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Home quarantine in the strain of mental health and personal relationships

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★If you're afraid to stand up at this point, worry - that's normal; And you are not alone. A study by the Washington Post-ABC News found that "by the end of March, 6% of American women and 61% of men reported experiencing stress before the coronavirus infected more than 1 million people worldwide."69% of Americans were worried about infecting themselves or their family members, and most thought that the economic impact would be far worse, possibly even greater than the 2008 Great Depression.

★Psychologists are watching how the epidemic is raising fears among patients and the general public. A recent study by the American Psychiatric Association found that one-third of Americans think the coronavirus crisis is severely affecting their mental health and that calls and messages on the mental health hotline have increased dramatically.

★Anxiety is spreading among most people and various physical issues are seen as its symptoms. Such as increased heart rate, sweating, gas or acidity problems, muscle tension, dry throat, etc. But the problem is - people don't understand that this anxiety is exacerbating their other problems. Amelia Aldao, a clinical psychologist and founder of Together CBT in New York, said:

"People don't realize that anxiety can have a detrimental effect on their ability to concentrate on work, memory, sleep, and personal relationships."

**Let's take a look at the four main problems that are affecting our domestic life and what steps you can take to address them.

Increased annoyance and anger:

We are getting frustrated and angry very quickly now. I am becoming 'short tempered' in the conventional language. There is a beautiful saying in Bengali language. "Putting five dishes together will make a noise." This means that when we have a lot of people stuck in the same house or in two houses, no matter how much we are from the same family, there can be some monogamy and that is normal. But studies show that this mild monomalignment can greatly increase our recent anxiety! This can lead to even domestic violence.

During this time tensions and anger may develop in personal relationships; Image Source: Therappo

★Unfortunately, at a time when we need to rely on the people around us the most, that's when many of us are making that relationship worse. We are abusing our family members, parents, wives, siblings and even small children. If we are not aware of this now, it will only get worse.

★The first step in ensuring that your worries do not harm your personal relationship is to identify the worries before we become angry and acknowledge that "yes, I am worried." Once you understand yourself, you can temporarily keep yourself away from others and calm yourself down if needed at that time. Or you can share these feelings with the people around you, they can help you too.

★You can do some small yoga to calm yourself down. Try to breathe slowly and deeply, sitting in the lotus position, keeping your chest steady and your stomach up and down. Breathe as fast as you can, take twice as long to release. Or imagine a safe, beautiful place that you visited recently. Emphasize your five senses, imagine that you are now there. You can also do a cardio exercise. For example, you can go up and down the stairs again and again. This way you will expend extra energy and as a result both anxiety and anger will be reduced.

★If you share your anxious thoughts and feelings with others, don't think that people think you are weak. And if you think about it, remember, a weak person is much better than a person who is unnecessarily angry. Jonathan Abramovit, professor of clinical psychology at the University of North Carolina, said:

"And people who listen to everyone, try to understand everyone's state of mind, at some point they also get helpless. They should also try to express their feelings and worries. They should also listen to their minds. Often some people, especially men want "I will fix everything alone, but to be honest, it doesn't need to be special."

★In such a global epidemic, we don't really have to do much on the initiative of individuals. All we can do is stand by each other. We can hear each other's words, hold hands and feel each other. That's all, that's enough to testify that people were together even in a catastrophe


Most of us realize that anxiety leads us to insomnia and other sleep problems. When people think too much about something, they start having a lot of sleep problems. For example, being late to sleep, having irrelevant thoughts in your mind during sleep, suddenly waking up in the middle of the night after remembering something old, and then having a hard time falling asleep again, etc. This loop is so bad that the less we sleep for this anxiety, the more our anxiety can become.

