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6 magnificent helping gestures! Humanity is above all!

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1 month ago
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At the present time it can be easily said that we are isolated from doing the wellbeing of society.And it is horribly true.

We are becoming so accustomed to our own lives, focused on our own efforts that we do not seem to have the time to look at our neighbors, close relatives or friends.

But unknowingly our neighbor may be in trouble, or the old man around us may be passing through great depression or one of our friend may be in financial trouble.

If we can stand by their side with some help and extend a hand of sympathy,love and affection then the highest goal of our life will be achieved surely!

In this article, I am writing about some of the magnificent friendly gestures through which we can easily stand by each other. We can extend our hand of love.

Again I'm saying we don't need to buy them fancy house, they don't want those. They just want little sympathy.

Always wearing a friendly attitude:

Sometimes just a little smile, a little love, a little assurance of friendship can put a smile on the face of a person who is sank into a lot of problems.

There are a lot of people around us who don't require thousands of things or needs too much to be happy. We can make them feel better by giving them a little smile and extending the hand of friendship.

  • This is to give him the confidence of friendship, it gives courage to the broken man, to the broken bird.

  • He learns to think anew, it will give the courage to do something new.

  • It energizes the human mind and plays a role in boosting his self-confidence.

We can do so much easily with just a little smile and a friendly attitude or confidence.

Volunteering works:

There are many organizations around us who work tirelessly for the betterment of the deprived people.

There are many organizations around us that cook food and feed the hungry, educate the street children.We can give them one day of our weekly holiday if we can.

I personally, worked as a volunteering organisation and every Friday I work there. I enjoy a lot being there.

In this way, just as you can stand by the side of those helpless and miserable people, you will also be associated with the great initiatives of those organizations.

Donating unused or extra items of ourselves:

There are a lot of things we use in our daily life that we once bought as a hobby or bought extra or doesn't require anymore to us. We can donate the things we need if we want.

For example: medicine.

Donating financially:

A person like us may be suffering from cold, we can help this person if we want. Financial aid can be donated by contacting the organizations that are working with these homeless people.

Helping in studies:

We are either sitting at home and spending lazy time, if we want this time we can arrange education for the children who are deprived of the opportunity of direct education.

Say you are a well experienced web designer.

You can spread your web designing skills or knowledge freely in your spare time. In this way, the people around you will benefit in the same way as the society will also benefit.

Listening to someone or sitting next to someone who is in distress:

When a person is in a lot of trouble or great loss he doesn't want anything. He wants someone to sit next to him and listen to his words.

We can do this benefit to that person only by sitting next to him and listening to him.

We may not be able to help him or we mayn't afford but we can still do a huge help by listening to his stories of sufferings.

Being with someone who is mentally disturbed:

We,all of us is not mentally strong and healthy. We all are fighting with our own weaknesses.

We have many friends around us who are struggling with depression and we can help them emotionally. We can work for the welfare of the people from the side of the people in many more ways.

We can help a blind person or a child not to cross the road. If we want we can help him to cross the road.

A candle cannot burn by itself. Fire is needed to light a candle. All of us have the ability to do something good for the welfare of the people, we have a good mind.

We have the fire inside of us. We have the helping mentality. Just need to ignite ourselves. Let's not focused only on our lives. Let's share happiness.

We have the ability to enlighten our self obsessed society. We can spread the light of goodness in our society with the virtue of doing something good.

We can spread love among our people. There is no need to do much, just a little goodwill and a little sympathy.

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Written by   70
1 month ago
Topics: Write, Free, Peace, Love, Humanity, ...
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Giving smile to someone who is lonely make them happy. A simple hug can ease their troubled mine and listening to their story make them secure and lessen the burden that they carry. ( hopefully my comments will not be spam. it is just a try I'm so sad about it.)

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1 month ago

good job bro..keep it up

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1 month ago