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Kalijira's English name Fennel flower, Nutmeg flower, Roman Coriander, Blackseed or Black caraway | Other Bengali names are Kalijira, Kalojira, Kalo Keora, Roman Dhane, Nijela, Kalanji. Whatever the name, the health benefits of this black seed are immensely timeless. Kalijira is native to South and Southeast Asia. Some say it originated in the Mediterranean. In the pharmaceutical industry, confectionery industry and kitchens, Kalijira has no equal in making everyday condiments. It is used to make a variety of foods as well as beverages delicious and fragrant. The use of Kalijira in spice crops in our country is comparatively less. There is widespread use as a spice worldwide. One of the ingredients of five forks. Kalijira has many uses in Ayurvedic, Unani, Kabiraji and folk medicine. Also used in cosmetics. The part of Kalijira that is used is dried seeds and oil obtained from seeds. Muslims believe in Kalijira as an infallible cure. According to the hadith, Kalijis cure all diseases except death. This is why Kalijira is called as a medicine for all diseases. Regular and moderate use of Kalijira refreshes every organ of the body and improves overall health. The benefits of the amazing seed Kalijira are multifaceted.

Botany of Kalijira

Kalijira is a medium national soft seasonal tree, which dies after flowering and fruiting. The leaves are slender and slender, with a hint of ash-gray in the green. It grows straight on both sides of the leaf. The leaves are divided into small blades. There are two types of flowers, male and female, bluish white or even yellowish yellow. The petals are five, the fruit is round, with a fringe at the edges. The number of stamens is many. The cervix is ​​quite long. The seeds are black triangular in shape. The seeds are perpendicular to the fruit in the form of ovule grooves. The seeds contain oil. The length of the tree varies from 30 to 60 cm depending on the species. Each tree has 5 to 6 primary branches and 20 to 25 fruits. Each fruit contains 75 to 80 seeds with an average weight of 0.20 to 0.27 grams. Each tree of Bari Kalijira-1 has 5 to 6 grams of seeds. The weight of seed per 100 g is 3.0 to 3.25 g. It takes 130 to 145 days for the seeds to mature. Indigenous Kalijis take a little less time to mature. It blooms in the month of Bengali Kartik-Agrahayan and bears fruit in winter and ripens at the end of winter.

Nutritional value of Kalijira

Kalijira has about a hundred nutrients and beneficial ingredients. Eating Kalijira plays an important role in protecting health by boosting our body's resistance to disease. Kalijira flower honey is considered worldwide as the best honey, Kalojira oil is very beneficial for our body. Kalijira capsules are also available in the market at present. It contains anti-cancer carotene and strong hormones, various anti-inflammatory ingredients in urine, digestive enzymes and antacids and antacids. Its main ingredients are non-vegetarian 21 per cent, sugars 36 per cent, fats or herbal oils and fats 35 per cent. There are also vitamins and minerals. Kalijira nutrients per gram are - 206 micrograms of protein; 15 micrograms of vitamin B1; Niacin 57 micrograms; 1.75 micrograms of calcium; 105 micrograms of iron; Phosphorus 5.27 mg; 16 micrograms of copper; 60 micrograms of zinc; Folasin610 IU.Other ingredients in calendula include nigellon, thymoquinone and permanent oil.In addition, calendula oil contains linoleic acid, oleic acid, phosphate, iron, phosphorus, carbohydrates, calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium, vitamin-A, vitamin-B, vitamin-B2, niacin and various vitamins. Thousands of ingredientsBeneficial.Medicinal properties of Kalijira

Kalijira is used in Ayurvedic, Unani, Kabiraji and folk medicine to cure various diseases. Although widely used as a spice, according to Unani, Kalijira is an infallible medicine for various diseases and problems of women. In addition to reducing labor pains, there are proven beneficial provisions of eating postpartum kalizira bata bharta to increase milk supply in the maternity breast. Kalijira is eaten to increase urination. Works as a useful friend in curing fever, cold, cough, phlegm, anorexia, diarrhea, body aches, sore throat and toothache, rheumatic pain, abdominal pain, headache, dizziness, migraine. Flatulence, skin rash, bronchitis, allergies, eczema, asthma, shortness of breath or asthma; Diarrhea, diarrhea, gastric ulcer, jaundice, scabies, eczema, hemorrhoids, grandparents Kalijira works as an infallible medicine. Nervous tension; Inflammation of the groin; Mole; Increase memory; Kalijira works great to reduce excess body fat, cure stroke, obesity. Kalijira is especially beneficial in relieving skin pain. Kalijira plays a helpful role in preventing cancer. Kalijira strengthens the immune system, lowers blood sugar levels in diabetic patients and regulates diabetes by adjusting insulin. Various heart problems, hypertension, lowers high blood pressure and lowers high blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart disease and maintains normal blood flow. It also helps to increase memory by increasing blood circulation to the brain.

