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Answering Prof's Interesting Questions- Journal 2

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Understanding the Self-

Journal 2

On October 26, we had our second online meeting and class in the course ‘Understanding the Self’. Just like in the first class, I learned from the instructor’s lesson and from my classmates' answers during recitation.  Overall, the class and lesson were interesting and fun, given the fact that my classmates are more participative in this subject.

In the beginning, the instructor gave her feedbacks and insights about our passed journals and written works. Then, she proceeded asking some questions. I haven’t answered any of these questions because of my situation— lining up in the vaccination site. I don’t want strangers nearby to hear my answers and I can’t think of answers at all for most of the questions. Given my reasons, I will just answer those questions here, one by one.

“If not now, then when?” — It sounds cliché to the ears but we can’t deny that time is gold. It’s not only valuable, we can’t also take it back. The question has no context so I created my own. If not now, then as soon as possible, especially when talking about actions and change. Time is crucial and every second matters so we have no time to wait.

“If I will instill  an advice to a baby, what it is?” — My answer was the same as my classmate’s. If I remember it right, he answered that the child should enjoy in his/ her younger years. I would like to add that he/ she must not pressure his/ herself with academics and things seen in social media.

“When did I go out of my comfort zone?” — It will be a long story. The most recent and remarkable one for me was when I passed the Philippine Military Academy Entrance Exam. The plane ticket was 50%-100%  cheaper with the destination Cebu City-Manila than Bacolod- Manila, that’s why I went to Cebu. Being alone is my comfort zone but not the moments I need to shed my introverted shell. There were countless times that I need to ask strangers for directions and what vehicle should I ride on. Also, a stranger let me ride on his truck from a Tabuelan, Cebu to Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu because we have the same destination. For introverts, my situation is a hell because I was stuck in a five hour trip with a man who talked a lot. Since he was informative and kind, I always paid attention and replied more often. Then, when I reached NAIA after the flight from Cebu, I was still outside my comfort zone. With two strangers, PMAEE passers from Visayas too, I went to the AFP Health Service Command in Quezon City. There were so friendly and I was introverted yet we all became friends. Long story short, I went out my comfort zone last January, leaving my introverted side behind

“What did I give up on?”— Since I was a kid, I really wanted to be an astronaut. This was my ultimate dream that I already given up on As I get older, I realized that being astronaut is almost impossible in our country for numerous reasons like we have no space agency and required US citizenship in NASA. I believed in the lines from Taylor Swift’s song 'its time to go’: “Sometimes giving up is a strong things…. Sometimes walking out is the one thing that will find you the right thing.” Giving up especially on a dream takes courage so I don’t consider it as a weakness. For me, it’s hard as fighting. And knowing when to give up needs wisdom. I already given up on and walked out my dream. Gladly, I found the ‘right thing’. I’m happy with my decision taking Railway Engineering (for now) and I can imagine myself in this industry.

“If this were the last day of my life, will I have the same plans for today?” — Of course, my plans would be different. Just like what I’ve said earlier, time is valuable and we can’t take it back. With that being said, I would use my time for something more meaningful, worth remembering and I would enjoy— far from my everyday life.  I will blast my favorite songs from my favorite artists. I will eat my favorite food and drinks for the last time. If I had the money, I will donate it and give my belongings to the people in need. Also, I’ll give my personal stuff like books to my loved ones and friends. And the most important, I will spend my time with my family and friends and I will tell them what I want to say.

“Is there anything I’ve done lately that’s worth remembering?” — I interpreted this question as what I’ve done lately that other people will remember. I don’t really know if I helped or influenced other people. I guess one of the I’ve done lately that’s worth remembering is when I lend my extra pair of shoes to my new friend that I met that I already mentioned earlier for our 3.2 km run as part of our physical fitness test. I think he’ll remember it including me when thinking about his PMA journey.

“Lights on or off in a room full of snakes?” — I will also answer lights on, just like my classmate did. With the lights on, I can determine their location or determine whether they are venomous or not. If I can see them, I can try to avoid them. In situations like this, you’ll realize how important vision is to avoid and save yourself from obstacles.

“Can we unlearn things?” — The class’s answers was divided in two in this question. I noticed that most answers are no. I believed that we can unlearn things. As far as I know, there are cases of amnesia that memories are not only affected but also the skills. Some forgot how to write or use a certain device. They can learn about these again. And before learning about something, we should don’t know how or we lack knowledge. That’s why I believe that we can unlearn things.

“Is there something you are holding on that you need to let go?” — This is a very interesting question but I can’t give an interesting answers. I don’t have something I’m holding on that I need to let go. I will always let go if I know that the thing I’m holding on is hurting me, causing me bad, or not worth holding on at all.

After those questions, it was the time  for lesson. During that time, I was in the third phase in the vaccination site. I was waiting for my name to be called to get jabbed. I was just listening with one earphone on and my phone was off so I can’t see the PPT. I was not focused on the class so I can’t easily recall information from the topic. But I remember that self is private, separate, independent, Self- contained, consistent, and unitary. And also, I remember about the story of the man with different roles.

As long as I can participate in the recitation, I would. Just like when Ma’am asked “how your family influenced your self?”. I answered that my parents are not my role models. I learned from their actions and mistakes and indirectly influenced me to act what I think is right and be better. Unlike them, I won’t have vices, I’ll finish my studies, and I’ll make strive to have a complete family in the future.

The instructor asked an interesting question, “how would you characterized yourself?” (I already answered this in my previous article.) My classmates' answers are deep. I love the analogies and comparison. Also, I had fun listening to my classmates' answer describing themselves like a condom and napkin.

Over all, I learned from the class while getting entertained by new knowledge, humor and interactions.

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