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I've brought a Uiisii HM 12 headphone. 3 things I've taken into consideration.

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1 month ago

Few months ago I brought a basic headphone from a local shop which cost me around 1.5 USD. Most people have very bad luck with headphones and I'm the most people.

We spent tons of money in headphones but they didn't deliver the good quality. I play online games so headphone is very necessary for me besides I've fascination for heavy metal music.

Who doesn't loves to hear good music and give headbang with the beats? After one week of the purchase right side of my headphone suddenly stopped working.

Just as usual a very normal issue of headphones. I was unable to listen with my headphones right ear and after few days left ear also got malfunctioned.

My 1.5 USD headphone is nothing but a garbage now.

Yeah I should've increased my budget little bit so that I can get a good quality headphone but sometimes big budget headphones also become unable to provide good quality.

Because there are tons of fake branded headphones in the market in that case you became scammed.

You are paying for the original product but on the contrary you are getting a fake product which is all about luck and a little consciousness.

So after losing both of my ear I decided to buy a new headphone with a bigger budget but it should promise me good quality and better sound functioning.

Moreover I also wanted a durable one because if you are a student it is quite impossible to buy headphones in every month.

In the last Saturday I brought a branded headphone from Uiisii 12 which cost me around 4.5 USD which is 4 times costly than the first one.

Here are the things I've taken into consideration before buying that headphone. If you also want to buy or having troubles of durability of your headphones you can follow the steps I followed.

Before further discussion let me tell you a good feature of this Uiisii 12 headphone. In the speaker part there is a sliding button which can increase and decrease the volume.

If you need to decrease the volume than you don't need to push your phones volume button just slide down the headphones speaker.

If you want to increase the volume than just slide up the button very simple. It also have a play and pause button assigned just below the volume sliders. Though most of the headphones have it so I am not talking about it.

Come up with a very good headphone box

1) Making sure if the headphone is purely branded or not and going through authentication

After opening the box I found a small card which says scratch to scan. So to make sure my product is authentic I scratch the card and got a QR code. I scanned the QR and it says this product is authentic.

So if you also want to make sure your product is hundred percent original than scan the QR code because fake products doesn't have the ability to generate original QR code.

And also make sure your product is QC passed. You'll find a sticker inside the box.

2) Now the durability test I have taken into account

As I'm paying more money so I have the right to check every details of my desired product.

From the speaker part to the ears I've checked the connections very closely cause I don't want my headphone cables to tear apart after a week. I checked the connections mostly the speaker part.

Sometimes customers complain that their headphones speaker is not working so I make sure mine is good.

The cables, speaker and the audio jack is completely fine and working great. If you are a novice than emphasize on these four parts of a headphone.

3) It's time to check the most awaiting part. The sound test

You've brought a fancy headphone and if it didn't give you sound well than all your money is simply wasted.

So after plugging in the audio jack I've played several heavy metal songs with a high beat.

The results are quite satisfactory to hear. Not only high beats audio I also listened to several low beats audio to double check everything.

After going through these three steps I confirmed the shop owner that I want to buy this headphone and than my purchase confirmed.

Now I'm one hundred percent sure this Uiisii headphone will provide me the best sound quality along with long durability.

If you also want to buy headphones go for the branded ones and don't forget to check the points I mentioned.

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Written by   82
1 month ago
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