Remember that time and flow do not stop for anyone .

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2 years ago

The man who was crazy about you a few days ago may not want to be with you now, he's annoyed to be with you, but you want to stop him, say goodbye without stopping him here. Better than ...

If he hadn't talked for 1 hour, he would have gone mad. Why didn't you talk? He had to be excused for so long, but today he is annoyed to talk to you and he gets angry at your message. It is not your job to waste time sitting down for him. Remember that for some people, time does not stop. It will be hard for some days, but it will be fixed for a while. You have to understand that it is your job to keep you well.

The man for whom you are mad today, yes, at one time he was also mad for you, but not Akon. You have to understand the difference between this one time and now. Once upon a time you used to like a food very much but today you don't like it. Just like that, people's minds change. Learn to be good .....

The man who taught you to wake up at night is the man who stays up all night talking to you but today he doesn't like to wake up at night with you maybe with someone else. There is no use for him to wake up at night with tears in his eyes, he would see and not come, he would not want to know, he would not ask to sleep, so you have to learn to accept everything.

You have to learn to be okay, you have to learn to accept it, you have to believe that one day everything will be all right.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Those who do these things are good, you also accept that you can be good .....


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