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Life is an endless learning experience. Some of these lessons come from the occurrence, yet there are others that we understand gazing others or reading in books for example. No issue how much we understand from the books there is a considerable distinction between reasonable and hypothetical experience. Similarly, there are many life lessons that we simply cannot learn until we encounter certain circumstances in our life.

Some of mine are Spoken of Below:

1. Walk your path

Don’t heed other people’s aspirations, don’t ever let somebody else’s purposes and dreams affect your vision of life. It’s your way and you choose where it takes you and how long it carries you to glimpse it through.

2. Live and let live

We frequently try to help people when we notice they’re making an error. Don’t force your impressions onto others, let those who want your support and suggestion seek you out. Occasionally it’s best to stay away and let them reach you or you might seem nosy to others.

3. Control your aggression

In our life, there are many junctures where people are jealous of us they will try to put us down even they will trick us just try to wise don't be foolish don't help them be showing aggression they wanted to destroy you and your aggression should be under your control so don't let them win just biggest word for them is ignorance just move on like in your swag don't lose temper.

4.No Reaction 

Before you say something or act in a certain way, think about the outcomes. A person may be unprepared to listen to some truth or won’t respond well to our gesture, regardless of however smart our intentions square measure.   Treat each word with caution. Just it's better to don't react and it's the best reaction to teach anyone their Mistakes.

5.Money Will Never Solve Your Real Problems

A commodity that buys you essentials some nice “wants,” but it is not the panacea to your troubles. Many people are living on very little, yet have wonderfully full and comfortable lives… and there are sadly many people who are inhabiting quite a lot, yet have dismal lives. Money can buy a nice bungalow, a great car, fantastic shoes, even a bit of safety and some creature enjoyments, but it cannot fix a broken relation, or cure loneliness, and the “happiness” it brings is only temporary and not the kind that really and truly circumstances.

6.There’s No Shame in Not Knowing

There’s no disgrace in saying “I don’t know.” Bluffing to be perfect doesn’t make you perfect. It just brings about neuroticism to keep up the arrogance of artificial perfection.

We have this impression that there is some kind of humiliation or shame in confessing our restrictions or uncertainly, but we can’t probably know everything.

7.Perspective Is a Beautiful Thing

Typically, when we’re worried or angry, it’s because we’ve lost our standpoint. Everything that's happening in our lives looks thus huge, so crucial, thus do or die, however within the vast image, this single hiccup usually implies next to nothing.

The debate we’re having, the job we didn’t get, the real or fictitious slight, the unexpected need to change course, the thing we expected but didn’t get.

8.Be Passionate

Yes for me passion leads us to success if you are passionate about your dreams you will achieve everything and just never let your passion die ... Passion is something that leads you to a happy successful life.

9. Learn to say SORRY

It is totally fine to make mistake just don't stick to that some times a single sorry can revive many beautiful things so don't hesitate to apologize for your mistake. I have learned that saying sorry would make you worry-free so be happy try to be calm and try to settle things.


Yes, this is the one who will spoil up your whole life just be determined never think I will do it tomorrow everything should be done on time so be loyal to your work and always do things on time.

The first aspect you need to do before telling tales about lessons discovered in life is to understand that you have one to share. You must prevent thinking that your life lessons are not worth telling or that no one likes to read them.  Enjoy life!

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shame on you because you have copied my article from uptrennd ...

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