Valentines Day

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3 days ago if I'd care.

Seriously. Every shop tries to capitalize on it, wants to sell you shit you don't need with the excuse of gifting lovers. I don't need a special day for that, thank you. In fact, I don't even need a gift for that.

Love is something you show in your day-to-day behaviour towards a person. Sure, there ARE gifts involved. If I see something cute for my partner, I'll get it - at that time I see it.

But I talk myself into frenzy here...

So - no excuses this week.

Monday I called the car service once I got home. Took a bit to get me to do it, but I did.

"Sure, bring it Tuesday evening, will be done Wednesday.", they said. Great!

Checked back with a colleague to give me a ride the next day, while the car is gone and that's it. Well, mostly. They did all service, but to get the next two years driving allowance for it, theres some repairs to do they have no mechanic for.

That should be doable next week, until then I need the car.

Yesterday I got a call from a headhunter, 30 minutes talk and creating a profile outline for jobs I may fit. Let's see what comes off of that.

At work I got a bigger issue done and can keep going with adding functionality to an interface.

So, there are bright moments, things get done, but this week in general was busy and I still feel just down.

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3 days ago
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