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To my constant

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2 months ago

To my constant,

I was glad you approached me first. I don't think we would know each other if you didn't because I am not the kind of person who approaches others just to make friends. I am grateful that you talked to me. It would've been too difficult if you were not good with words. Your humour got me first. I can't forget the first time my heart raced when I saw your smile. Your eyes twinkled like the stars in the sky, they were beautiful, I can't take my eyes off of you. I love the way how you put a smile on my face even just by the simplest joke you make.

You were more than that.

You always protect me like I'm a precious thing that melted my heart when someone wanted to crush my being but you stood behind me and scare away those people who were doing me bad. You have the warmest hug and I feel so secure in your embrace. I love to have your arms wrapped around me. You're giving me the comfort no one else could ever give aside from my father's.

With you, I'm the happiest. I don't think I could ever express myself genuinely like this to other people. You do not judge and make fun of me. I can be me as you bring the best out of me. I am falling so deeply that I am afraid that you might stop showing me all these traits one day and will leave me heartbroken. I don't want the feeling of being left again and being blamed for why I was left. But you're assuring me that I will never be heartbroken if I let you enter my life. And so, I took the risk and I am glad that I did because I never thought that I could be this happy. You brought sunshine to me.

I love how you call me beautiful when I keep on looking down on myself. With all my insecurities, you taught me to embrace it all and love myself because you told me you loved every part of me. You have no idea how many butterflies that brought to my system, a whole zoo of it.

You love my cracked voice every time I sing for you. You love listening to me even though my voice is not that audible to listen to. So I believed you do really love every inch of me.

I love you not because you love me. I love you because of all the things you do for me and what you make me feel. I am thankful for your existence. I never thought love could make me crazy and happy at the same time. I did not know what I did to deserve you. Every day I am missing you. The distance between us cannot stop me from loving you.

If God permits, I want you for my whole life. I want to keep you until I get old to see how your hair turns grey and how we will be together after all the years. I can't wait to see you in the first daylight. I can imagine myself fighting with you because you came home late drunk at work and you pleading sorry. You're the only one I'd like to have my fair share of arguments in everything. Not with anyone else.

I love you my constant. I love you in every universe ❤

Lead image from Unsplash.

How's everyone! I'm back! Hoping to get back straight ❤ Thank you for reading 🥰

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Written by   29
2 months ago
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thank God you are back my friend.

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2 months ago

I'm trying to get back 😊

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2 months ago