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Top 10 sites for online shopping and buying online that offer free shipping 

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Do you like to buy and shop online, but the problem is in the expensive shipping rates, do not worry because we have a solution in this article

Online shopping is no longer just a fad, but rather a way of life, and there has become a great demand for this type of online shopping because anyone, anywhere can order what they want with the click of a button, and the doorbell will ring and find what he requested at his doorstep to keep pace with development and benefit From this shift, retailers have moved to the world of e-commerce, but buying some products online may cost you a lot of money that you will pay because of the shipping process, especially international shipping, which is not cheap at all, but fortunately there are a few sites that provide international shipping service. For free, here are the 10 best online shopping sites with the ability to ship from anywhere in the world to your country for free.

Buy technical tools

Do you want to buy a new speaker or maybe upgrade your laptop, here are some online stores that specialize in this matter.


DealExtreme Dell is one of the first online retailers in China, and today it serves more than a million foreign customers on a regular basis, and Dell Extreme focuses on technology strongly with the availability of some other categories and the important thing in the site is that it provides free shipping service to all countries of the world on any order made from Through it.


The American company Newegg is a big name in the world of online shopping, as the site offers many high-end and wonderful products at a lower price than you will find anywhere, and Newegg offers free shipping and delivery service to more than 50 countries, including Canada, Mexico and most of Europe.


YesAsia can be described as one of the best online stores for video games, because it provides many games, consoles and accessories, through which it can buy PlayStation 3 and 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Wii and other gaming platforms that players love and there is some content on YesAsia. For computer games, and most items on the site are available for free international shipping.

Buy fashion products

Here are some online stores for a huge selection of fashion products.

Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins is a UK-based retailer specializing in ladies 'clothing but also has a wide range of kids, girls and boys' clothing and if you spend more than £ 75 you will be able to ship your products to your doorstep for free.


Shop Bob Shopbop a shop available on the web and the famous company Amazon offers site Shopbop products luxury targeting all people from different business and site policies if you spent more than $ 100, your site to ship your order to any place of your choice in the world without paying any money and free of charge.


For every woman and girl looking for beauty and body care products, this is Strawberrynet, which provides a variety of perfumes, makeup, skin and hair care creams, and you can buy products worth $ 30 and Strawberrynet will send you your products for free to your doorstep.

Book Depository

Site Book Depository One of the largest retailers on the Internet and can be described as famous books sites very in the world, which provides more than 17 million books of various fields and suitable for all ages, and you can buy what you want from the world , whether books or even local you will find on this site With ease, Book Depository provides free shipping if you are in Europe, North and South America, some countries in Asia and many Arab countries, such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman and Algeria.

Buy tools and products for the home

If you want to renovate your home, add some changes to it, remove old decorations, and bring other furniture and decor, then check out these sites.

Animi Causa

It can be said that Animi Causa is one of the wonderful sites on the Internet that specializes in home tools and products such as furniture, lighting, kitchen appliances, various furnishings, etc. What distinguishes the site is that international shipping to anywhere in the world is free, but the delivery process may take six weeks until your home bell rings.

Popular online retailers

If you are looking for a specific product and you do not find it on any website, then you will definitely find it in one of the e-commerce giants and they are on Express or eBay.


The site on the Express AliExpress a most popular shopping site online does not include the location of any affiliated products but allows for vendors display their products for users and if you think about shopping , we recommend that you experience on the Express because it is actually quite safe as it provides the charging process free in many of the products on it .


Site eBay eBay is a contender for the site Ali Express, one of the giants of the retail online , which has existed for nearly 20 years, and there are thousands of elements and products available for free shipping to any country in the world, and you can shop from it without worry because it provides a safe environment and works to protect your personal data As with the Express.

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Written by   49
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Topics: Blog, Money
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You described a lot online markets and you didn't mentioned platform Wish. I have experience with that platform, I was curious and order some gold stuffs such neckless and it was fake, color of the gold on common metal is melted by sweat and, because it wasn't so expensive it seems they have that politics. Today is hard to take care about human preferences during shopping, marketing tactics of experts are like tricks and they blind us. We need to focus on our real need and not to be highjacked by photos and bombastic commercials to buy something you don't really need.

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