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Open Window

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3 weeks ago

I had just got a job in another city, far away from my home. So I had to shift there. Before that I had never lived alone for long times. Yet I was pretty big then to take my own responsibilities but I was too nervous. But, yes, also I was very excited about the new place, my new job, the house, the neighborhood, and my very new life.

      When I first went there to settle, I easily found a good home with a low rent. It was a two storied house of a woman, where she, Milly and her son, Jake lived downstairs and I was given the upstairs. The stairs were outside the house, so we didn't bothered each other that much. We were busy in our own lives.

      Milly was about a mid thirties woman and his son Jake was probably sixteen or seventeen. Her husband lived away and came home for a few days every month. They were nice people. As I said, we were both busy in our own lives, but as I lived alone and was very newly settled, sometimes Milly used to send some snacks to me by Jake. Jake wasn't that studious kind of chap, he was more like sporty. He every evening used to play in the nearby playground with other boys in the society.

      So, life was kinda simple and nice there. Every thing was going smooth. Then one day I saw something quite strange. That evening, I came home from office as usual and lied down on my bed. I was feeling tired and lying there made me feel very sleepy. Slowly I slept. Now suddenly, I woke up hearing something. I got up and rubbed my face. The noise was very low, it was like a child's cry, but a bit strange one. I looked around through the window. In front of my window is the window of the neighbor's house. Inside, there was nothing just a empty room and a bed. The lights were off inside, so, in the darkness, nothing was that visible. But yes there was something on the bed. A little figure.

      I looked at it for a moment and thought that it may be that child who was crying. I had stuffs to do so I just moved away. Well this happened after about two weeks I shifted there.

      After a few days, at one evening when I was reading a book, sitting on my bed. I heard a child's mild laugh. I quickly put my book aside and checked out through the window. And I saw that, that day there was a dim blue light inside the room. On the bed sat that little guy, looking straight at me. His face was quite visible that day. He looked maybe one years old. He was smiling when I looked him, so I smiled a little. But as soon as I smiled, the child stopped smiling and a very uncommon, serious look appeared on his face. I got very confused on that. And then he looked at his left as someone was standing there and slowly pointed at me and started crying. I got very scared and I covered my curtains. I was so puzzled and surprised. I could hear his cry getting louder and quite stranger. But after a few moments it suddenly stopped. I got some courage to peek through my curtains. But what I found was that, the room was completely dark as the day before. No lights inside. But by the pale light of the sky, I could see that there was no one on the bed anymore.

      Anyway, I stopped thinking about that and got into my own business.

      A couple of days were fine, but after that one night, I got up suddenly. I heard a cry of a child. Not a normal cry, but a cry of pain, like sort of a scream. I ran at my window and saw that, that window had curtains closed. But there was a bright light inside and dark shadows fell over the curtain. I still heard him cry loudly. On the curtain was the shadow of a woman with a bit bent structure standing beside the bed and the child lying on the bed kicking his hands and legs at the woman. It looked like she was throwing something like water over the child. The shadows were shaky, which meant that the light inside was not still, like maybe there is fire burning inside. There was a very faint but heavy voice probably of that woman. She was speaking in some strange language and with some strange rhythm.

      I got very scared and ran away from the window. I couldn't understand what to do. I ran downstairs and knocked at Milly's door violently. Jake came and opened the door, Milly was standing behind him. They were both very confused to see me at that time. I was breathing heavily and all wet in sweat. Milly let me in and made me sit on her sofa. I quickly said, "Mrs. Milly, we must call the cops! Right now!"

"Why? What's wrong? Are you ok?" she asked while giving me some cold water.

I ignored the glass of water and said, "I think there's something going on in the next house! The child! The little baby was crying so loud! Some strange woman was doing strange stuffs around him. It was like... Like some kind of sacred something! She was chanting some.... "

Milly stopped me by saying, "Kelly, calm down! Slow down! What are you talking about? What child? What woman? Sacred? Which house are are telling about?"

I pointed on the side and said, "The house right there!! There!"

Milly at once looked at Jake and they exchanged looks. Milly then touched my shoulder and slowly said, "Oh Kelly! I think you are over stressed! Such bad nightmares! Oh girl... Please get some rest, okay? It was just a horrible nightmare that's all!"

I was so surprised and shocked. I felt angry and shouted, "What are you talking about?"

She said, "Kelly, it's true. It was just a dream. It can't be real, because nobody lives there. Mrs. Hena lived there about one and a half years ago but now it's all empty, dear!"

I held her hand and came out of the house quickly and took her out in the lawn, from where that window can be seen. I pointed that way just to prove myself, but what I found was that the window was closed. Milly smiled and said, "See?"

      "But I... I... Alright, if I believe you that this was a nightmare... What would you say if I tell you that I have seen that child twice more before?", I tried to explain her. She thought for a minute and then said, "I don't know Kelly. But tell me, how can it be real when nobody lives here.. I think you are really stressed as you have so much pressure on you being independent... Well let's go home, and if you want you can sleep downstairs today."

      I didn't say anything. I was too scared to sleep alone so I slept at her house rest of the night. I woke up late that morning and Milly made me a cup of coffee. While having it I asked her why Mrs. Hena shifted away from there. And she replied that, Hena had not shifted away. Actually, she went missing suddenly when she was eight months pregnant just a few months after her husband left her. But her dead body was never been found.

      I felt a chill ran through my spine as I heard that. Eight months pregnant, missing from one and a half years. It means if she was alive her child would have been about one and a half years old now. And the child that I saw was more or less the same age.

      I didn't want to live there anymore. I found a good flat near my office. I had decided to shift there in a month. The days I spent in that house before I shifted away, I heard cries and chants several nights. But I never looked at the window ever again. Just that evening, when I was at last leaving the house for shifting away to my new flat, once I looked at it. I saw that the window was opened and there were curtains which were dancing in the wind. And through the curtains, a woman with a child in her arms could be seen, standing in the dark. Their faces were not clear, but their eyes were bright and shiny, looking straight at me.

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Written by   3
3 weeks ago
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very nice post

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3 weeks ago

i like it...alrdy sub you ..back me please..

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