers (a.k.a. manipulators of public opinion) bashing Bitcoin Cash on any opportunity since it serves them to please their audience. They have convinced them during the years that BTC should be the vast part of their portfolio and any mention of Bitcoin Cash is always under a negative approach.

Lately, because of the BCH increase in userbase and the development of SmartBCH, the same "influencers" just avoid any BCH discussion instead of commenting with a negative approach.

BTC has completely failed as a means of exchange, while Bitcoin Cash has proven Bitcoin's ability to scale. 

It takes some time for someone outside of the crypto field to understand what happened and why there is still hatred between the BTC and BCH communities, but the BTC side narratives are always some dumbed-down catchphrases like :

"The market has decided",


"Have fun staying poor".

There is no argument when the facts are presented.


What matters most to the BTC side is "the number go up". All the discussion is about the price and how BTC will make anyone investing today rich. This is, of course, a red flag for any serious investor and lately, we see BTC struggling to find new inflows of cash, except perhaps the El Salvador taxpayers' money.

Even major popular figures can't even discuss Bitcoin Cash properly, concerned they will lose appeal to the BTC investors.

Bitcoin Cash finds some voluntarist initiatives like Satoshi Angels that send the message and help Bitcoin Cash increase adoption levels.

Bitcoin Cash has to be positioned as a cheap, fast, reliable, and decentralized cryptocurrency.

Although, millions have been following the "number go up" narrative and are not interested in this aspect.

The speculators are not there for the long term and have no interest in the technological aspect. There is no reason to try and convince speculators about the long-term potential and merits of a network.

Any false accusations made by a popular spokesperson have to be met with a precise response by the right people and leave no room for further argument. 300,000 members & 78,000 and are providing exemplary service to Bitcoin Cash, bringing new users into the ecosystem and contributing to the education of newcomers.

For a community to succeed it takes more than just code. The placement of the BCH network in the current market was poor, and there is a need to bridge this gap. succeeds in enhancing the userbase as thousands of new users are exploring Bitcoin Cash and SmartBCH. is part of what will be the Metaverse in the future. And Bitcoin Cash has passed a test that seriously, few understand.

There is no other platform offering such a test for microtransactions. I hope all major payment networks, virtual platforms, and websites take notice.

What produce today is what will be the future of the internet.

Bitcoin Cash Network Discussions (December 1st) - Satoshi Angels

A new Bitcoin Cash discussion will be live-streamed on December 1st, by Bitcoin Cash Network Discussions on YouTube (link).

The main topic of discussion will be marketing strategies around the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.

John Moriarty and Cheap Lightning will introduce the topic and guests and manage the discussion.


  • Akane Yokoo, Satoshi's Angels Co-founder

  • Cindy Wang, Satoshi's Angels Co-founder

  • Saqib Noor, One.Surgery Founder

  • John Nieri (emergent_reasons), General Protocols President

Read more

The Satoshi Angels and more BCH initiatives around the world have done a lot to spread Bitcoin Cash adoption and increase merchant adoption.

It is a discussion with top participants from the broader Bitcoin Cash community.

A conversation nobody should miss. Subscribe to BCH Network Discussions at YouTube and tune-up on December 1st to watch the live stream.

In Conclusion

The current state of Bitcoin Cash in the cryptocurrency marketcap valuation is lower than ever. It is a pitty to see random new networks that lack the qualities of Bitcoin Cash attracting the attention and inflows of new investors money.

Achieving higher price is not a mandatory purpose. Price will increase as adoption increases.

There is need for advertisement and popular support to achieve mass adoption.

While the BTC maximalists have ground at mainstream media to deliver blows to Bitcoin Cash, the Bitcoin Cash community has very few platforms that help expand the userbase and attract investors (Crypto-News Websites: Massive Manipulation, Propaganda & Censorship of Bitcoin Cash).

Bitcoin Cash is almost invisible in the crypto media. The crypto news websites are removing Bitcoin Cash from the headlines and try to ignore it, while at the same time eager to promote articles negative towards Bitcoin Cash.

We can build from there, but maybe some people with connections with Coindesk, Cointelegraph and other similar media can push and ask them to acknowledge there are developements in Bitcoin Cash as the network is performing admirably.

I wonder how Solana, Cardano, Luna, Polkadot, Avalance, etc., get all this attention and Bitcoin Cash or SmartBCH are nowhere to be found.

Marketing is multidimensional and doesn't only focus on certain features, but expands into finding new areas of opportunity.

