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Don't date someone because others asked you to. There is a difference between knowing people as a friend and knowing them while dating them. You have to make effort to know them yourself. I linked a friend of mine with another friend of mine and the guy asked me how the lady is. I honestly told him she was a wonderful person and I put a clause there 'Don't accept her because I asked you to, learn to know how and what if your values align. Don't feel obliged to accept her because of me and it doesn't change anything between you and me if it didn't work out but at least, try'. I told the lady the same thing too and I am glad that so far so good, they are already a year together now, talking about settling together. They had ups and downs as many relationships but they are holding firm.

Take your time and choose the right person for you. There is no need to rush it. This is not a competition where you need to keep up and you shouldn't yield to pressure manufactured by society either. The truth is, there is no person with that tag - “ the right person” because as humans, we are all a work in progress. You make an imperfect person perfect for you by the amount of time you want to be vested in that person. We all have our weaknesses so you need to go with someone whose weakness is easy to bear for you and someone whose excesses you can accommodate.

You are not to date someone because you have to and it doesn't even matter if you have been with them for years. There are a lot of things to consider and that includes how that person treats you. You can tell a lot about how a person is just by how he treats those who can offer him nothing. How does he treat you? How does she treat you? Is that how you would want to be treated for the rest of your life? There is no need for you to yield to pressure.

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I know a lot of guys who dated some ladies just to fuel their ego. Be ready first. A relationship is a different ball game that requires much more than you think. You need to be ready in every capacity; socially, physically, financially, morally, mentally and in every other aspect of life that comes to you. It is hard to give your best when you picked your partner because of the need to just have someone. Who else loves to pick cereal based on colour rather than on taste? Maybe I am odd but I don't want to pick my cereal based on the colour - dating just because I want to see how it feels.

Take your time because those urging you to accept someone when you don't feel it yet won't be the one with you in that relationship. Everything is subject to time, so if you take your time, you will be able to know just a bit more about that person. Your values and what you are looking for would play a huge part in how you make your choices anyway.

Take your time because your life - time, energy and resources are on the line too. Have a little bit of decency where you don’t have to break another person's heart just because you “thought he or she was the one”. I know there are some exceptional cases where you have no choice but to split but then, don't go playing with people's heart because of feel like it.

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As much as you are attracted to the looks, you have to pay a closer look at the heart. I have always believed that the highest compliment you can give to any lady is that she is very kind not that she is beautiful. The quality of the heart matters in a relationship. Go for a good heart rather than a beautiful face or an amazing body. Let them be an addition not the major focus of your relationship. You need to have a clear heart rather than fairer skin.

You should marry your friend. When I mean friend, I mean someone you can be yourself around, someone you can always play with and be at ease with. It's a relationship it doesn't have to be a hard life. The bond and closeness with the goofiness you have with each other would always be there to get you through dark moments.

Being friends with each other helps easy bonding and it makes it easier for you to relate well when issues arise. It helps you to be open with each other without holding back and it shuts out external bodies. It requires a lot of understanding and commitment. With true friendship, there is no class barrier.

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