Guessing someone's personality by the games they are playing

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2 years ago

Recently a writing idea hit my mind which is guessing someone's personality.After seeing a person guessing about his personality isn't that much easy.

Because who knows what secret he or she has inside.But what about guessing someone's personality from a little information.

So in my article I'll be writing about guessing someone's personality by which games he or she is interested.

We all have different choices when we are talking about games.But have you ever wondered why we have different preferences when we choose games?

Say someone is very fond of playing PUBG, Free Fire on the other hand someone is very fond of playing Candy Crush.

That means there should be something behind those preferences.Okay now let's try to find out someone's inner self by the games they are playing on their smartphones.

  • Action or survival games:

  • If someone's is very fond of playing PUBG or Free Fire that could mean he is taking life as a surviving place. Because we all know these games are designed such way you've to kill other players to survive.

And the last man who survives win the match. Though it may not be correct most of the time but I'm giving you assurance.

They love these surviving games because in their real life they are also surviving. So life has become a place of survival where only the fittest one will survive.

  • Some of us have tendency to destroy something. Recently I saw news there is a cafe in Brazil where the customers can break glass,plates in order to manage their anger.

So that way some people also find the pleasure of destroying something by playing the action games.

If you see someone is very much addicted to action games you can predict he has tendency to destroy things. Because some action games are bizarre with so much of blood. I don't know how people play those bizarre games.

Besides you'll get the feeling of destruction only in the action games.So it's kind of obvious those who loves playing action games loves destruction.

  • We humans also have the tendency to conquer everything that comes to our path. In the action games the same way we have to fight for our place.

We have to fight to conquer our places in the games. So from that point we can also say an action games lover also have the tendency to conquer.

So here I've discussed if someone is very much addicted to action games that means he has a surviving personality, destruction mind along with a conqueror mind.

Now let's move into another game and try to find out some other personality.

  • Adventure games:

Those people who loves adventure games we can surely say he loves to enjoy different things and also he loves to try new things. Adventure games are also very addictive having a lots of levels.

  • Completion of each levels rewards the player and guides him to the next level. So we can say the player loves to solve mysteries in his real life too.Because there is a strong relation why someone loves adventure type games.

These people in real life also fond of mysteries and loves to try new things.So if you have a friend who loves to play these category games you can say blindly he loves to solve problems in his daily life.

  • Strategy games

There are some type of strategic games like city building. For example we can say "Sim city". In this game you are a mayor of a city you are building your own city listening everyone's preferences.

You always have to keep an eye on the citizens so that they can enjoy peace and luxury. In that case you have to be a great city planner.And also you've to be strategic otherwise your city will be completely ruined.

So if someone loves to play these games what does it mean?

  • He is a very strategic person in his real life too and takes every decision responsibly. He thinks twice before taking any crucial decision and the only thing that remains in his mind is the well-being.

  • He is very good at decision making because his every decisions are farsighted and forward looking.

Now try to relate the strategic gaming world with the real life happenings. All the strategies he or she takes in the the gaming world you'll see he is taking the same strategic plans in his real life too.

I thought of writing sequels of guessing someone's personality by the games he or she is playing.

Today I've written action games ,adventure games and strategic games.On the next part I'll write about some other gaming categories.

I find it very much interesting when I'm writing this. I was feeling like I'm reading someone's mind. If you find it relatable than let me know. It'll be very much motivating for me surely. Till I finish my next part take care.

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2 years ago


I like adventure games but I'm not an adventurer in real life. Maybe the game is just something I would like to do in real life which I can't so I just do it outside reality?hmmm

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2 years ago

Your approach is interesting. For me a game is a model of reality or some limited aspect of reality. When we play games, we train certain abilities we can use in real life. Which games we enjoy and are good at, certainly reveals something about our personality.

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2 years ago

Everything we do both in real life and virtual life is a reflection of our likeliness. More precisely all our works are reflection of our personality.

If you look closely someone from that perspective you'll certainly guess something about that person more or less. Than I've realised the games we are playing is a reflection of our personality.

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2 years ago

I like playing games dear friend.Some,I am playing on computer,some on mobile and some on Tablet.My favorite game is chess.I like challenge myself how good am I to playing with robot hahah.And,also those games are good for training brains.

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2 years ago