Teachers', Students' and Guardians' Relationship

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3 years ago

There is no denying the fact that the relationship among the teachers, students and guardians is not so good at all. There lies a gulf of differences of respective expectation. Students should come to the educational institutions to acquire knowledge. They should come to learn and go forth to serve the nation. But actually what is being happened? The scenario has been changed. Now-a-days students are sent to school to get a good certificate. They are not told to acquire moral education. They are not getting the education of morality or virtue from the family, or from the society or even from the institutions. The students who do not show reverence the parents or superiors can not show honour to the teachers. Really moral education or the influence of religion on moulding character is not being given to the students from their family. Most of the parents are quite indifferent to this. On the other hand, the son or daughter of a conscious parents can not be so insolent. He/she must be submissive to the teachers or to the superiors.

The teachers want one thing but they get different thing from the students. The teachers want to impart the students ethical teaching so that they can be the future perfeet men of character. On the other hand, the guardians want to get a good result from their sons or daughters. Strangely enough, many guardians are in the know of the son's or daughter's using facebook or keeping evil company, but they are blind to the son's or daughter's such type of behaviour.

Needless to say, those days have gone. Now-a-days teachers are deprived of their due respect and dignity from the students, from the guardians, or from the society. Teachers are the burning candle. A teacher wants to enlighten the students with his thoughts, ideas, feeling, notions, visions, and experience through his classroom teaching. But if any student does not study or disturb the class, the teacher has no scope to chastise or punish the student. Because any type of chastisement or punishment has been forbidden. Even the teacher can not call any student as noughty boy . It is seen, if any student is ordered to stand up for not learning lesson or for not doing his home work or for doing any wickedness, the student reminds the teacher "punishment is forbidden, sir."

So question may be arisen , how can an assistant teacher teach in the classroom after his mind? I think, the actual teaching in the classroom is not performed by the teacher as he has been helpless. For the sake of service, the teacher is compelled to stop the mouth and for this, the general students are fallen victim to the losses.

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