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No Voice/'Family' Drama

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3 months ago

It's been a quiet few days. Or well, I guess for my family it has been. I had a sore throat for a few days. Nothing serious but I do have laryngitis now. Ironically I lost my voice just after the sore throat went away.

I will admit not being able to talk makes it, for lack of a better word, interesting to try and help my daughter with her lessons but I'm doing what I can. I thought not being able to talk would bother me more but honestly, I've been quite happy the past few days.

I'm not sure if the lack of speech is actually the reason for that or not. It could also be that I am on the final week of my stepbet and as it stands have almost $10.00 more coming back to me than what I put in. Every bit helps. It might also be the fact i have decided to add a few more exercises to my routine.

I figured it was better to start small and work up to doing more than piling it all on at once and feeling discouraged. I've also been eating a bit better recently. Though there have been some cookies here and there. And okay, I did back slide on the weekend with chips as well.

I figure I have two options, I can feel angry and upset and discouraged until I give up altogether or, I can do the smart thing. I can admit I made a mistake, forgive myself for it and move on. I can try to do better going forward.

The old me would just feel horrible and give up but I'm trying to improve myself. For some reason, I'm just more motivated. I think it's likely because there's heart problems on both sides of my family. I'm getting older and I do need to start doing better.

I guess it just took awhile for things to set in. On my money saving, I'm back to square one sadly. I thought I was getting somewhere with my husband. He was doing well for about a month. Then he spent $80.00 on an X Box controller which, I admit I was a little upset but he works hard so I figure he deserves it. I let it go.

Then he mentioned a TV. A little backstory on that, months ago probably around November of last year, he broke my TV. It was an accident and he did promise he would replace it. I told him to worry about it another time since it's not a necessity and that was that.

A few days ago he decided it would be a good idea to take the rest of our savings (which was just starting out and not very much already) and buy me a new TV. I even told him before hand not to worry about it right now but he did. On one hand, I appreciate what he was doing. He kept his word and most women wouldn't complain about that. On the other hand, since it was a replacement for me, I feel like I should have had more of a say in him purchasing it now.

What's done is done, I suppose. On another note, my mother in law and sister in law (who are both toxic two faced liars) are up to their old tricks again. Talking about us behind our backs, playing innocent. My sister in law still thinks I'm stupid. She went into this whole thing about how she always stands up for us and never says anything bad. Which is funny because I have physical evidence of just how full of it she is.

One day, I will throw it right in her face. Until then, I'll keep quietly collecting proof. I already associate with them as little as humanly possible though I did make the mistake of giving them Christmas gifts.

Never again. All they did was go on about how it must have been things we got for free and how our daughters Christmas sweater 'didn't look new'. I guess we should have left the tags hanging off it for pictures. (Ha) I made the mistake of putting together a gift basket for my mother in law. Planning out what would go in it, picking and choosing things I knew she could use all for her to complain behind my back and call us cheap.

Not to sound ungrateful because a gift is a gift, but what she dropped off for us was a bin full of stuff all from the dollar store. Again, not complaining about it, I just think it's a bit hypocritical to call someone cheap when you're only buying from the dollar store for the same people you're complaining about.

Ironically, she also called her own son two faced though she won't say it to him. We aren't supposed to know but well, let's just say someone has a big mouth and I have the proof she did in fact say it.

All in all, I'm going to spend less time on toxic people and more focusing on doing better for myself and my family. (the people who matter in it anyway) Bright side, less people to buy for on holidays now.

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Written by   44
3 months ago
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A lot happened with you and I am glad I deleted the toxic out of my life years ago. I never regretted it. You better start a secret saving box your husband doesn't know about. Might be he works hard but if you save he cannot spend it for his fun and but "you" a tv of the savings you didn't ask for. Cheap or not, with us second hand, vintage (clothes included) are hot and sold for high prices. No waste and what counts is it is liked. Happy day 🍀

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3 months ago

Yup we all got them big mouths. . . . . Good read, free your mind like this

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3 months ago