Specialty of Kalijira

Benefits of Kalijira Oil: It enhances the body's immunity, enhances memory, reduces the risk of heart problems, is good for skin health, reduces arthritis and muscle pain. Kalijira is very important for the body. Eliminates all stomach diseases, germs and gas. Kalijis work to eliminate worms. With proper use of Kalijira, extra energy is absorbed in daily life. The use of its oil eliminates insomnia throughout the night and sleeps peacefully. Kalijira helps in the growth of body cells and bananas starting from killing harmful bacteria. Reduces breathing problems. Kalijira can reduce the severity of the painful symptoms of problems caused by climate change. Rheumatic fever works to reduce back pain. Knee / arthritis pain, memory growth and development; Helps to enhance memory by increasing blood circulation to the brain. General improvement of the body; Works as a tonic to enhance the elegance and beauty of the face.

Cure various skin diseases; To increase the physical and mental development of the child; To maintain good health; Eliminating digestive problems; Liver protection; General improvement of the body; To increase appetite, viruses, bacteria, fungi, liver toxins, resistant. Kalijira plays a helpful role in preventing tumors and cancer. Kalijira is also an infallible medicine for protecting face and beauty, weakness, inactivity and laziness, loss of appetite, brain power and memory. Works to dry out all the germs and cuts in the stomach. In addition, the body does not easily get wounds, boils, infectious diseases or contagious diseases. To remove kidney stones and protect the bladder. It is a long-standing tradition in the Middle East to eat Kalijira to retain youth. Kalijira can increase the working power several times.

Calendula oil contains appetite suppressants. Kalijira has no alternative but to get rid of the accumulated gas in the body by destroying the intestinal germs. For those who want to be fat, Kalijira is a good diet. Again, those who want to be slim also work by playing Kalijira according to the rules. Swelling of hands and feet is a big problem with age. Kalijira solves this problem. Talent develops in the case of Kalijira children. Many herbalists also consider it as an antiseptic. Works to dry out cuts and bruises on the body. Black cumin contains germicidal agents in the body. This ingredient does not easily cause wounds, boils, infectious diseases or contagious diseases in the body.

Strategies for using Kalijira

Kalijira is widely used as a spice. It is an element of five forks. Kalijira can be eaten directly as oil, chewed raw, fried in moderation. It is better to make it a habit to eat Kalijira with rice bread or mudri at the beginning instead of eating directly. Whenever a hot drink or tea is drunk, it is better to eat Kalijira with it in one way or another. Kalijira is quite beneficial when eating hot food or rice. Kalijira is a great home remedy. If there is pain in the teeth, the pain is reduced by rinsing with Kalijira in lukewarm water; Germs on the tongue, palate, and gums will die and bring relief. Food germs on the tongue, gums or gums die easily. As a result, there is no bad smell in the mouth. Accelerates hair growth, strengthens hair follicles and reduces hair loss. The youthfulness of the skin retains the intensity of the environment, protects the skin from stress and beautifies the skin and retains the youthfulness of the skin. Kalijira is cooked with curry, mashed, eaten with chutney. Sweets, cakes, puddings, firni, biscuits, ice can be served with these. Kalijira is mixed in various commercial food products. Playing Kalijira removes the scars of the operation, acts as a brain tonic. The immunity of calendula is surprisingly incomparable, and it is contained in calendula juice / oil. As a result, the use and consumption of Kalijira oil gradually increases the body's resistance to disease and keeps it disease free. When sesame oil is mixed with kalijira bata or black cumin oil and boiled, the boils are relieved. Make a paste of honey and calendula and apply it on the skin and leave it for half an hour or an hour and wash it off. Regular application will get rid of acne. Everyone's kitchen has Kalijira which preserves the food fragrantly.

Scientific research and interpretation

Like all other herbs, research on Kalijis has not been less. In 1970, Egyptian researchers confirmed that Kalijira nigellan relieved asthma. Black cumin has anti-bacterial and anti-mycotic effects, German researchers say. It stimulates bone marrow and immune cells and increases the production of interferon. U.S. researchers first commented on the anti-tumor effects of calendula. Kalijira can remove cancer-causing free radicals in the body. In the treatment of Parkinson's disease, Kalijira contains thymoquinin which protects neurons from the effects of toxins produced in the body of people with Parkinson's and dementia. Kalijira helps in the growth of cells and bananas in the body starting from killing the harmful germs. According to a report published in the Medical Science Monitor Journal, playing Kalijira regularly reduces the risk of epilepsy and heart attacks in children. Kalijira contains ingredients to stop convulsions. Cures type 2 diabetes. Studies have shown that eating 2 grams of Kalijira daily reduces blood sugar levels, removes insulin barriers and increases the activity of beta cells in the pancreas. Kalijira is a powerful anti-microbial agent. It can easily destroy germs in the body. Due to this anti-microbial ingredient, wounds and boils heal in less time. On the one hand, prostate problems, along with kidney problems, more or less older people suffer from swelling of the legs. Kalijis can easily prevent this problem. Everyone has Kalijira in their kitchen which makes the food fragrant. Scientists have discovered that all the properties of black cumin are hidden in its oil. One study found that kalizira can reduce bad cholesterol and keep blood pressure at normal levels.

