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3 months ago

'So, quarantine.' He said conversationally.

'Don't. Even.' She told him firmly. 'Just, don't.'

He scoffed and sat on one of the two beds in the sparse room. Not a bed really, just a cot with a pillow and a thin blanket.

'I was just trying to make conversation. You know, make the best of it.'

She paced the room and silently cursed. This was Hell. She had died and done something so horrible that she had ended up here. That was the only explanation for being trapped with someone she utterly despised.

'You can make the best of it by shutting up okay? And stop staring at me.'

'Oh, I'm sorry it's a bit difficult when you're walking across the room right in my field of vision every two seconds. I'll just stare at the floor then shall I? Will that make her majesty happy?'

God she hated him. It was just her luck that they had both been in the room. She hadn't even wanted to be there. If she had just been a little faster, left a few seconds sooner, he would be alone in here but no. She had gone in to pick up a paper that she had forgotten to file and just seconds before she had opened the door, the covered petri dish had hit the floor and so began her prison sentence.

'This whole thing is your fault. If you weren't so clumsy we wouldn't even be here.'

'My fault? If you hadn't come galivanting into the room for a paper and disrupted me, I never would have dropped it so if anyone is at fault it's you.'

She wasn't sure of how long they were going to be stuck in here. Since what was in the petri dish was a relatively new discovery, they didn't even know yet exactly what it was capable of. So far the only thing she felt was annoyance. That was a good sign though wasn't it? If they weren't sick, they could get out sooner.

Part of her wished she could go back into the lab next door just to get away from him but that wasn't possible. Right after the dish broke, the lab had been sealed off and they had been directed into the room next door which was really more of a storage area than anything though it did have a small window in the door leading in.

Thankfully there were times when people worked in the lab late and were too tired to drive home, hence the cots. It wasn't comfortable but it was better than a cold floor and she was grateful there were two of them.

Following protocol, it was likely they would be here for at least 48 hours if symptoms didn't develop. If they did, it could be longer.

Her stomach rumbled and she glanced over to see if he'd noticed. He had.

'There's a few snacks and bottles of water there in the cupboard next to the washroom.'

She wandered over and opened the cupboard in question taking inventory of what was inside. As he'd said, there were bottles of water. There were also a few cans of pop, a pack of gum, a few bags of chips, a box of crackers and six granola bars. She grabbed a bag of chips and two bottles of water one of which she tossed to him.

He caught it and nodded his thanks before opening it and downing half in one drink.

'Why the stash?'

He shrugged. 'Never hurts to keep a few things around, does it?'

She had to admit, she was glad he thought ahead. Maybe she didn't give him enough credit. She still didn't like him, but she did have a little more respect for him now. They say you never really know someone until you live with them, not that she in any way wanted to do that. Ever.

She munched on her chips and let her mind wander. She should probably call her sister to check on her tabby cat Milly. But that could wait. She yawned and checked her watch. Ten thirty. No wonder she was tired she had been up since four am and she hadn't slept well the night before. She made herself as comfortable as possible on the free cot and settled in for a long night.

'You better not snore or I'll smother you with your pillow.' She told him sternly.

'Please do. Save me from having to spend anymore time in here with you.' He fired back settling onto his own cot and facing away from her.

She curled into a ball. The room was cold, the blanket didn't provide much coverage but she would manage. Eventually she would fall asleep out of sheer exhaustion.

She woke up hearing the other cot creak loudly but kept her eyes shut tightly as she heard him cross the room most likely on his way to the bathroom or so she assumed. He stopped near her bed and she forced herself to stay still. If he did anything to her, before she could finish the thought, she felt a blanket settle over her and he headed back towards his own cot and laid back down.

She drifted back to sleep wondering if she had been wrong about him this whole time.

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Written by   44
3 months ago
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There are cased where you just get off on the wrong foot but maybe that segment of their life helped them start anew

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