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2 months ago


She hummed absently and jolted with surprise, quickly putting her book down. He gestured to it. 'It's interesting, I take it?'

'It passes the time.'

He reached for it and she quickly pulled it away, hiding the cover with a blush. His brow furrowed but he let the moment pass and gestured to the couch. 'May I?'

She moved over to allow him more room and he sat. Though she could feel the heat from his body, he was careful not to touch her; much to her dismay.

She watched him, waiting for any sign of what led him to sit here, next to her. She knew what she would like to be the reason but this was Evan so of course it wasn't that. She leaned towards him and he stood, putting yet more distance between them.

She shot to her feet and threw her hands up in frustration. 'Of course. Ever the gentleman, right?'

He watched her warily. 'I do try to be, yes.'

She let out a short, sarcastic laugh. 'Yeah? Well, you failed.'

He looked genuinely hurt and confused by her evaluation of his character. He wasn't sure what he had done to upset her. Had he not treated her properly? Shown her proper manners? It seemed every other day she was upset by him. He was never sure why and she had never explicitly told him.

'How so?'

She hugged herself and began turning in a slow circle, searching for the right words. Her shoulders slumped in defeat. 'Never mind.'

'If I've done something please, tell me.' He prodded gently.

He didn't want to upset her further but he also didn't know how to fix something if he didn't know what it was that needed to be fixed.

She rounded on him. 'That's just it. You haven't done anything.'

'I'm not sure I understand.'

Her frustration got the better of her. 'No? Let me explain then. The way you look at me sometimes, it's like-' She stopped and his eyes were drawn to her small frown as she struggled to finish her sentence. 'Like you want me.' The last part came out as barely more than a whisper and she wondered if he'd actually heard it. 'But then as soon as we get close, you turn away or run. So, I don't know, maybe I'm just crazy.'

He kept his face carefully impassive as he spoke. 'I'm only trying to be the gentleman that you deserve.'

'Maybe I don't want a gentleman!' Her outburst caught them both off guard. He picked up her book and she could feel herself turning red but couldn't seem to make her body obey her commands to stop him.

He looked at the cover of Lustful Nights which showcased a couple locked in a passionate embrace then placed it back on the table. He walked over to her and giving her no time to react, kissed her with abandon. When he finally pulled away they were both breathless and he searched her eyes questioningly.

'This is what you want, yes?'

'God yes.' She answered throwing her arms around his neck and pulling him in for another kiss.

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Written by   44
2 months ago
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One of your chatacters finally got the thing they longed for >w< omg yes! I have been waiting for one of your characters to get that

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2 months ago

Lol I had a different idea in mind as well but it broke the rule for no erotica so... this was the safer option.

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2 months ago

I've actually written and seen erotica here and so far, their accounts are still here. So is my account-

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2 months ago

I might give it a try then.

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2 months ago

Ohhh i hope to read that soon OwO

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1 month ago