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7 ways to do office work quickly

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  • Often we can't finish our office work on time by focusing on many things at once. Every human being has a specific type of work, a different timing. So it is natural that one's work will end one at a time. But not all of us get that discount in our careers. Many want everything right now, right now. Many times I think- “How quickly the rest of the colleagues are finishing their work! Do they have the magic to finish a two-hour job in twenty minutes? Am I worse off than they are? ” In fact, it is not like that at all. If you make some changes in the way you work, you will also be able to finish office work instantly. Here are 6 ways you can increase your productivity! Let's not know the ways!

  • 7 ways to do office work quickly

1) List according to the priority of the work

One of the greatest qualities of a good employee is being able to set priorities. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Many times important work can be complex and time consuming. Then you have to understand that you have to do it first to give enough time to the work or you have to finish the small tasks first. If you can't manage the extra time for an important task, finish it first and catch the rest. As soon as you enter the office every day, you have to sort the to-do list according to priority.

2) Understand your work habits

Each person works individually. Some people can do a good job if they listen to music with headphones, while others lose focus when they listen to music. You notice how it works to get your attention. Get rid of clutter you don't need. Arrange your desk in such a way that it is convenient for your attention.

3) Divide the big tasks into smaller parts.

When a big task comes to our work, which seems complicated to us, we stay behind that task knowingly or unknowingly. I run away from work all day long. But we should not be afraid of the work, we should divide the big work into small parts. Suppose you need to make a work calendar for the whole year. You break it down into many smaller parts and focus on them, all at once when you think of the whole calendar. Think ahead about what you will do for the first week. Once you get into a small part of the work, the rest will come into you automatically. Getting started is the biggest step.

4) Set the brakes .

The quality of work deteriorates when we work continuously, and we get tired quickly. That's why we need short breaks every now and then. For example, if you don't work for two hours straight, you will tell yourself that I will work for twenty minutes straight, then I will take a break for 5 minutes. Then 20 minutes again, break again. In this way, as long as you do the work, you will be able to pay full attention to the work.

5) Learn some shortcuts

Many times our brain can't think of a thought as quickly as our hand can write it down. So increase your typing speed. Learn some common computer shortcuts. This will save you a lot of time. Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day keyboard shortcut options on how to save time without having to repeat tasks.

6) Work with other people

 Many times when we work alone we become careless. I keep dreaming during the day, or get lost in social media. But if you work with other colleagues, seeing them work will also get you in the mood for work. Even if you are embarrassed in front of others, you will not be able to pay attention. That’s why try to sit next to your productive colleagues and work.

7) Give yourself time before starting work.

We have to go into a mood to start any work. As long as we are not in the mood for work, we are easily distracted. So before starting work, you should calm down and give yourself some time. Just detach yourself from everything for a few minutes. Then think about it in your mind. This will increase your attention in many parts. However, without the pressure of office work, create yourself in a new way. I hope your office work will be fast and efficient at the same time

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Written by   86
1 year ago
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