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You are me in love

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2 years ago

Everyone read carefully? The purpose of bringing me here

What? (Boy, arms and legs in a chair

Interrupted with)

_____ to see you .... (girl,

A knife in hand! Rotate it!)

If you see _____! Leave now?

._____ Not so easy Chandu Mia!

_____ Why?

_____ After that day, everything changes

Why did you run away?

_____ My wish!

_____ Then I'll keep it here as long as I can

Stay tuned!

_____ But why?

_____ My wish!

_____ Please let me go?

_____ Please give me a little love?

_____ not possible!

_____ Why?

_____ Please, parents worry at home


_____ Don't worry about such a big boy!

_____ without my parents

No one! If you can't send money,

They must not eat!

_____ has been told at home, you

You went out for office work! And money


_____.............. (Turning his face to the other side, spit


_____ What do you hate so much? Of what

Pride? What do I lack? (Tough

By sticking the knife to the throat, due to which

Light cuts and blood was coming out!)

_____.................. (can't say anything!

Just a little shake)

______ Today all your arrogance, hatred

I'll break it! (He dropped the knife

With, the boy tightened from behind

Holding the hair of the head, kiss the place of the blood in the throat

After eating, he came to the front with his face

Love began to give it!)

The girl moves as much as possible

Trying to run. At one point

The chair fell clean, along with the girl!

_____ Ronnie, keep him tied up like this!

I will not eat or drink. Even a drop of water

No. Until I come home

As if to fall like this! ........... (to say,

The girl goes on to say)


There was talk between Raj and Rifa.

If we want to know the reason behind this, let us know

I have to go back about a year and a half ago!



Then Raj Honors final year student. Then

Raj had a good friendship with Rifa.

Raj himself says poor, so do the rich

Couldn't see!

He himself is a smart, beautiful, talented student.

Not so mixed with girls, friendship


On top of that, he could be seen and understood

The rich man's daughter? With him

By no means !!


Meanwhile, Rifa with her girlfriends

Bet, she will befriend Raj.

And he is disguised to win the bet

Contains! Somehow lets Raj understand

No, she is the daughter of a rich man!

Rifa is beautiful and intelligent enough to look.

Rifa wins the bet, but on her own

Nearly lost! Raj likes it

Goes to her. Even in love, but to say

Can't Thus 9 months passed.

It was going well. Suddenly one day Raj sees

> Rifa is a well-known restaurant in the city

Coming out of. Millions from behind the king

Continues to do. At one point Rifa is one

Expensive private 'car' sat up! Raj

There is no taxi back. Absolutely

The referee comes up to the house. At the gate

As can be learned from the doorman,

Riffer is this home and big two

The only head of the industry !!

After that Raj can no longer be found!


> He has already passed the honors one

Is working. 1 month from the village,

Who brought the parents.

Today, on the way back from the office

Coming, a black car in the middle

Two or three boys picked him up



10 pm>

Rifa: Don't eat .......

Raj: I'm hungry ....

Rifa: I must be hungry! For what

Tell me not to eat?

Raj: So ........

Rifa: I'm telling you to eat ........

Raj: No ...

Yet Rifa insisted on food in Raj's mouth

Gives up! Raj takes food out of his mouth

Spit on the food!

Rifa: What do you hate so much? What am i

Did I hurt you?

Raj: What have I done to you?

Rifa: I love you ........

Raj: I'm not stale .....

Rifa: I have to live well!

Raj: If not, what will you do?

Rifa: I will kill!

Raj: Why not?

Rifa: That's why I love!

Rifa spat and began to eat the food!

Raj: No matter how much you cheat, it won't work ....

Rifa: He can be seen!

After eating, Ronnie was ordered to do something

If you want to eat, eat it! Like at night

There is no problem! Etc etc .......


Thus 4-5 days passed. Refao

Nashorbanda! Raj also does not agree.

Rifa used to come 2-3 times a day. Come on

Ever used to caress love! Never fear

Show! Never or would have requested love



Today is the 7th day Rifa doesn't come anymore.

Rifa suddenly one evening at the end of that day

Come on ...


Rifa: Go, I let you go!

But, know someone other than you

Love is not possible for me (to untie the rope

To open! There have been obstacles for so long, just in case

Would open But no chance of escape

Don't keep it!)

Raj: .............. (walking slowly)

Rifa: Wait ...

Raj: ........... (turns around)

Rifa: Before you go, just say,

Have you never loved me

Raj: What will you do knowing that? You

A liar, a cheater, with friends

Bet, you befriended me!

Rifa: ............. (silently head down

Sat down)


After coming home .....

Mom, Dad, what have you been up to?

Went? Why are you so dry?

What a chance to find us once

Didn't pass? Your father is ...........

Raj: What happened to father?

M: 7-8 days ago your father's heart

The disease increases! Money in this unfamiliar city-

No money, no acquaintances, tell me what to do?

Raj: Where is father?

M: Suddenly your office colleague is not?

A girl came, to your father

Admitted to the hospital! With money he said,

You asked for it. Then night and day

He responded by taking care of her. I

I said, mother, leave your work ...

He said, I don't have a mother, you are mine

Like mom! When I get a job, I get a job.

But what do you lose? Get it

Will you go?

Raj: Then?

M: Then what? I'm no longer a hindrance

I didn't! Your father is from tomorrow

Want to see the girl? But where

Tell me?


As Raj came to hear the words?

That's how he left again. To walk

The referee left for home!

And keep thinking, the girl does not have a mother!

Really! Loves him again, just

OK, everyone, including his family! Although

This situation is for him. Still, really

Loves. No arrogance to say rich


It's 11 o'clock at night.

Suddenly a private car came to Raj

Stand in front ......

______ Get up .... (opens the door)

Raj got up.

The car went to the referee's house as usual

Arrives. Entering the house .....

Rifa: Sit down, how long have you been doing well?

Do not eat or drink!

Raj sat down without saying a word!

At that time the father of the referee came and appeared.

Ri ...Father: Is this the boy? (Rajer

Looking towards)

Rifa: Hmm, like?

Ri .... Baba: I heard everything in your mouth!

Well, we can talk later. Let me eat

I went to sleep

Rifa: Eat ......

Raj: Dad, see you once


Rifa: I have already met! And

I told you it would be too late ....


Raj was eating very peacefully. Suddenly

Rifa: I hate this food one day

Did you?

Raj: ........... (Excluding food, Referee

Looks at the face, smiling foolishly!

Rifa: Don't eat, don't think like that

I said .....


Finally finished eating.


Rifa: Come on, let's get there ....

Raj: ............. (walks slowly)

Rifa: Don't you still love me?

(Smiling face)


Raj suddenly turned around, the referee lightened

Lips with pink lipstick

Surprise attack! One side that day

There were obstacles! But, today there is no obstacle,

It is difficult to say how long it was like this !! ...

Suddenly Rifa forcibly exits.

Rifa: Take it, you don't have to pretend anymore, let's go ....

Raj: I do not want to go?

Rifa: No, it won't work, before marriage

Come on!

Raj: What are you left with? Just admit it

Tell me? I said, confess, confess, confess .....

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Written by   45
2 years ago
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