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Milk is the best ideal food

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3 months ago

When we search for something ideal,we tend to choose the best as example.When we talk about ideal footballer we utter the name of Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo and many more best footballer.

When we ask who is the best artist we utter the name of Leonardo da Vinci.When we ask who is the best sculptor,we say Michele Angelo.

When we ask the name of best scientist we utter the name of Great scientist Newton and Einstein.Now the question is what is the best food?

When we talk about an ideal nutritious food,the name that comes to our mind is milk.

Everyday meal is not completed without a glass of milk.There is no debate no argument about the nutritious value of milk.

What is an ideal food?

An ideal food is consisted of six nutritious elements.They are carbohydrate, protein,Fat, Mineral,Vitamin and water.

If we have to say a food is ideal,we have to measure the elements it consist.

And do you know the amazing information that Milk is the only food that is consisted of all the six elements.

Nature is always bestowed us with its best gifts.Milk is one of them.

If you drink a glass of milk that means you are taking all the nutritious elements at a time.A glass of milk means a glass of nutritious elements.

Milk is enriched with all these elements that is why milk is the best ideal food.

Every day we drink milk and eat foods that is made with milk.There are thousands of appetising foods that can be made from milk and these foods are really tasty.This is not the only thing.Milk is considered as the best food in all the parts of the world.

From the ancient world to this modern world,Milk is defined as the most precious food for its enriched nutritious values.

The most important fact is that there is no food as milk this nutritious.

Protein is one of the element that we found in milk. Protein is very necessary for our physical growth and development of our immunity. Protein is very necessary for human too.

So we have already know why milk is the best food and the elements it contains.Now let's know why you should drink at least a glass of milk everyday!

1)Milk is very important for the development of our bones and teeth

Our body's 99 percent calcium is stored in our bones and teeths.To develope our bones and teeth,milk can be the best choice.To prevent the decay of teeth milk is the best remedy.Bones are also consist of protein.As we know that milk is the big source of protein so we can say that milk the greatest medicine for our bones and teeth.

2)To control the blood pressure

To control our blood pressure and to prevent the heart diseases milk can be best choice.Preventing this kind of diseases,high level of protein in necessary.Milk can provide all these proteins.

3) Preventing Diabetes

Research said that those who drink a glass of milk everyday instead of taking sweet foods,they lower the risk of getting diabetes type two.

Drinking milk can reduce the lack of Fat because milk is enriched with fat.

4)Preventing Obesity

Everyday drinking milk can prevent our obesity too.A research conducted by university of Boston,claimed that those who drink milk and milk based food they lower the risk of getting obesity.

The elements of milk here work as a catalyst.The proteins that exist in milk,is very helpful for our body.This gives energy to our body.Milk also helps to reduce our fat.Milk also helps us to reduce weight.

Not only above mentioned benefits,milk provide us a tons of health benefits too.The only richest valuable food which we can get at very cheap price.The health benefits are proven scientifically.There is no competitor.

To provide our body daily nutrition and energising our body,there is no alternative but drinking milk.I think it is more clear that why we say milk is the best ideal food.

To get the healthy benefits of milk we should drink milk every day.Today Milk both liquid and powder are consumed and a huge number of consumption take place every day.

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Written by   68
3 months ago
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