★A 32-year-old man named Lahorne said:

"When I wake up at two or three in the morning, I start worrying about Kovid-19, then the fear works, then I start thinking about it again. It's very frustrating. "

**The good news is that if we can get our sleep right, this anxiety will go away with it.

Sleep disturbances are also not uncommon; Image Source: Medical News Today

★Seattle neurologist and sleep medicine specialist Brandon Peters advises,

"Set a specific time each day for sleep, tea-coffee or other Eating less caffeinated foods, exercising for at least 30 minutes every day, and even a little bit of sunlight every day if possible can help you sleep better. "

★Other studies have shown that if we keep our bedroom cool, dark and quiet, we can sleep better. Also, before going to bed, it is better not to use any type of digital screen, such as mobile, laptop or desktop. And before going to bed, even if you think of something positive in your mind, sleep is good. And since we know that the coronavirus has already taken the form of an epidemic, it is best not to show too much scary news, especially before going to bed.

★You should not use any device at least one hour before going to bed. During this time you can do light exercise, read story books, listen to music in a soft voice, play chess, ludu or something like that with the people of the house. An hour before bedtime, light sugary foods, such as biscuits or cakes, can also help you fall asleep.

Lack of focus on work:

The main reason why man has come to this stage from primitive man to today is that man can always pay close attention to the dangers that come to him. Coronavirus is certainly a threat to our health, livelihood and normal life. We are always reading, watching, listening to this news and thinking about ways to protect ourselves from it.

★The problem is, in the meantime, we may have to do office work at home, many students have online classes, their teachers have to take the class, and some have to have office meetings via video conference. Or even if you don't have any of these, you have to do at least some daily work at home. We have a limitation in the way our brains work. Professor Abramovit says,

"Now all our attention is being drawn to this coronavirus. So if we try to do anything else right now, we need to pay more attention to it."

★The first thing we need to do is make a list of the tasks we need to do. We need to list which tasks are most important to us and which are relatively minor. Make a list of the tasks that need to be done the next day, the evening before, and rank them according to importance and urgency. It is very important to find out what is important and what is important. Focus on emergency work first. Then work from the bottom of the list eliminating issues that aren't worth the fight. Excludes relatively less important tasks from the list

Having trouble paying attention to work? Image Source: Business Town

★Take a break from work every 10 minutes for 45 minutes. Take a walk at this time, wash your hands with soap, talk to the people in the house; Be not only 'social' on social media but also 'social' in your own home. Be kind to yourself, acknowledge that it is perfectly normal to compromise a little for our work during this stressful time. And reduce the time you spend watching news, even watching news on social media.

★Limit watching news to two to three predetermined times of the day, and never more than 15 minutes. "What's in the news when you're doing something else?" If you keep thinking, then have a small fight with yourself. Follow this urge for at least 15 minutes. Take at least 15 more minutes to do what you were doing and then go see the news. This way you will notice that as soon as you start going to see this news, your desire to see it will gradually decrease. This process is called 'Surfing the Arge'.


Many of us are seeing this problem now. No one remembers what we talked about or what we taught at all in an online class. This is also happening to many - it is becoming very wrong to do very normal housework such as cooking.

★The cells in our brain that work with this memory are called functional memories. A 2016 review found that our anxiety adversely affects such cells. Alexandra Parpura, a geologist, says that the things that keep your brain cool will also relax your thoughts and help you with your memory. The things that help keep the brain cool are doing yoga, any creative work; Such as drawing, singing, writing, cooking, and if there are any plants or pets in the house, giving them time, etc.

★So, if you have crossword puzzles, sudoku, arts Whether you're a fan of end crafts, video games or playing guitar, if you love new cooking experiments, if bonsai is your place of skill or if you're looking for a new direction in a story book, give them a little more time now, brainstorm too. Find a rest and maybe we'll get a new artist too.

Give family time, stay cheerful; Image Source: New York Family

★ In addition to exacerbating these four problems, our worries and anxieties can physically hurt each other, increase drug use, or increase frustration. If these psychological problems start to affect your life significantly, or if you think you may be harming yourself or others, please consult a psychiatrist.

Stay at home, next to family members. Stay, stay healthy.

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Written by   294
3 days ago
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