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Triple X: True or Faux

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2 months ago

[WP] One morning, you woke up with the ability to see true and false when written down. If it glows a golden color then it is true, but if it glows a dark color, then it is false. Out of curiosity, you go to the library and walk into the History section, and to your horror, all you see is darkness.


John Doe observed the proceedings of the bottle realised more than ever that this was the time to make a getaway if he was going to survive this ordeal. He had felt comfortable believing that he was not going to have to use his ability, and therefore would not be teaching point guard a lesson in this battle, but thosw dreams were dashed when three of the men were killed in quick succession. The battle had been turned on its head, and now it was two non-combat type agents versus a half-dead wounded lion.

The odds were not in their favour still, but he decided to wait a bit and see what stunt PointGuard wanted to pull.

"What's wrong, Division Chief PointGuard?" Mill asked barely able to control his laughter. He was still in pain, and he could barely keep his eyes open, which was one drawback of the irritating Crocodile Tears move he had just used. The results were satisfactory, so he didn't mind that at all. "you look like you've seen a ghost. Actually, the more I think about it, you actually might have considering like I said I am a dead man walking. But what does it feel like? Having the platform which you placed yourself on pulled out from under your legs within the blink of an eye?"

PointGuard without a knife from his jacket. A foot long and having its edges jagged, it was a knife used more for tearing and lacerating than stabbing, making it suitable for torture. He hadn't planned to use it, but the opportunity to finish Mill off himself had come and he was not going to let that pass him by.

The man he had brought were weak and unlucky enough to get killed by Mill, even though the latter was a skilled assassin. They had all the chances in the world and they missed it to their own detriment.But PointGuard? He had sworn to take advantage of this opportunity and properly skin the man who had been his enemy for many years even though they were colleagues both working for the Foundation. The men were dead, yes, but they did a good job of wearing the menace out and bringing the Foundation's best to a state in which PointGuard could kill him with a blindfold on.

"What does the last man there do?" Mill wondered, looking at John Doe. He couldn't drink everything of the man's body language and then to the enigma that the man posed in this scene. For the fact that he was behind everyone, then his ability had to be something special. The big issue was, offense, defense, or escape? Mill was absolutely not ready for another combat type - not especially since the men he had just faced seemed to have some devastating abilities.

It was only possible for him to pursue that man if the man's abilities were mainly defensive or for just a contingency plan meant for PointGuard's escape. If the man had an assault ability, then he would welcome death having fought well and to the best of his ability.

Then PointGuard moved, and he got ready to block. His former Chief closed in within a short time, his moves a bit rusty but well coordinated. Even if he had given up field work years ago, it was obvious his body still had the moves, and Mill stayed on his toes.

That didn't last long as the PointGuard aimed for when his wounds made him wince and stop, slashing his thigh deeply. The blade seemed to bite and rip through his flesh, and he screamed as he kiched the Chief away from him.

PointGuard saw that he had lost his weapon, so it was time to escape. Whether or not Mill would live was uncertain, but given the injuries he had and the blood he was losing, he doubted the ghost would survive.

"John-" he turned back, and the man was nowhere to be found. "John Doe!"

His escape plan had absconded in the heat of battle.

"John Doe? So that was his ability, turning invisible?" Mill said.

Before he could turn, the thrown knife hit his chest from behind, opening a hole in the back of his chest.

As Division Chief PointGuard struggled for breath, air and blood filled his lungs, forcing his lungs to collapse.

"Betrayed by your own garrison. A fitting end for a man like you," Mill said dragging himself to his feet and PointGuard's legs stopped shaking. Against all odds you are beating all four men and won. 'John Doe' had used his ability to escape, and hopefully, would not be coming back to get him.

"And what's a fitting end for you?" He heard a voice say.

Turning around swiftly, his gaze met a lady with a sneer on her face and -

The anomaly that had been with Flames when Meek was killed. Jermaine, or whatever his name was.

"And what brings you here?" Mill asked, already getting angry. There was no way the girl wasn't a combat type , and of course her ability was going to be something he couldn't handle in his current state.

Except he allowed himself to go beyond his limits, at his own risk.

"Waste disposal," she said, blowing a bubble out of her gum and smirking.



True or Faux will be going on a hiatus after the next chapter I upload. I will continue it in a few weeks' time when I've gotten more ideas for the direction of the story, but in the meantime I'll be posting other things. Just a heads-up!

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Written by   224
2 months ago
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