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KONRA Premier League - Round 36 and April Review

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1 month ago

Few rounds to go before we start sharing prizes, and a huge dilemma! Can Liverpool win the last 2 games and hope for a surprise in Manchester City game against Villa?

Very important announcement for all managers! Have you filled the Google form to be eligible for season rewards! Only 18 managers filled the form and this feels rather disappointing.


With 36 rounds gone,  Demola Abodunrin is our Manchester City. He only needs a standard performance to maintain the top spot, as he has 55 points ahead of Arthur Boys. Jose @merurial9  Mourinho is sure about winning the Bronze, as no one can challenge him for the 3rd place.

The Formidable Milano still 4th, FC McKane on 5th, and Pi Pointers @George_Dee  and Jarno Konsti securing top 10 places.

Tropical Finance  team joined late, but managed to make a positive impact in the #Club1BCH Premier League Fantasy Football. The project keeps improving the NFT space on @SmartBCH blockchain, with the easy to use NFT Marketplace and the yield tools on Layer 2 Margarita. Read the SmartBCH Spotlights : Tropical Finance and summer vibes for more info!

The KONRA Premier League Fantasy Football Tournament prize pool dropped a bit but the prizes stay as promised. Club1BCH will share Bitcoin Cash and @Empress  will share $KORNA tokens as the end of the season prizes. Fill the  Google form or be forgotten!

Even with the current $BCH value in the wallet, the prize table didn't change:

The Winner - $23 and 1 KONRA

2nd place - $18 and 0.75 KONRA

3rd place - $13 and 0.50 KONRA

4th place: $10 / 5th place: $9 / 6th place: $8 / 7th place: $7

8th place: $6 / 9th place: $5 / 10th place: $4 / 11th to 20th: $3

21st to 25th: 0.25 KONRA and $1 worth of BCH

Arthur Boys team ended April as the top manager and will receive 0.5 Konra from the @Empress . He managed to get 4 points more than Formidable Milano and earn the April's Medal

At the moment the prize pool dropped a lot after the market crash but we still have enough to honor the prizes.. If you want to boost the prizes feel free to donate:  bitcoincash:qqrs4rhyremhen7v69tgqas28963ed29z5mlwhyyxn

Only 18 managers filled the form and I will not chase it up. Some didn't added either the confirmation screenshot, BCH or SmartBCH address... which mean the entry is not valid. Any unclaimed prizes will be donated to charity, through The Giving Block!

Check the Club1BCH Q1 2022 review to keep updated with the news! We launched our Discord one month ago and it grew in a pleasant way. We have hosted many giveaways and we created special SmartBCH education channels!

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Written by   1034
1 month ago
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Liverpool has won the first one and it remain just wolve and they hope Aston Villa beat or play draw with Manchester City and it can happen because it's football.

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1 month ago

25 points off 4th. Top 5 seems possible. Fingers crossed😅😅

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1 month ago

Konra$ is my all favorite token in sBCH. This fantasy leagues is like cricket league where you make team and get points?. My favorite team is liver pool so I wish it best of luck.

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1 month ago

Yes, similar to that

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1 month ago