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It is situated in Tetuli.

Perhaps you have been yearning to see the famed Kanchenjunga for long. But because of the international travel involved, and the various red tapes, it has not materialised yet.  Did you know that you can easily see the sunbeams dancing off of the massive mountain's snow sheath from a peaceful corner of your own country? That is exactly what Kakon and her friends did. “Never in my dreams did I imagine we could see the amazing mountain from within our own country! We just went to Tetulia based on supposed hearsay. But we tasted success on the very first day. We woke up to the magnificent mountain shining in the distance, in clear view. We could not believe our eyes at first.” Darjeeling, known as “himaloyer konna”, or the daughter of the Himalayas,  is right next to Tetulia, just across the border.  

Hundreds of people from the world over visit Darjeeling from October through May every year to see the beauty that is Kanchenjunga. And yet many of us are not aware that its mesmerising beauty can be experienced from the northern most upazila of Bangladesh, Tetulia, during any clear day of Hemanta or Sheet seasons, that is from mid October to mid November. The weather is only slightly cold then, with only a few clouds wafting about in the blue sky, and there is not much fog either. You just need nature to favour you on the day to catch a glimpse of a proud member of the Himalayas. Of course, you need nature's favourable gaze in Darjeeling itself too. A European tourist I know went to the top of Tiger Hill for 10 days straight and yet left without a glimpse of the mountain, all for the lack of Mother Nature's favour.  

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