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Beanstalk Farms Poker Tournament - $PODS, $BEANS, POAPs & DeFi

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1 month ago

The dust has settled over the Beanstalk exploit and the good news is that the project survived the aftermaths of the hack. Bad news is that the $32,000 in $PODS may never grow into $BEANS ....  welcome to the crypto life! Some will say no pain - no gain, but this kind of events have nothing with do with the level of risk in an investment. 

This was my sweet basket, 32,983 PODS ... what would have become nearly $33,000 at maturity! Now is just a crypto asset that may stay there for dunno...centuries! 

I didn't even had them for long, as they were won at the Beanstalks Farm Poker Tournament.  Was one of the biggest events in the crypto space, with many DAOs sending their best strategist to win a share of 600,000 PODS.

We started training at CRE8R DAO, organizing a poker night every Friday! We created the #poker-night channel and set all on PokerStars. We also had POAPs for all the participants. Keep your eyes pealed on CRE8R DAO as the poker tournaments will restart soon!

To make it even interesting, CRE8R DAO organized a PokerStars Satellite competition the night before the Beanstalk tournament. Three participants got the DAOs sponsorship for the real event. I've done another POAP to mark the event!

Only 5 people turned up for the qualifier, and knowing everyone skills I was the 5th seed. Had to pull some magic tricks to catch to top 3 spots. When I got some able power, I played my usual random game. Can't read my Poker Face!

The crazy style was successful, and after few hours I was 1v1 with the mighty PoolSpeed1. With the Beanstalk Farm Tournament Tickets in my pocket, I started perpetual all-ins and finished 2nd. 

With the $ETH from CRE8R DAO I went to the buy-in page and spent 100 $BEANS for the entry. Now this will be $5 but at the time was 0.037 ETH. 

And later on I was sitting at the table for the game to start! Was 3AM in my local time, so I set a plate full of meats and treats to keep me awake. I had marshmallows for sugar-rush, fizzy drinks for caffeine and my friend Jack Daniels for celebration.

Got my first win after few minutes, lovely red flush with Ace at the end. With this hand I got above the floor and worked my way to the top.

This joke was never more appropriate: A couple of cows were smoking weed and playing poker....the steaks were high! The stakes where high as the prize pool was over half million dollars! More lucky hands and I was 4th out of 44 players.

My stash went down again, only to survive an all in and get my hands on a 18k pot. I was losing after the flow, until that 5 came on the turn to link the 4 to 8 straight!

Next hand and the guns were heavy! Many though I was bluffin' and flexing my muscles after the last win. They never expected another straight, 5 to 9, completed after the flop.

Two hours into the tournament and the CRE8R DAO flag was flying high, with me on the first place and Dunks on the second spot. CRE8R DAO was by far the best team in the tournament.

Poolspeed did well, John from Clipto DAO did well, and I did surprisingly well by catching the final table! I was on a survival mission against top players, and my target was to take home as many BEANS as possible.

I quickly checked the prize pool chart and I was playing for Daniel Negreanu kind of money. I already had 12,094 $BEANS for being 9th, but a potential $165,000 for the win was mind blowing!

My demise was poetic, starting all in with Q & 10 and losing against a 3&5! Was a fun night and I went above and beyond my expectations. The fifth place entitled me to 32,983 PODS, which I received few days after tournament!

I will not lose my faith in Beanstalk! The vibrant community and the team can recover after this unfortunate event!  The Beanstalk are so unique and innovative that the Cryptoverse needs it! Let's show our support and make Beanstalk great again!

That me quoting from myself, showing that the above idea from 19th of April turned into reality. Beanstalk is on the right path and will survive, while the price increase on $BEAN shows the community support. It went from a stablecoin to zero and in the last week raised like the Pheonix to $0.05! It's a long way ahead but WAGMI!

The Beanstalk Saga:

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Beanstalk Farms Poker Tournament - Fill your bag with $BEANS and $PODS

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Written by   1034
1 month ago
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Damn that 35. Short handed of course with 5bb's left you can't do much but hope. The guy correctly called the shove at the big blind too. Sad you weren't able to cash out. I'd consider it to keep playing for this platform again, though. Guaranteed means guaranteed.

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1 month ago

I must admit was a fun night! Doing virtual $32k in few hours was nice, loosing them after the exploit wasn't

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1 month ago