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Payeer or wallet?I prefer wallet.Here is why

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1 month ago

When I started writing online than I come to know I need a wallet to keep my money there.My familiarity with e-currency started from there.

Sometime I was amazed how science and technology revolutionised everything. Now you can keep 100 dollars in your pocket and nobody will notice.This is like an invisible money, I have but no one sees it.

So I was talking about wallet but why? I want to share something useful to you so that you can choose the perfect wallet from this two.

Right now I'm using Payeer and wallet.

So I'll be sharing be user experience of this two wallets and also I'll be sharing an head to head comparison between this two wallets.

  • When we are talking about fast transaction than you must choose the wallet surely.

Which wallet is fast between these two? I must say that wallet. No matter how much amount you are sending, the amount will add within a second.

I just started using wallet for the past one month.I just explored this a month ago. If I had known it earlier that I can transfer my fund fast on wallet than I would have surely choose wallet.

In Payeer wallet sometimes it takes hours after hours to complete a transaction.The longest it took 6 hours to complete my transaction but on average it took 1 hour and sometimes it took 2 hour.

It's a huge waste of time when you need the money greatly. Literally you have to wait for 2 hours on average.

But wallet is super fast and I'm very much happy about that. So here is the thing if you want a faster wallet than choose wallet.

  • Fund transfer fees is relatively high on Payeer than wallet.

I've experienced this many times over the last six months.Let me give you an example how high the rates are.

If I send 5 dollars to someone than with the fees it will take around 6.60-6.70$.

0.001 BCH is the extra fee it will deduct from the amount you are sending.On the other hand the lowest amount to send is 0.01 BCH.So you'll not be able to send someone less money from the lowest amount. I think I've made this lowest amount clear to you.

But on the other side wallet cost around 0.11$ per one dollar you send.This is very low relatively Payeer wallet.There is also no limit when you are sending funds to anyone.

You can literally send 0.01$ to anyone.But in Payeer you have to make sure you have touched the lowest amount. Beside extra fees are also burden if you are earning very little.

So if you earn little like me and want to send someone some money with low fees than I'll suggest you to choose wallet instead of Payeer.

Payeer wallet interface
  • wallet enables you to keep only three coins as I've seen so far but in Payeer you can keep upto ten coins.

This is undoubtedly an advantage because for the other coins you don't need to install another app.You can store all your coins in one place.

Here Payeer wallet is the winner I must say. In Payeer you can keep Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, Rubble, Euro etc. So if you have a variety of coins you can choose Payeer.

By the way you can also exchange one coin to another in Payeer.This is also a great feature of this app.That means if you have 10 USD you can easily convert them to EURO or Rubbles.

  • If you want to buy something in EURO, you can simply exchange your USD amount to EURO amount than proceed to payment.

In Payeer there is an "Add money" feature where you can refill your Payeer wallet from various sources.

One thing I've liked you can send your Payeer fund to the perfect money account internally.

As perfect money is accepted worldwide so if you want to buy something with perfect money than simply send your amount to your perfect money account.

  • wallet allows you to create more wallets with different names and different categories but in Payeer there is only one wallet.

This is a problem because we want to keep our money in a good categorised way but this is impossible in Payeer wallet.

Again I'm saying if I had known this that I can keep my money more organized way than I would surely chosen wallet.

Cause there are some great people who raises funds for the good cause.They use a separate wallet to keep the donations sent by other people.

So they need a separate wallet to store them. But in Payeer there is no scope to open a separate wallet. There is only one wallet you have to keep every kind of money there.

Very complicated to calculate the earnings so in this matter wallet is the best.

One this I must mention I've also lost some cents when I was transferring money to my Payeer wallet. Because of the lowest deposit amount.

I've send money but I don't know how they suddenly become vanished.In wallet I can send very little amount from 0.01$ without any problem.

So I've analysed,showed you a head to head comparison, problems and better sides of these two wallets.

Though I use both of them but I think wallet is the best between two so choose wisely.

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Written by   103
1 month ago
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I never tried payeer, im planning to install it but after reading your article i think imma stick with thank you for sharing your thought, saving me time installing 😅😬

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2 weeks ago

I used to save my money in Payeer, from my earning. But the problem, it's has a minimum withdrawal. And the transaction fee is very high and also the exchange. So I changed my wallet into

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1 month ago

Payeer is very inconvenient, high fee, you always have to keep a minimum when transferring crypto. They often change the way money is transferred. You should never work on Payeer with bitcoin.

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1 month ago

The law of supply and demands exist even in digital currency especially bitcoin because of it's volatility.

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1 month ago

Due to the extremely large commissions on the Payer wallet, is better for me.

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1 month ago