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Yet you."

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2 years ago

I pray for everyone all the time!!!

You're not, I know you'll never come back,

Maybe you will not get in the middle of a lot of trouble

Santana, your smile will not be hidden.

My troubles to nurture very secretly,

Yet I know, I love you

I will go, because even if you don't, your love

I will be with you every moment, every moment

Finding someone in life

Not a big deal. Whoever you are

Got him the end of life

The big thing is to get closer ...

The whole day goes by like that ...

I forget you even after hundreds of hardships

In yourself! But you know ?? ... whenever

At the end of the day, put your head on the pillow and your eyes

Close the two, I don't know just then

Where are you in those few moments

How come! I don't really understand

I can't do another moment without you

I think I ran away in an instant

You have ...

As much as tears in the eyes, fear of heartache

You give it to me today

I will take it as my own

I was as long as I was

I will look for you, I will see the end of it

Where as much as I am

Can be seen far from the border '' '

Maybe I thought you would be mine, so

I loved you That is the biggest thing in my life

Was wrong But, if you don't like it, I'm in love

Couldn't feel the pain tie. Yet your life is cursed

I won't, because I love you today, all my happiness

You took it away, but you couldn't take the love hidden in my mind.

That's the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

I might look black,

Still, it's good to be with you.

You may be very rich,

Which I can't be any day.

Even so, if you like me,

From the base to you

I will give the light of happiness

Time flies

What a pain to laugh at ...

Life goes on

In the pain of grief ...

Dreams come quietly,

Floating in the imagination ...

I sit quietly,

Just waiting for you!

When someone cries,

That is - emotion.

When someone cries,

That is - deception.

And when someone else cries for himself


That is - love.

You say no

The moon does not smile when night comes.

You say no

The broom does not bloom.

You say no

The birds do not call at dawn.

You say no

Nothing feels good alone

False love

Like clay dolls,

Broke with a slight blow.

But pure love

Hall is like water, which

Hundreds of injuries

Even then it matches again.

I love you

Life is alone

Will fall in love

I'm never yours

Love from

I don't want to ..Because of me

If you are afraid

Think of me as selfish

Maybe expressing love in that way

I can't,

But I can say so littleঃ

Someone like me

Can't love you so much,

Don't miss so much.

In the middle of a relationship

Sweet war, there is faith, there are dreams, there are tears, there is pride,

There are sweet smiles, there is care, there is naughtiness, there are petty quarrels,

There is patience, there is communication, there is a lot to understand even if there is no

Feelings, jealousy, and all that is needed is love.

If you really love someone in life,

Then don't let him go

The tears may be wiped away, but the heart

There is no way to wipe away the tears.

Sometimes the man of the mind is very close to you

Wishing to get closer. I told him to open my mind on purpose

Every feeling hidden in the depths of the mind, of love

Sweet sweet delirium that arranged the words to tell him

I put a lot of care inside the chest. Those feelings

I wrote with my dream just for him

I know no one thinks of me as,

So I keep myself hidden..because I am

I don't want to be the cause of anyone's trouble..I love to suffer

Not to hurt

Don't think about what you can't find,

He will just go through, sorrow, pain and suffering

Because love is selfish and good or bad

Because no one knows the full definition of love ...... thank you all very much .

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Written by   45
2 years ago
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Friend, thank you so much

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2 years ago

Lovely post buddy

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2 years ago