SmartBCH is a marketing campaign on its own for Bitcoin Cash, since it runs on top of it, and has no native coin but is using Bitcoin Cash instead. With SmartBCH, Bitcoin Cash penetrated the market of smart contracts that processes DeFi and NFT application. A market that offers unlimited possibilities.

It is a development that brings thousands of new users in the ecosystem and perhaps will become a magnet to DeFi and NFT investors, since the infrastructure is ready and anyone can test it at no cost.

It should also be promoted, explained and announced to the world. Investors, don't know what SmartBCH is, yet.


Lead Image Source: Unsplash, by Kaleidico(modified)

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Written by   911
1 month ago
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In a matter of one week the volume of users has increased by one thousand. And both the noise cash and as well as wallet made the micro tipping or transaction of BCH to be fulfilled

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1 month ago

My classmates tell me about what really noise and is. They say you can earn bitcoin cash by just publishing an ariticle every single day. But in reality, I am most interested in reading the article of others that gave me more knowledge. Honestly I am more interested in bch as what other writers published is. I work because I want to save just to invest. So now, I am more interested really in bch as they say it's good investment to use. Hopefully, bch will be the headline of news very soon becuase in our world, business and investment is very advisable to focus as it gives and secures future of life.

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1 month ago

Actually if we can work harder on Bitcoin will tackle the fake humor shared by BCH, maximalist regards BCH

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1 month ago

Sad but true. BCH lacks aggressive promotion. Though and are gaining popularity, you can hardly read about these platforms in the news. BCH is almost nowhere in the headlines of any crypto-related news. Even some shitcoins are being aggressively promoted on Instagram. My lightbulb just lit up... I will share it when it's done.

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1 month ago

It is possible the maximalists are paying popular crypto websites to avoid discussing Bitcoin Cash in good terms.

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1 month ago

That is possible. Just like the rich political parties here in our country use the mainstream media to promote their propaganda, lies, and half-truths. (The latter is the most dangerous.) I hate to say this, but journalism today is no longer concerned about the truth. They are more like J.J. Jameson of the Daily Bugle.

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1 month ago

I agree with the fact that BCH lacks the proper advertisement which I believe Read cash and Noisecash are part of the awareness creation scheme but I must say that a lot of us have failed to promote BCH at our end.

As an individual, we have limited power to promote BCH due to bans and other challenges in different countries but that limited power can make a massive impact if combined. The two platforms (noise & read) have over 350,000 users and that should make a huge difference in promoting BCH. The BTC maximalist are piece of a joke to me because sooner or later, the crypto-verse will know they have been misled for a long time.

I would love to use this comment as a noise cash post....

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1 month ago taught me about BCH thing. I never know that this exist before. Anyway, someday somehow BCH will lead.

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1 month ago

I have read the full article mate , this unfortunately the bad reality .. we should work more on bitcoin cash marketing we beat the fake news shared by BCH maximalists regarding BCH

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1 month ago

Thanks for reading the whole thing. The problem with the BTC maximalist can be countered on levels, imo. For example, I can't write a response to a BTC dev (i.e. Maxwell) when he bashes Bitcoin Cash. It should be a dev from our side that counters the arguments made. I can't ever respond to claims by Adam Back, but Kim Dotcom did that perfectly well a few months ago. It needs to have reflexes and instant action by certain people. What I can do is educate beginners and explain how I was in their position, confused, and being misdirected into the get rich quick narratives. When two sides fight it is a grey zone, yet, the sentiment in favor of BTC is a mistaken one. Takes a long time of research but even a small comment can help.

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1 month ago

It surely help Mr Pantera , but do not worry BCH is on the right way now ...only 2 years and we overtake btc . these btc maximalist say what they want , but BCH enthuisast do what that I want at end .. keep doing the best work cheers !

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1 month ago

I can remember when it was discussed that we should trend #PumpBitcoincashpump on Twitter, so many people were against it. They said Bitcoincash isn't based on lies or fake marketing strategy. But sincerely, if we wish to move forward we have to device various means (not necessarily lies) to promote it. We need to be loud on various social medias, but it's so painful to see that even the top guns aren't pushing it as expected.

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1 month ago

I wouldn't promote a pump hashtag either, though. The pump message means it will dump later and only looks speculative.

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1 month ago and both providing a good handy community in awareness of BCH . The analysis at lack of marketing by bitcoin cash is remarkable and the stack holders must insure that to do a aggressive campaign in its favour as others doing. The hidden pockets under BTC vekt attacking continuously at BCH on every forum. Need focus to answer the propaganda !!

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1 month ago