Kalijira's warning

Kalijis are eaten regularly and in moderation. Excessive play or use is counterproductive. Black cumin oil should not be taken during pregnancy. There is a possibility of miscarriage if extra Kalijis are played during pregnancy. All you have to do is take Kalijira in moderation. Many Kalijis cannot digest. But it is better to practice slowly. Those who cannot easily digest Kalijis should not eat, those who can should eat moderately regularly. Kalijira oil should not be taken during pregnancy and in children under two years of age. Never use fake or artificial calendula oil. Kalijira or Kalijira oil should be eaten directly or processed after knowing and understanding. Old Kalijira oil is extremely harmful to health.

Kalijira's production strategy

The dry and cold climate is very favorable for Kalijira cultivation. Cloudy skies create favorable weather conditions. When it rains during flowering, the yield of Kalijira decreases. The soil has to be cleared with 3 to 4 tillage and horizontal ladders to clear the weeds, level the land and sow the seeds. If a small amount of one bigha or less is cultivated, it is better to make a bed 5 cm or 2 inches high.

Sowing: Seeds can be sown in October-November. However, the first-second week of November is the best time to sow the seeds. It can be planted from the end of Agrahayan. If there is a possibility of rain, it is better to plant it first. It is better to sow the seeds in rows at a distance of 15x10 cm for successful production of Kalijis. Make a hole of 1-4 inches and bury 2-3 seeds in each hole. Care should be taken so that the seeds do not go too deep. There is no need to purify the seeds separately before sowing. However, before sowing, it is better to wash well and remove dust and chita seeds. Wet seeds should not be sown. 1 bigha of land requires 1 kg to 1.5 kg of seeds. 4 to 6 kg seed per hectare is required. However, 3.5 kg to 4.5 kg seeds are sufficient if planted in the line.

Fertilizer application: There is no need to apply fertilizer later except during land preparation. The amount of fertilizer per hectare of organic and inorganic fertilizers is 5 to 10 metric tons of decomposed dung, 125 kg of urea, 95 to 100 kg of TSP, 75 kg of MOP. Organic manure, half urea, whole TSP and MOP should be mixed well with the soil during land preparation and final cultivation. The remaining urea should be added to the soil 40 days after sowing. Some people use khail for better yield.

Care: After sowing the seeds should be lightly covered with soil. Birds cannot eat seeds, be careful. In addition, if necessary, weed cleaning, tree thinning works should be done regularly and moderately.

Irrigation and drainage: Irrigation is usually not required. However, after planting new seedlings, if the sun is high, sprinkling water can be given. It is better to sprinkle water in the evening. If there is no sap in the land, light irrigation should be given after sowing the seeds. However, if flood irrigation is given, the seeds may accumulate in one place. Irrigation should be done 2-3 times in the whole life depending on the type of soil and rainfall. If water accumulates in the land for any reason, it should be drained quickly.

Pest Management: Kalijis do not easily attack any insects. Rather it has the ability to destroy normal insects. Such diseases are not so. In case of occasional fungal infestation, Ridomyl Gold or Dithene M45 should be mixed at the rate of 2 gm per liter of water and sprayed 2-3 times in 10 consecutive days.

Lifespan: Germination - Seedling growth - 12-18 days; Tree growth - 30-40 days; Flowers will come in 35-42 days; The fruit will come in 42-55 days; Fruits will ripen: 60 to 75 days. A total of 135 to 145 days after sowing the seeds, the tree turns yellow and dies. The crop will ripen and be harvested in 15-20 weeks, i.e. if it is cultivated first in Poush, the crop can be harvested in Falgun-Chaitra.

Crop collection and yield: If cultivated in 1 bigha of land, an average of 90 to 110 kg of Kalijira can be obtained. Yields range from 300 kg to 330-340 kg per acre. Bari Kalijira-1 yields up to 1 metric ton per hectare with proper care. If the tree dies in Falgun-Chaitra, the fruit can be collected from the tree, dried in the sun for 2 days, and the seeds can be collected by carefully hitting with the hand, threshing or using a stick. Fruits should be collected when there is little sap in the tree, otherwise the seeds may fall on the ground. The seeds should be dried in the sun, cooled, cleaned with kula and stored in jute bags or earthenware. In this way the seeds can be stored well for at least one year. To preserve quality seeds, the pot should be kept in a dry, cool, dark place.

Kalijira is an incredibly important and precious blessing of nature. It has been shown to be beneficial for both the inner and outer parts of the body when used in moderation. There is no other natural ingredient that is as effective as black cumin in preventing diseases in the body. Whatever the name of Kalijira, the health benefits of this black seed are immense. Kalijis are incomparable against all kinds of diseases. Kalijira is said to be the antidote to all diseases. Kalijira, which has so many versatile benefits at such a low price, is incomparable against all kinds of diseases and has thousands of benefits for the body. Kalijis can be cultivated on a small piece of land for commercial or family needs to meet their annual needs. Therefore, for good health and vigorous health, one should make it a habit to cultivate and eat black cumin regularly and in moderation as a low cost medicine, diet, herbal ingredient and nutritional ingredient. Then they will benefit themselves, the nation will benefit. Agricultural reserves will be enriched.

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