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Don't waste your money to "Top Up" games (My realisations)

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1 month ago

Online games like Free Fire, PUBG has gone too far these days and influencing teenagers to children's.

A lot of people has already written on the bad aspects of excessive gaming. But as far I've seen, none didn't emphasized on "Top up" or buying in game items with real money.

There is gap people should be well aware of especially parents and elders. As many writer's missed the bad aspects of doing "Top up" or buying in game items so I'll be sharing my opinion regarding this.

I'll be sharing if you are also sank into the world of gaming and also do top up ,why you shouldn't be doing buy in game items with real money.

I'll share my opinion in a systematic way so that you'll understand it carefully. You shouldn't waste your real money in the gaming world cause one day you've to regret what you've lost.

I've seen a lot 6th grader, 7th grader students around me do "Top up" means buying in game items with there money. Now a boy or girl of 7th grader does not have any job.So how do the kids manage the money to top up?

They had to take the money from home without telling their parents. I think you've understand what I've tried to say.

They took their parents money and uses them in game to do "Top Up".This is undoubtedly a malpractice ,once they start taking money from their parents they can't stop this. It become an addiction to them.

This is my personal story I've experienced few days ago.A friend of mine shared a horrible story with me.

His(My friends) neighbours kid steal around 15 USD from his mother's wallet.That kid was too much intelligent and he didn't leave any footmarks.But he couldn't escape and got caught eventually.

I think I've made you understand in which way our future generation is going.They are taking money without talking with their parents just to spend in some online games.

So here are my opinions on why you shouldn't "Top Up" in these games.

  • Once you "Top Up", you'll not be able to give up. This will be a habit and eventually will be an addiction.

    This type of addiction is not easy to give up especially when you are a teen-ager or not understand the reality.

  • After first time, you'll continue to do more "Top Up" because your brain will tell you the more you "Top Up",the more you get in game rewards.

So you'll not be able to resist the temptation of getting more rewards.There is a chance of continuing this "Top Up" practice.

  • New "Top Up" events will come and will continue to come.You'll be thinking of getting all the new rewards as much as possible.

But to get all the rewards you need to spend more "Diamonds" or "UC".

Every time the requirements of diamonds will increase.So to get the top rewards, you'll need to have thousands of diamonds.

These games are designed such way you'll not get the top prizes easily, with low number of diamonds.

Sometimes thousands of diamonds are not adequate. Just for a "Gun skin " you've wasted all your money but that skin only exist in the virtual world.

You will not be able to touch it or feel it in real life but you've wasted your money right?

After the first "Top Up" it will be an addiction, you'll not be able to give this addiction, you'll not be able to give up the temptation of getting more rewards so you'll do more "Top Up".

All this things will continue to happen in cyclic order you'll not be able to understand it until you run out of money.

Than you'll understand you've wasted all your money and will regret but regretting will not give you the money.

Besides these games just exist only in virtual world, the items you've brought is also exist in the virtual world.

Virtual world is not everything, you can't roam in the virtual world forever.You've to come back to the reality,so you have to accept the reality.Besides you need food, cloths, medical treatment etc things in your life.

Just try to understand those virtual foods,virtual cloths will not reconcile your reality needs.

If you buy foods for yourself only than you can reconcile your hunger.Those in game items are nothing just few computer generated binary codes.

Now decide yourself whether you'll waste your money in virtual world or spend in the real world.

These are my realisations about wasting money in games and I'm also a mobile gamer.

I've decided not to waste a single penny for these games rather I'll buy a coke and drink it.So before wasting money tell yourself,

1)What other things do you need in your real life than buy real life items not virtual items.

2)Without spending money in games,save the money man,you'll need the money in future.

3)I know this is very hard to get rid of the temptation but make a strong promise to yourself,you'll not waste your money anymore.

Being honest to your own self,this is the only way to stop wasting money in the games.

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Written by   103
1 month ago
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