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The Giant Ant and the Forgotten are Feasting on the soul of the defeated

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2 months ago

Another great season in the Splinterlands, and another reason of joy as the proposal page was integrated. I can use my SPS power to vote on new game changes and this makes me be a part of the system. The first one was "FOR" the price of Riftwatchers packs to be paid in $DEC, and looks like the majority wasn't on the same page.

I keep earning SPS, and I keep staking it for more rewards. The staking rewards for last season were good, with 1.414 VOUCHER and 17.43 SPS tokens. I gained 12.73 from battles and chests, adding 20 more SPS in the staking pool!

Earned 19 season chests at Silver III, getting SPS and few cards. Got some merits and potions but the best reward was in the daily chests I earned in the last day.

Got only 3 chests in the last day of the season, as the amount of focus points was too high to power-farm. However, I was happy with the Chaos Legion pack that popped out the first chest.

I was happier when I unwrapped the cards and got a rare and an epic that I didn't had in my deck. Looks like I have awaken the Forgotten One!

What an addition to my Fire Team! The towering beast had slumbered in the bowels of the deepest caverns of fire, a weapon forged for a war lost to memory or myth.

Then I got it in the pack, even if it was High magus of the Crypteia that invocated this beast. He sealed the pact with blood, completing the summoning and calling forth the great flaming homunculus, the Forgotten One.

It costs 9 mana but comes with a broad blade twice as tall as any man, immunity and great stats. This monster will burn, fight, retaliate and pierce through armors with his 4 melee damage.

Until I will have the chance to treat you with a battle dominated by the Forgotten One, I let you enjoy an over-grown Ant!

Sharp Blades and Healing Waters! The Melee Mayhem battle-rule and 29 mana cap made me focus on over-powered melee damage. The mindset was to select a high number of monsters from the 29 mana and boost their attack with Tarsa.

Summoner: Tarsa +1 Melee damage to all friendly monsters

Radiated Scorcher: Fake Tank with Shatter

Living Lava: Tank with Shield

Fineas Rage: Melee with Reach

Ant Miners: Melee with Scavenger

Tenyii Striker: Melee with Sneak

Kobold Bruiser: Melee Puncher

I used all the mana for a full melee formation and I was surprised to see that the opponent didn't took full advantage of the Melee Mayhem rule. Djinn Oshannus was used as tank, and the Venari Wavesmith bulked up the armor with Protect.

The first step of my battle plan was to delay the damage on the Living Lava, and hit from behind in the support units. The mission was successfully completed by the Radiated Scorcher, protecting the main tank into round two.

The stage two of the plan was to bulk up the Ant Miners health while the Living Lava will hold the damage. The other monsters took care of the Wavesmith and the extra armor boost was nullified.

Was time to push the game and nuke Djinn Oshannus, even if he is healed and gets his armor repaired. The hustle against the Djinn kept going during round three, even if I lost the Living Lava.

Fineas Rage delivered the killing blow, and the Ant Miners were already up to 8 health points. The battle moved into the final phase, as the enemy lost the armor repairs and the Pelacor Bandit.

The Ants were now at Hulk level, reaching a double digits health. Was game over in 7 rounds, with an outstanding muscle flex from my monsters with sharp blades. See the full battle here!

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Written by   1132
2 months ago
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