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The Ones We Lost To Time.

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1 year ago

I used to have a friend, we were really close. He was a friend, an older brother and a confidant but unfortunately, he got mixed with these new friends and that changed his life drastically. It took an extremely bad turn for him. This is why your association says a lot about how your life would turn out.

Within the short moment he got into this group, he became a chain smoker and a drunk. Gradually, the person I used to know faded and he started to exist as if his past never happened. The only thing left of us is memories and photographs. A lot of relationships have been reduced to just memories because of the person they used to know no longer exists.

Your association will either make or mar you. Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are, that is a very strong saying and a valid one too. Peer pressure is real and we need to love who we are and build a strong mentality too. Life will hit us from every angle but we need to remember who we are.

A man will remain the same in 5 years except for 2 things - the books he reads and the friends he keeps. When you walk with giants, you won't only go far but you will see far. When you surround yourself with like minds and those who have dreams bigger than their pockets, you soon see yourself thinking bigger and wanting to do better.

The Ones We Lost To Time


I picked up my pen, ready to pour

out my thoughts to my only remaining friend; the paper

and tell her the memories of my once dear friend.

My dear friend,

today seems to be like Deja Vu

the only thing missing is you

or maybe it is US.

How I miss our never-ending chit chats,

our playful banter

our seldom but memorable adventures.

I hope to see us coming together again.

My heart longs for what we used to have,

I hope a little bit of your heart wants us too.

My heart years for what we used to be

Life took its turn on you but not on what we used to share

I hold the memories of you close to my heart

And a desire to have you take a good turn

As I kneel daily with hope and prayer for you.

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Written by   640
1 year ago
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