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PicsArt:Thousands problem one solution. A beginner's guide for you

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3 months ago

If you want to edit photos,do graphic design or illustration,edit video in your smartphone and in one app "PicsArt" is the right choice for you.You will get all the solutions in one app.

You can say thousands problem,one solution.In this article I will tell you about the pros and cons of the app and what benefits you are going to get.

Few days ago,I've published an article about Digital drawing.There I've mentioned "PicsArt" app.

I've also said you can draw anything in your phone just like drawing in paper.

I've already write about "PicsArt" in Bangla.

Just to make sure all my friends,all the wellwishers and drawing enthusiast from all over the world get the benefits that's why I'm writing it in English version.

No more talking.Lets dive into the amazing world of "PicsArt"

Photo editing

Photo editing is the most basic thing we do after taking photo and before publishing it in different social media sites.As people love photography,photo editing softwares have great demand too.If you are a photography enthusiast just like me I bet you also tried different apps to edit your photos.What about "PicsArt"?

Let's see what kind of tools it offers to the users:

Photo editing:

  • PicsArt has a very good collection of filters and photo effects.You can use this filters and effects to to make your photos more astonishing.The best thing is you can apply those manually according to your choice.

  • When you open your photo you will see "Effects" on the toolbar.Click there and you will get different categories of photo effects.

  • There are some sites who provides you free images to edit.In PicsArt app, you'll have a huge collection of free images and those are free to use.You can use the free images as you like.

  • Sometimes we need to remove the background of a photo.There are tons of softwares in the Google play store just to remove the background.But do you know if you have PicsArt you don't have need to download another app?

  • Smart selection tools and cutout feature enables you too remove the background of your photo.I will write about the details on every single features on my next articles.

  • Want to remove unwanted objects from your favourite photos?You have photo retouch option in your hand and you can do it easily just by one touch.

    All necessary features of photo editing are at a handful distance.

  • Writing on photos another necessary tool.We also use different kind of apps just to write on photos.This apps are burden.If you have PicsArt you can write on your photos freely.Moreover you will have 200+ fonts.Choose your desired font and edit your photo.You can also download more fonts if you need to and you can also use those for your photos.

    You will see "Text" in the toolbar below.Just click there and explore the fonts.

  • "FaceApp" is an app we use to make ourselves look older and sometimes younger.All the features of this app is available on PicsArt.In "FaceApp" all the editing was done automatically but in PicsArt you will be able to do it manually according to your taste.

  • Skin tone,eye liner,makeover,hair style and colour all this features are available. Start coloring your hair!

  • Background blur, sometimes we need this feature badly to focus on our subject of photo.I can also bet you've already tried different apps to blur photo background.In this app you'll have smart selection tool and a manually blurring option.You won't have to download another app.

  • Double exposure, dispersion,motion effects,tilt, stretch,clone and many more unique features you will get in PicsArt.

Video editing:

  • When are editing a video first thing we do is to add a suitable music to the video so that the video becomes more interactive. You will have this Add music feature in PicsArt and do you know what?They have an own music library and collection.You will not have search for your desired musics anywhere.You will have it inside the app.

  • Video cropping!Though there are some low functioning video editing apps I've seen where video cropping feature is missing. In video cropping makes your video more suitable for the platform where you wanted to share your video. If you wanted to make an Instagram sized resolution, you'll be able to do it.There are also different social media resolutions.Choose your desired ones.

  • Video trimming, you'll be able to trim your video by layer so that you can work on little details.Not only this you'll have slide show making feature, different after effects like glitch effect.You can make your next masterpiece here.

Collage maker:

  • You'll be able to make collage of your favourite photos in collage maker option.Not only this you will have different layouts to choose.You can choose the ratio,grid lines, different layouts,

    background etc.

Now let's see what "PicsArt" drawing tools offers?

Drawing tools:

  • You can choose your page size as there are different size of pages.If you want to draw on a picture,you can also.Just pick your desired picture from gallery and start drawing.There are also a collection of pictures too.

  • Your saved drawings will be saved as image.png format.That means you'll be able to use them for anywhere.Say if you want to design a t-shirt,the use .png design on t-shirt.

  • Different brush sizes and shapes,makes it too easy for the users to draw pictures.You won't need a drawing pad.Your phone screen will become your drawing pad.Then you can start making amazing Artworks.

  • You'll be able to make illustrations and portraits.

All this features are available in one app. Thousands of problems and if you seek one solution the saviour "PicsArt" is there for you.

I've been using this app for different purposes. Mainly I do drawing there. If you are a drawing enthusiast and a want to take your drawing to a whole a new level this is the right way for you.

As I've said I will write about the details about every amazing features on my next articles.

I think if you are searching for a one solution you will be benefited from this article. Tell me about your thoughts.

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Written by   70
3 months ago
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